‘Cancer Express’ starts from my home: Poisoning of Punjab by Gurpreet

Cancer Express originates from my home.

I live in Bathinda. The heart of Malwa region of Punjab ! and I am not proud to say that I live there. why should I be???

While traveling from delhi to Bathinda I met a guy from south. he said that he is working in an insecticides comapny. it had to close its factory in south coz people were demonstrating against them. and now shifting to Punjab coz govt is helpful (we all know how) there. even maximum consumption is also there. I felt horrified and ashamed at the same time.

Pesticides are sold like hot cakes. no recommendations by the experts but greedy shopkeepers are selling them with their prescriptions ! Even four to six sprays are done. and this poison goes to the soil and then to the underground water. and slowly to our blood. most of the cancer cases are in the villages where these pesticides are used.

Govt is totally involved with these multinational pesticide companies.

The other major wrong practice followed is giving banned injection to the buffaloes in order to have more milk from them. these poor animals bodies becomes fully toxic. an when they die villagers throw them to an open place where dogs and birds eat them. but now almost all the birds are died because of these poisonous and highly toxic  dead bodies of animals. sparrows have finished coz of eating poisonous grains from the fields.

Third to be discussed is poisonous vegetables and fruits. I have seen my self a farmer giving the same injection to watermelons which they give to the buffaloes. with these injections these fruits and veggies grows very fast and large. but gives poison to us !
In all these three cases only one power works behind and that is…


We want more production, more money more quick !!!!

13 thoughts on “‘Cancer Express’ starts from my home: Poisoning of Punjab by Gurpreet

  1. There is no importance given to quality and moral way of living. Economics alone is the agenda of governments. It all began with LPG moment in the 90’s Liberalization, Privatization Globalization. It generated more money, more jobs, raised the standards of living, but at the cost of LOSS OF VALUES, SPIRIT OF UNITY IN DIVERSITY, MORAL ETHICS, HUMILITY, TOGETHERNESS.

    Some weeks back PM Manmohan Singh said ” ‘FM’ Manmohan Singh wants ANIMAL SPIRIT in economy ”

    To better the GDP, Money in country, we do not mind inducing people into becoming money monsters, greedy, Profitability and luxury alone is glamor of the day.

    As the cliche goes – the country has gone to dogs. But ironically, today Dogs species are better than human community these days.

    I do see, the possibility of humans becoming some money-mutants in near future.


  2. Gurpreet,

    Indian born scientist Dr. Shiv Chopra helped to ban a milk increasing drug for cows in Canada. Apparently, it was not an easy task, as he lost his job in the process. He worked in the government as one of the scientists in charge of approving this drug in the 1980s. He asked for more research data, before he could approve the drug.

    Your observations from the fields of Punjab may provide additional data to the harmful effects of these drugs to humans and birds and (stray) dogs. Here is a link to Dr. Shiv Chopra’s web page.

  3. Really sad and horrified reading this. Pesticides is such a silent killer.. we dont even know what we are consuming.
    I am horrified to know buffaloes are eaten by birds and they die! And the bird population is decreasing day by day! Sickened to know that human beings are used as guinea pigs, without our knowing, and we are all slowly ingesting so much toxic material.

  4. In some areas, the cows and buffaloes are left in the street and they eat the rotten stuff strewn on the roads . Later, in the evening these animals are milked and the product extracted is sold in the market.

  5. Hi Shekhar,

    Please update us about your new project Mantra. Something about the storyline, cast, and when you are planning to shoot it?
    Looking forward to see you going back behind the cameras.


  6. Gurpreet,
    what you talk about is a very valid and dangerous topic. Organic farming done by farmers for thousands of years have been pished aside by large multinational companies like Monsanto and Cargill, who force things liek Roundup ready Soyabeans with the incentove that it is pest reistant. These genetically modified seeds find their way into organic farming and the seeds are sterile (they cannot be replanted and have to pruchased each year). A wonderful book I would recommend for reading is Vandana Shiva’s “Stolen Harvest”.
    and yes, all these pesticides seep into your groundwater and contaminate it. These are peristent chemicals that cannot be broken down or purified. People forget that we are lving creatures and of one substance (a pesticide) for instance kills a smaller lving creature, it is bound to affect creatures higher up in the food chain too.
    In the US, excessive use of pesticides left to the California Condor ( a beautiful bird) almost becmoing extinct untill they spend millions of dollars to find out that the pesticides we leading to the eggs cracking before they were hatched. These pesticides we banned and by the 1990’s the condor and Eagle were starting to survive, though they are still endangered.
    Likewise, in India,
    “The Indian Vulture and the Indian White-rumped Vulture, G. bengalensis species have suffered a 99%–97% population decrease in Pakistan and India and between 2000-2007 annual decline rates of this species and the Slender-billed Vulture averaged over 16%. The cause of this has been identified as poisoning caused by the veterinary drug diclofenac. Diclofenac is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) and when given to working animals it can reduce joint pain and so keep them working for longer. The drug is believed to be swallowed by vultures with the flesh of dead cattle which were given diclofenac in the last days of life. ” source wikipedia.

    Vultures are critical to our food chain as they are scavenegers and keep our environment clean.
    When any one species dies, the entire food chain is affected.
    you have a voice, write to your reprentatives, contact local organic farmers, buy locally grown produce.
    you can make a change.

  7. As I also reside in almost the same area (Muktsar) as Gurpreet I can vouch for the truth of all his observations. However, according to my own theory of evolution as per my book reasons for cancer are different. I sent the following email to my friend and guide Pro H S Virk who first of all appreciated the content of my book and whose observations re cancer were published in today’s Tribune. I am giving a copy here as some readers here will find it interesting. I will also ask Gurpreet to find out if cancer affected only a particular segment of people as I have mentioned in the email.

    Hello Sir,

    Read your views regarding cancer in Malwa region in The Tribune. Here are mine views in terms of evolution thru four basic forces as per my book though these may not be of much relevance/use at the level general talk about cancer is going on:

    However, if I were to reflect further, and as I think it is a evolutionary thing, I think cancer should be predominantly in the people who migrated to Malwa from Majha etc at a certain period in our history. As comparatively more evolved people leave villages to go to cities similarly these people may be more evolved from the people they left and are now peaking for a certain cycle all at this time. My hypothesis will stand proved if people who migrated later (like Sandhus) do not have that much incidence of cancer. Pl check it through your sources it could throw further interesting light on the incident of cancer.


  8. Read an interesting book review about Malwa region on The Tribune, Chandigarh today, July 29, 2012: http://www.tribuneindia.com/2012/20120729/spectrum/book1.htm

    Though it is not exactly about the Malwa region of Punjab but is situated in Madhya Pradesh, the very identicality of names can link the two in some way in such a long historical framework. That in other words, the Malwa of Punjab can be a small offshoot of the Malwa of Madhya Pradesh, which later got completely cut-off, separated.

    Anyway, what I can glean from the review is that 1. this region too decayed like the Greeks etc after flourishing fully in the previous BC era cycle – which means completed an evolutionary cycle – and then again gave birth to a new a bit pan-India cycle by uniting Aryans and Dravidians cultures. Imagine it as playing big bang spot for the next AD era cultural cycle for this may be limited region of India. Towards north Malwa region of Punjab could be its offshoot which with passage of time got completed cutoff, separated as I said above.

    Now when this cycle too is nearing its full evolution after about 2000-2500 years some of its parts/tissues/organs/areas too will begin to develop cancer as I explained in previous comment in the post on Steve Jobs.

    So again, the fundamental reason of cancer in Malwa of Punjab could be evolutionary as I said above. Of course then the same should be happening in the Madhya Pradesh region as well.

    Though there could also be an exception if the entity under question gets embedded in a greater evolutionally yet advancing cycle, then that cycle will give the nudge and the cancer of the effected entity can get cured spontaneously. Malwa region of Punjab got separated and could not get that nudge, Madhya Pradesh region became an inseparable part of some greater Madhya-Pradesh centric cycle and got going with that.

  9. In continuation of my previous comment searched google to find “most cancer effected areas of India” and came to the following site at number 1


    which incidently names Madhya Pradesh and some adjoining areas of Uttar Pradesh. Though this is not a conclusive evidence and needs more research but an idea of what I say can be had from this.

    Also the question arises: why a particular area of MP and adjoining area of UP?

  10. शेखरजी यह सिर्फ पंजाब की नहीं सम्पूर्ण भारत की कहानी है. मैं म.प्र. के रायसेन जिले के छोटे से गाँव सुल्तानगंज का रहने वाला हूँ. आज से ५ वर्ष पहले तक कैंसर का नाम यहाँ सुनाई नहीं देता था पर आज सबकुछ बदल रहा हैं हर वर्ष ३-४ कैंसर रोगी पकड़ में आ रहे हैं कारण कुछ पता नहीं. कभी रक्त कैंसर कभी स्तन तो कभी मुख कैंसर……….संख्या बढ़ती ही जा रही है शनैः शनैः
    लोगों ने पशुपालन बंद कर दिया है सब डेयरी से दूध लेने लगे हैं, गोबर समाप्त तो देसी खाद के मिलने की सम्भावना भी समाप्त. अब तो संकर बीज और कीटनाशक और डीएपी जैसी खाद ही सहारा है किसानों के लिए. कीटनाशकों के व्यापारी मालामाल हो रहे हैं, पर हर आम आदमी जो ना तो गुटखा खाता है ना शराब पीता है पर फल-सब्जी और अनाज तो खाता है कैंसर जैसे प्राणघातक रोग उसकी जिंदगी और परिवार को तबाह कर रहे हैं.

    अभी अभी मेरी परिवार पर यही विपत्ति टूट पड़ी है, मेरे मझले भाई जिनकी ८ वर्षीय बेटी पहले से ही थैलेसीमिया से पीड़ित है. मेरे भाई हर पंद्रहवें दिन बेटी को खून चढ़वाने के लिए अस्पताल में होते हैं. यहाँ रक्तदान के प्रति उदासीनता होने से रक्त का जुगाड़ करना भी कठिन है. इन कठिनाइयों से दिन का चैन उअर रातों की नींद खो चुके भाई साहब अब दूसरा युद्ध लड़ रहे हैं. उन्हें भी मुख कैंसर हो गया है. महंगा इलाज और हफ़्तों तक दूकान बंद. यही सब तो नियति है. भाई साहब ने कभी सुपारी/गुटखा और पान को हाथ नहीं लगाया पर फल-सब्जी और अनाज तो वो खाते हैं.

    देशभर में इसी तरह लाखों परिवार तबाह हो रहे हैं. सरकार ६५ साल में सिर्फ एक ही टाटा कैंसर अस्पताल बना पायी पर हर दिन लाखों कैंसर रोगी पैदा हों उसका पूरा इंतजाम कर दिया है.

    क्या सरकार इस बात की कोई गारंटी दे सकती है कि देश में एक भी खाने/पीने की चीज़ मानव स्वास्थ्य के लिए सुरक्षित है ?

    कौन बदलेगा इस व्यवस्था को? क्या तथाकथित अध्यात्मिक रूप से सबल भारतीयों को ‘पैसों’ की भूख के आगे कुछ नज़र नहीं आता?

  11. Dear Sir/Madam,
    My name is ANANT KUMAR DUBEY and I am resident of H.NO.09, RAMDAS MILL, MANIFIT, POST-TELCO, JAMSHEDPUR-831004, JHARKHAND, INDIA. I am very sorry to hear and read the Cancer growing in Punjab and the innocent people of our punjabi are dying everyday. I am a Naturopathist/Ayurvedic vaidhya. I know you won’t believe it but I am eager to help my punjabi people of our country India. Further I came to know the causes and other environmental issues that causes the cancer and other ailments. Believe me or not but I am sure from my side that I can change the scenario in Punjab. I can reduce the death rates due to cancer and other diseases caused by polluted soil & environment up to 75% within the next 3 to 6 months. Not only this but many more solutions can be implemented for the betterment of the situation. Since I am an individual researcher in the field of energy & health & nutrition. And recently I have discovered/ innovated several miracle natural medicine/supplement that can cure Cancer completely. I can even reduce the toxicity of the soil and water so that it will prevent any cause of cancer in future. But, unfortunately I am a very Poor guy and I need huge moral, social, economic and other support to show my ability. If all of guy become agree to provide me an opportunity then I can , yes I can change the scenario.
    Thanks & Regards:
    E MAIL: anantdubey9@gmail.com .

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