Thanks to you, my friend, by Eshla.


There are days that I wish to empty myself.  Empty myself of everything.

Of all the clutter that distorts.


So I can make room to breathe.

So I can make room to imagine.

So I can make room to love.

So I can make room to forgive.

So I can make room to listen,

to listen to you that is.



to your worries,

to your fears,

to your aspirations,

to your hopes,

to your dreams,

to your passions.


That way, I have little to do but be still,

be silent,

be kind,

be empathetic,

as I listen to you.


And in understanding you,

I become me again,

I become hopeful,

I become gentle,

I become uncluttered,

I become quiet.


For your wishes

are like mine.

For your dreams

are like mine.

For your fears

are like mine.

And so my hesitations are silenced.


I no longer wish to be empty.

Rather, I want to be drenched,


in the beauty of life.


Thanks to you, my friend.

12 thoughts on “Thanks to you, my friend, by Eshla.

  1. Dear Shekhar Sir,

    I had quoted you in a context at my Blog (in a post “I know Krishna is smiling up there…”). Just wanted you to approve if it is in-place. It would mean a lot to me!

    Sandeep Atre

  2. Whoa,

    This truly is beautiful. So honest and straightforward and yet so deep.

    I salute you

  3. Eshla, the tenderness & vulnerability of your expression lends an inexpressible beauty that wrenches the spirit to reach out deep within and envelope you in nurturing warmth

    The sky is boundless…showers abound to drench & saturate. What holds? As Rumi wrote,

    fly toward a secret sky
    cause a hundred veils
    to fall each moment
    let go of life
    finally, take a step without feet

    birds make great sky-circles
    of their freedom
    how do they learn it?
    they fall
    and falling,
    they’re given wings

  4. Respected Sir,

    Core of the existence is touched..Thank you so much for being here.


  5. Thank you,Shekhar ji for posting this beautiful poem today!

    “And in understanding you,

    I become me again,”

    It would be wonderful to have someone like this friend till the end of time.

    It’s very rare that you can BE silent with someone and not feel the need to say something all the time. In a sense I did have that experience with someone where the silence was not stifling or discomfiting. It occurs to me now that God does give us moments like these.Just to show that these things are possible,that we didn’t just dream it all up and hope in vain.The magic does happen.Sometimes.

    And Life goes on.The Moment passes.The person has moved on.And then you come upon poems as these to serve as a beautiful reminder.

    Oh, I’m suddenly reminded of Kaifi Saheb’s poem “Ek Lamha” “A Moment in Time”


  6. It made my eyes wet in compassion.
    i have thought this very thing so many times but what comes out of me is pain, apathy, anger.
    i want to project the very same thoughts on paper or to my loved ones but failed due to my weakness.
    But thank you sir for this poem that i can share with them which say a lot.

  7. Dear Mr. Kapur –

    This is a beautiful poem and associated sentiment. I find myself at a place in my life where I am truly overwhelmed by the clutter of worry, self doubt, negativity, and a general feeling of meaningless to my existence. I too often feel like one of those sardines swimming seemingly pointlessly is a mass if identical sardines (which is ironically a beautiful sight) with my only purpose to act as food for the big fish. I know that serving as “food” is in and of itself a purpose, but I don’t feel substantial enough to provide any real benefit, and I feel like I in turn have nothing to eat.

    You seem to live your life from a position where you see so much…surely some good, but also so much bad. How do you stay positive? How do you remain hopeful / hope-filled? The older I get, the more I despair. A half century is behind me, and I sometimes quake at the prospect of getting through another of the same. I was once somewhat of a spiritual person, believing there was a “higher good,” and I could stay positive, for the most part. However, anymore, I have trouble seeing the good because I’m so weighed down with the bad. I wouldn’t say that I any longer believe in a “God” or a “greater good” because for whatever reason, it no longer rings true to me…to my soul, if it exists. The only time I realize that there is still some flicker of belief in a “God” or the “power of good” is that the bad is so obvious, and to my mathematically trained mind, if evil exists, surely the opposite must also exist. My only other clue to the relics of belief are the anger I feel toward something that I mentally don’t think exists but that I obviously feel exists. There must be something there that I feel so angry toward being abandoned by it. Sometimes I feel as though the bad things in the world are in a battle to overcome me, and that whatever good is out there has abandoned me through silence…good is ignoring me and bad is blinding me, deafening me. How do you stay positive? How do you empty yourself? How do you invite the good while pushing out the bad?

    I keep hearing that in order to attract good things, you have to think positively and resonate with good intentions. I can see from experience that the converse is true…my negativity seems to attract more and more bad. What can you do when acting positive seems like a lie and when thinking positive thoughts makes you feel like a fraud?

    I know it sounds like I’m seriously depressed, and I suppose I do have my moments, but for the most part, I feel like there are only moments. But I do feel a bit like I’m being sucked under and it is getting harder and harder to see the sun sparkling on the surface of the water far above. You seem like such a wise soul…any words of wisdom you feel like sharing would be appreciated. Thank you for you time! All the best!

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