What if ? data, intuitive search and emotion

I was watching the Google co founder  Sergei Brin presenting Google Glasses at SF conference  . It was quite a presentation and here are some  incredible images shot by Google Glasses by skydivers. Other than the opportunities in filmed drama, I thought what if.

What if every person on this planet had Google Glasses ? With Google Street camera’s prowling the cities, and Google Earth Satellites snooping at us from the skies. What if Google Earth went live streaming,  and standing in the middle of the Sahara Desert you could wave to your girl friend in New York. Hold a placard saying you were about to drop dead of thirst in a few minutes, but your dying thoughts were about her ?

What if ?

What if there was no place to hide. Somewhere their was a camera looking at you, snooping on you? But not being a conspiracy theorists (Sergie Brin does not look like the Devil does he?), I was thinking about something far deeper. Somewhere , in some amazing date center, guzzling power needed for other, more life saving activities, all these images are going to be recorded. Thats an amazing amount of data.

What is the world going to do with this data ?  And how are you going to analyse it all to make some sense of it ?

In terms of futurology and technology that problem is of course, is already here, Google Glasses are already dated. In a previous post I had spoken about the future of the Camera.  The Camera is after all nothing but a data gathering device. It’s biggest drawback is that it can only ‘see’ and record date from one point of view. In the future a ‘Camera’ will be a device that will stream out millions of Nano Particles, each sensitive to different attributes : light, sound, color, shades, temperature, odor, shapes etc. Each of the Nano particles will bounce off every object and reflect back the information to ‘listening’ device that we currently call the camera, that will capture all the data.

Imagine a film maker ‘shooting’ a party scene. He/she will set up the scene with the actors and the production design and let the Nano Particles gather all the information. Not just dialogue and actor performances, but also what was behind the actors, the scene from every conceivable angle, their perfume, their body temperatures. Everything. Happy with what the film maker ‘saw’ he would go to his ‘edit room’ with all the data. Much much more than his senses could pick up.

How will the film maker now analyse and interpret this data ? I dont want to be in that film makers shoes.

The analysis and interpretation of data is a fundamental process of learning, of life, all necessary for survival, for social intercourse and for ordered behavior of any species. Without the instinctive ability to instantly sift through the data, to know what is important at that moment, neither a hunter nor the hunted could survive. Without this ability all actions with be random and civilization would be doomed.

I am sitting in a coffee shop at this moment. There are pretty girls walking through that catch my attention, the smell of coffee and food, the music in the background, people I know and those that I don’t, the TV showing the Pakistan/Sri Lanka cricket match. Thirst, hunger, the need for coffee, the conversation in the next table, the itch in my foot. All stimuli coming at me, while I am writing this. Yet I can almost instinctively isolate data that is important to me from instant to instant and yet make sense of the world around me.

I do all of this without thinking of how. I do it intuitively.

I do it for the needs I have for that moment. Those needs mostly driven by emotional impulses. Which is why I don’t have to think about it. Emotional impulses drive intuition that drives my ability to analyse and respond to specific data instantly. The greater the emotional impulse, the more acute the selection of data.

Of course artists and film makers have known this for a long time. We cajole the emotional impulse of viewers through techniques of close ups, wide shots, drama, dialogue, violence, sex, background score etc to drive the emotional impulse and therefore ‘data selection’ to where we want audiences to be.

Now back to all the data being generated through the internet. Far far more information beamed to us than ever before. Reams of business analysis now claim that the next big thing is not just ‘search engine’ but intuitive search engines. But how ? What is intuitive to you is not intuitive to me. What is intuitive to me at this moment is not intuitive to me the next. Simply because my need has changed. I no longer need to scratch that itch on the palm of my hand, so I can go back to smelling my food and realize I am hungry.

The contest between a hunter and it’s prey in the jungle probably has a far greater amount of information to process far faster than all the data that is being thrown at us currently. Because one is hungry and needs to eat to survive, the other needs to escape to survive.  Pure emotion of that instant. Need based.

How does one then develop tools that analyze data for us that are need based, emotion based. For only then we will come upon the next big thing in ‘Search’. In fact would it be ‘search’ at all ?  Would there need to be more provocation ? Will the future ‘Search Engines’ be less laid back and be far more provocative ? Entice us into emotional game playing that then leads us into ‘Search?’

Will Video Games and Search Engines be combined into one technology ? In fact, will Social Media, Video Games and Search Engines all be combined into one technology, driven by emotion ?

Ok, this is all free thinking, hoping all of you will come and contribute. The next in this series will be what form these SearchEngines/Video Games will take  …. Over to you guys.


9 thoughts on “What if ? data, intuitive search and emotion

  1. “standing in the middle of the Sahara Desert you could wave to your girl friend in New York. Hold a placard saying you were about to drop dead of thirst in a few minutes, but your dying thoughts were about her ?”

    There are so many possibilities with Google glasses, but that one has to be the most unrealistic, most ridiculous one ever suggested! No wonder you make movies! 😀

  2. Hello,
    I happened to see some of your twitter posts…@ the expense of sounding rude ( that is NOT my intention), I’m tired of the Mr India and Bandit Queen accolades that are still being showered. Is it not time to move on? Its a glorious past, but theres some thing called the “present” right? “live in the moment”???
    I know its none of my buisness and an easy way out would be not to check u r twitter updates. Apology again that this is unrelated to the post. You are talented and you know it…why dot do some thing now? And not harp about a past thats long gone….

  3. google glasses will change the way of human living pattern…but not the thinking pattern;not the perception pattern…if this tool also make some one more and more deep to one’s egos and complexes to a security palace ,then its tough to make him/her free of all that ropes bind all along ‘persona’lity. Hope these innovations bring ‘man’ to a more human social ‘living being’ …my prayers 🙂

  4. I just responded to a KabirBedi tweet:

    Where senses end feelings/emotions begin, where feelings/emotions end intellect/reason begins, where intellect/reason ends intuition/intelligence/wisdom begins.

    Perhaps this gives a clue to your question as well. Something like sages getting a spontaneous answer to a question duly evolved will get spontaneous response to their query/need/question from the data collecting App.

    Anyway, had a glimpse of a great futuristic mind!

  5. I was distracted by my emotions which talk to me often. I wanted to get away from the game of the emotions and began to listen to music by Ratatat, its called Breaking Away. It brings me back to the self and doesn’t let me wander. I saw your post and as always began to read it. While reading it, I did not even realize when suddenly i began to wander in my thoughts and began to imagine the impossibilities of the thought without even complaining. It brought alive so many of my own senses which one often forgets, exists. If all of this actually is brought to life, would it end the misery of some? Would it make emotions better seen, experienced by many? Would it increase the sensitivity in us which we feel is missing..For all we know, some of us might become sensitive humans.

  6. More intuitive ? Perhaps that is the way of things to come. But this ubiquitous big brother snoopiing will ultimately go to the other extreme,and lead to a backlash with privacy concerns coming to the fore. there is always two sides to the story of search engines getting ever more refined.

    isthe worldendingin2012.blogspot.com

  7. Interested in stargazing, hanging out with the moon? http://goo.gl/W0WSu

    Now, being out there in space with google glasses and beaming back sensory emotions & experiences of ‘search’ would be incredible

  8. Shekhar,

    Your this post sounds like wishful thinking which you know is not practical. It sounds like, “What if, my wife/gf had a transparent glass on her forehead through which I could read her mind?” Emotional/intuitive search engine, is in a way, already here. You can see that, when you search for something in google, ads. to the right of your screen are relevant to your search terms. It can be argued that Google is trying to read your emotions, hoping that you will click on one of those ads, so that Google can make some cents.

    Google glasses is basically a computer in your glasses. Yes, it can have practical advantages, where you don’t have to reach for and open your laptop, or remove your smartphone from your pocket and turn it on. Google glass can be kind of, the fastest accessible computer you can own, something that is always On, with you everywhere. Hence, makes sense that the military has something similar right now. Google has, to some extent, taken the virtual-reality computers (which you wear in place of your glasses), and combined it with your actual-reality, and allows you to switch between virtual-reality/data-processing and actual-reality. The commercial for Google Glasses could be, “It’s a computer, it’s just ordinary glasses with a weird frame,…. actually, it is both(please, we like to call it a high-tech frame)”.

    That’s my take on it. …Back to you, Shekhar.

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