Armenia Turkey and Genocide

I am receiving many responses on my blog to the news that I intend to make a film on the Armenian Genocide.  Many different points of views. Many wanting to share experiences of their family members that told them stories of those times that  have been etched in their minds. Many different interpretations of history too.  So I am creating a stream on my blog for everyone to be able to respond to each other in series of what hopefully will turn out to be a a very very constructive conversation. Please feel free to respond to each other.

I start with a letter from Phillip Hagopian

I am writing in response to an article about Mr. Kapur’s upcoming project concerning the Armenian Genocide. First one must consider that modern day Armenia is located in a strategic region ( borders Iran and close enough to Russian border to be of importance ) , furthermore it is a region imbued with controversy due to several influences attempting to monopolize academia and revise the long known facts of history. The article mentions that the Ottoman Turks victimized Armenians who had lived in Anatolia for “generations” after immigrating from the northeast ( incidentally that northeast region which is now modern day Armenia geo-political borders is a mere tiny fraction of what comprized Armenians very , VERY ancient motherland {13,500 B.C. oldest permanant settlement ever uncovered – Gobecki Tepe – built by Armenians ). Talaat pasha ( along with Djemal and Envers Pasha ) who spearheaded the official genocide in 1915 stated , “We will erase all trace and memory of Armenians from their ancient motherland”. My point is , we did NOT immigrate to Anatolia AFTER the Ottoman Empire began decimating our population 700 years ago. WE WERE ALWAYS THERE. Yes, we were indigenous to the region since before recorded history. The facts become slightly murky prior to 15,000 years ago but the most widely accepted version of our history( prior to the social-political-academic shifts after the 9/11 attacks on the U.S. ) was that Armenians may have migrated from the Indus River valley between sixty and twenty thousand years ago however some archeologists and historians asserted that Armenoids had “always” been in the fertile crescent and trade and migration occured between India and Arratta ( Armenia’s older name ) back and forth over thousands of years ( there is a distinct linguistic connection between Sanskrit and Armenian language ) . My point is Armenia is now the subject of heated and controversial debate. Clearly there are motives for the propagandists to revise this history. This occurs mostly from Turkey and it’s allies but oddly enough the propagandists have now surfaced WITHIN ARMENIA in effect carrying out and fiinishing Talaat’s initiative to erase us from our motherland. We have suffered and still do suffer greatly from not only physical genocide and war but also cultural genocide from the misinformation and “sell-out” historians who betray a history which until very recently was firmly established. It is the same as claiming Native Americans sailed to America a few years AFTER the English landed in Plymouth harbor on the American coast. After all we have endured let the record PLEASE be set straight. We are the indigenous people not only of ALL of ancient Turkey , the fertile crescent , and the western part of the Persian gulf but also Northern Iran and Iraq. Later our kingdom expanded from the Meditteranean Sea to the Caspian ( 2000B.C. ) but never , NEVER were our people limited to the tiny northern region which is now the geo-political borders of modern tiny Armenia.I pray the principles of truth will prevail. Thankyou and good wishes on your very fine productions.”

14 thoughts on “Armenia Turkey and Genocide

  1. I appreciate what you say Phillip about the history of the Armenian people, certainly a very long and cultured history that has unfortunately suffered a terrible genocide. What never ceases to amaze me though is how such history can be so twisted and turned by various political forces, depending on what’s on their particular self interest agenda.

    It’s for this reason of historical revisionism that films about the Armenian Genocide, such as the one that Shekhar Kapur is planning to make, are so important, i.e. these films can show us what it was like in those days of the Genocide, and perhaps more importantly, what can be in terms of healing from that Genocide. To the latter point, films can illuminate and by extension offer up possibilities which can pave a way forward.

    As a filmmaker myself (currently making a film about the famous Armenian priest and composer Komitas that was tragically caught up in the Armenian Genocide – see, I have some idea about how much work it can be to make a film. That Shekhar Kapur has chosen to devote his efforts to the making of a feature film about the Armenian Genocide is simply wonderful! Thank you Shekhar for taking on this project. My sincere best wishes to you on a very successful film.

    David Deranian

  2. Dear Sir,
    You are a filmmaker with a difference. You resort to extreme creativity without any compromise.

    I am Sukanta from Mumbai.

    I have last year got published a novel. No body noticed the novel as I could not promote it and my publisher despite hefty promises left it unattended.

    Initially, I was expecting the book to go viral and create a lot of controversy. it is not a masterpiece but definitely a challenge for the most creative director.

    it dwells on the life of a woman as she moves in life from love to betrayal, from lust to fulfillment of desire, from illegal love to love making with the same gender. It also sprinkles a little bit of patriotism.

    I am requesting to let me know if I can send you a PDF file of the book. I am not a script writer, but if you agree to consider it, i will try one.

    At present I am heartbroken and desperate. I have to write two more books. All grey/dark/red(violent) and pink(intimate).

    please respond and give a new direction to life.

    I would also say that this book is like a unpolished rock. In the hands of experts and creative dirctors like you, it will shine like a diamond and will be remembered, any ones else tries it, it will become useless coal dust.

    Please respond.
    S K Mishra

  3. Hiii!!!!
    Yesterday evening wanted to see you and went to watch VP…must say after a long gap saw you on big screen and its such a treat to watch an actor who moves without a weight, however the mind reflexes are so sensitive to situation, that’s what I felt watching your character, Kamal’s expected to be good and he is, hope the second one , you should shock us all…hmmm….if Bose is still in second, how about the director of film telling him to act as if he is mentally fatigued, say there is loss of vitality psychologically? it seems that Mullah’s character could not come out well in certain scenes…had a hearty laugh when the film ends…why the end song…ha ha ha and its just a film but well…that’s insult to all the agencies involved …khair…dikha toh bika…when u come to our part of world its been long i wish to meet you…its been over a year…very rarely i come on net…busy with just my world and writing stories….i know i need capable actors and do not know when i will get them…but am very happy with what i am doing…hhope to see you in VP2 my best wishes to all

  4. There must be some evolutionary reason behind some communities/nations (like Sikhs here in India at times of Ahmad Shah Abdali and even later) going through genocides.

    Likely since my book Self Designed Universe tells me that all evolution – of individuals, communities, countries, species – happens basically because of any system’s going through four fundamental interactions at their respective life-levels. And that the second gives a phase like our youth, the phase I call of loves, wars and travels (phase of Nomadic Man at more higher level) .

    And just as we experience sort of death and resurrection by end of youth (necessary to become a rational man from emotional) similarly communities/nations do.

    Here those communities which are further the product of the phase of the second interaction on some higher cycle level (those nations who took birth in the age of Romanticism or Bhagti-age on AD cultural cycle level) bear the most brunt. Armenians must be one of them. Sikhs too are.

  5. The post – Armenia Turkey and Genocide – is not just confined to that region, I think this is universal condition and more so in India where a particular cast, creed lives for generations and a land mafia comes to claim the land…see what I mean?

    The more I read, the more history is unfolding so is future…it tells about the motives, business motives, to get to change a particular country how a powerful country gives bait to that particular country…in that process one realizes how the game is played…

    I also feel that its not about right or wrong…they are at certain stage in polarity…it would be interesting if Shekhar Kapur takes the why’s of the motives who are messing up with those people and also those characters representing various villains (country/interests) to show them why they are doing in dramatic ways. It would be interesting to see that its not about doing the right thing…even when things go wrong…what is just? It may not happen where you portray a wrong and show what is wrong to audience makes audience feel moral…naah it should show altogether a view that is above right and wrong…that would be just…and what is just:)

  6. Dear Shekhar Ji ,

    I have been a huge fan and admirer of your work ever since you made Bandit Queen.You are one of the rare directors with a vision and view point which comes closest to reality as it exists and not necessarily as we know it.
    I wish you all the luck with your new venture on Armenia Genocide .Hopefully you would provide a strong voice to the Armenians , a voice which would be heard across the globe with relevant impact.

    My Regards
    Vijay Balhara

  7. Armenian Genocide is great lie..Everyone knows this fact my dears..There are many facts that they prove my words.. Phillip Hagopian noted in his letter “Gobekchi tepe” that was built by armenians.It is abolutely lie.Gobekli tepe is turkish word..But armenian lobby is very strong and dangerous..I know that my opinion is not changin your idea.But belive me if you search true facts in this event you will meet unexpected results..Please investigate,then decide…Good luck in your jobs..
    At last İ share with you…öbekli_Tepe

  8. I visited rwanda few years back, where I came to know the worst ever genocide happened in human history during few months of 1994. Around 1 mn people were killed in the name of hatred, no one knew the source of hatred by that time.
    This was my first introduction of a genocide, narrated by some of my close colleagues who have lost entire families in it. It was truly horrible even listening to it.
    The second one i recenly came to know through PRADHANMANTRI (shekhars television show focused on indian history from perspective of indian ex prime ministres and their making) which happened at bangladesh.
    This one is the third i am coming to know of armenia. I may have heard about all these 3 genocides long back but it stuck me hard when came to know about these from genuine strong sources.
    Each of them may have different reasons and different history to follow. The genuinity of exact reasons and history may be hard to prove and can be a debate forever. But there are some matters which can be easily concluded.
    1. In most cases the sources for the hatred originates from the top who do it for large political (or best known to them) reasons.
    2. Those who are victimised are mostly from weaker section of the society(or minority)

  9. well well well..I am totally agree that Turkey did Armenian Genocide.There is movie ‘The LarkFarm’ maid by famous directors Paolo and Vittorio Taviani and so on.There are pictures taken by photographers of diffferent countries and same do movie. So many books expressing brutal killing of Armenian people in Western Armenia and not just killing kicking them out from there native lands.Today 24.04.2014 I see with my eyes ten thousands of people marching to Genocide Monument in Yerevan with candles and hopes in there eyes that soon they will get justice from all world.I am desperately waiting for yours film Sir,Shekhar Kapur. Hope we will see reality in your movie as always.

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  11. In reply to Eshgin…All NUETRAL archeologists and scholars the world over , as well as DNA testing on skeletal remains ,conclude that Armenoids are indeed indigenous to Turkey and surrounding regions. They were in fact the Arrattans, Sumerians , Hittites , Hari Mittani ( of Neffertitti fame), the Hatti , Urartians, etc..This baseless argument should’ve been settled a long time ago.Of course “Gobeckli Tepe” is a Turkish phrase. The original name of the settlement has been lost forever in the shifting sands of time and the modern name merely is used as a reference point.

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