Are Cell Phone Towers ‘cooking’ us ? From Ganesh

Another subject that has been bothering me much is about the ‘Radiation Dangers’Magda Havas demonstrates how WiFi connects your laptop, iPhone and iPad to the internet via microwave radiation. You will also learn how WiFi base stations, portable phones and baby monitors constantly radiate microwave radiation. The Swiss Government feels that all of these devices have the potential to do great harm if used incorrectly and warn their citizens.

Please watch the brief youtube video on the subject:

This is another longer video on on Cell / Transmission Towers & Your Health:

I have a Huge BSNL tower just next to my house? He has also given a portion of the building to the local BJP counselor, whose only primary motto is to distribute sarees for votes. I doubt, he himself is aware of these hazards and is even bothered about these!

I was discussing with my friend, about these huge Telephone towers found in many residential areas. It is no secret these days how harmful there towers are. My friend told me that in India they use primitive technology that radiates high radiations and are extremely dangerous for everyone, and even more specifically for pregnant woman and babies. I asked, if it is so dangerous why is the government allowing these things on? he said, the companies have invested huge monies in all these towers and unless they are able to recover their costs, they are only going to hold us on ransom. For the companies, money is important than the people. For the government, their power is important than people.

I guess, cigarate smoking is much better than these radiations (just kidding) some time back the media had some reports regarding these towers, but there was no response, and, thereafter, the media themselves forgot about all these. There are more interested in sensationalism than real welfare.

We are living in dangerous times. Where just meditation is not enough. These radiations definitely interfere with our mental energies.

I have noticed over the past 10 years how so many people, who previously had good memories have become totally forgetful and easily distracted.

Perhaps the digital age itself is partly to blame, because in these days of instant communication memory is not required as much (most of it in my experience being unnecessary chatter), but I am almost sure that the radiation from these towers is not helping matters.

I was told that some westerner brought a detector from the west and measured the output from the towers. According to the story I was told, they were either 1600 or 16,000 times the radiation level permitted in the west.

We are all being slowly cooked from the outside by the sun and the inside by the microwaves.

Can we do anything? Let us hope that it improves.


15 thoughts on “Are Cell Phone Towers ‘cooking’ us ? From Ganesh

  1. Dear Dianne,

    Thank you for sharing a wonderful website. It is extremely useful. And, what a wonderful objective:

    –>This web site is for Educational and Informational Purposes only and restricted exclusively for the use of those who are responsible with the significance of what it all means and will act according to

    The Law of Love and The Law of Mercy and all our Spiritual Laws.

    and solely for the purpose of Protecting Public Health to create

    new biologically-based guidelines for
    human exposure limits
    to electromagnetic radiation
    so that each life and each forthcoming life
    of all future generations is preserved as precious
    and has the right to life protected, free of all harm.
    “Primum non nocere.”
    “First, do no harm.”


  2. Dear all,

    Just highlighting once again, the importance of this issue. So that people can take notice of the intensity of this issue. Thanks to Dianne Knight, once again.

    Scientific studies that document the harm from Electro magnetic Fields number into the thousands. Long term exposure can lead to very serious illnesses. To read more, kindly follow this link:

    … These are some of the known health effects of Electromagnetic Fields:

    Chronic Fatigue
    Cancers and Leukemia
    Parkinson’s Disease
    Heart palpitations and arrhythmias
    Chest pain
    Low or high blood pressure
    Skin rashes and irritations
    Altered sugar metabolism leading to diabetes
    Infertility and miscarriage
    Headaches and migraines
    Attention Deficit Disorder
    Difficulty concentrating
    Ringing in the ears
    Joint pain / arthritis


  3. Dear Ganesh

    Please advise city email where you are located.
    I am from Mumbai and we are doing a lot under the Banner
    Citizens against Health Hazards from Mobile Towers


  4. Hi Ganesh, Its a well written article and very educative as well. I think mankind is taking on too many “conveniences” irrespective of what it could do to our lives. Of course, we could choose to discard the mobiles, but how many of us really do that? I think we are only looking at solutions without thinking about the after effects of those. Regards, Shashi

  5. Dear Shekhar,

    This may be nothing new to you perhaps, but, still, i just want to express my gratitude for the kind of openness you have to include everybody around you, no matter at which position you may be in. In times where everybody only want to express only what they want, your allowing guests to express themselves and even sometime posting some articles in your main blog is really a reflection of the ‘openness’ that you really are.


    Thank you


  6. Thanks Ganesh for bringing the hazards of cell phone towers to our attention.

    There have been reports of mysterious birds deaths in various parts of the world that many now attribute to mobile towers.

    I completely agree with your views on Shekhar. He listens to everyone, no matter what his or her social status is!! Rarely have I come across someone from film and glamour world who inspires you to be earthy, considerate and humble. Shekhar is an exception there. We have plenty to learn from him.

  7. Dear Shashi,

    Only if the Representatives Of People showed as much interest in arriving at a consensus on the candidate for the presidential election, can we expect some improvement. Not every time a people’s movement can evolve for every cause. It is not easy. It is easily written “be the change you want to be” but, considering a nation together, it has to flow from the top boss of the country, If the Govern-ment is blind to the real issues, how will people change? A saying goes –

    यथा भूमिस्तथा तोयं, यथा बीजं तथाऽङ्कुरः ।
    यथा देशस्तथा भाषा, यथा राजा तथा प्रजा ॥

    yathA bhUmis_tathA toyaM, yathA bIjaM tathA’nkuraH |
    yathA deshas_tathA bhAShA, yathA rAjA tathA prajA ||

    as the land so the [ground] water, as the seed so the sprout.
    as the region [country] so the language, as the king so the people.

    This radiation is just one of the many issues haunting the future of this world (people are already divided by countries)

    Governments unfortunately have only time to sort out coalition problems and majority of our tax is made as weapons and other majority is eroded by corruption and substandard work and execution.

    These are serious issues, the 5 natural elements are under threat, unless the top bosses of various countries realise the intensities involved, the are soon sowing seeds of destruction to witness the future generation perish out of dear dearth of natural resources. The future children being born will be more and more mechanical and less of heart (may be a poetic exaggeration) but it is not that it is not true at all!

    Let us send out a prayer, to the universe. That is all!

    Shanti Shanti Shanti


  8. Dear Shikha,

    Absolutely true 🙂

    Vandana Shiva is truly an Iron Lady of India today. Just that such people get less attention by our media.

    This is a must watch for everybody, whether one likes it or not –

    The moment we like to be a part of any Corporate, we are directly contributing to the destruction of the planet earth.


  9. (Dear Shekhar, kindly ignore my previous post, thank you 🙂 )

    Dear Shikha,

    yes very true 🙂

    Friends, i would like to introduce here – Philosopher, environmental activist & author, Vandana Shiva, is a world-renowned environmental leader and thinker. Director of the Research Foundation on Science, Technology, and Ecology, she is the author of many books, including Water Wars: Pollution, Profits, and Privatization.

    This is a must watch for everybody, whether one likes it or not –

    The moment we like to be a part of any Corporate, we are directly contributing to the destruction of the planet earth.


  10. Thanks Everyone and the need is urgent.

    It need to be shared with Aamir for his new show to reach everyone
    I’ll advise post on

    Shekhar, Pls if you can discuss with Aamir be the greatest.

    We live in Bay Area, US but have no wifi or other devices, no TV …

  11. This public health concern has also created a market for products that claim to reduce the possible harmful effects of
    the radio frequency waves. They have the funds for you
    (or your child) a cellphone number that should not shift
    when they move. Carlo’s work is now outdated, many of the proponents of the dangers
    of cell phones look to him as their main inspiration,
    and base their arguments on his propositions.

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