Anger : sent in by Abdul Munim

A father threw his 10-month-old son to his death from the 14th floor of an apartment block in Shanghai’s Minhang District yesterday, police said.

Afterwards, the man, surnamed Zhu, tried to kill himself by cutting his wrists. He is recovering from his injuries in hospital.

Neighbors said Zhu, 29, and his wife, Wang, 28, were having “a fierce row” at about 3:40pm. Suddenly, the husband threw the baby out of the window, a witness said.

The mother rushed outside but could do nothing to save her child.

I came across this news by chance. I was stunned surprised, I had literally felt the earth move below me. I momentarily lost the track of time and surrounding. The mental image of the aftermath of the whole situation had affected me so deeply that nothing seemed important to me anymore. I could not concentrate on work for hours. My mind kept creating visual impression of the whole situation. I saw the miserable mother running through hallways screaming, praying & hoping for a miracle. She screamed so loud that all of her neighbors came out. Her screams grew bigger with every step towards her dying son. Finally, she approaches her son and finds him lying in a pool of blood. Clinging to a desperate hope of a miracle she leans down holds him, and wishes it all to be one of those lucid bad dreams which seem real.

By now the poor father snaps out of his anger and realizes what he has done. He realizes that he has gone way over the line and has lost everything to one moment of anger. The shocking realization of his stupidity suffocates him. An unbearable pain of regret hits him like a train. Shocked, Confuse, Depress and victim of his own dilemma, he decides to kill himself. He goes to the kitchen and cuts his wrist.

Anger is a very dangerous state of mind. Anger can easily turn into a brief madness if not dealt with. Above situation is a stunning example of anger taking over. The poor guy lost control, and a momentary anger brought him a life time of regret… uncontrolled anger lead killings have become very common in our society. It’s happening almost in every country… Especially in South Asia.

Question i keep asking myself!!
What causes anger in us and who is responsible for all the anger in our society? Could it be capitalism leading us to an unbalanced society?
Why are there so many people angry about all sorts of things out there? Could there be something terribly wrong with us?

The massacare of 1947… Was it pure hate Or anger taking over ?

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  1. It´s the same here in Europe.Some parents are killing children out of fear, anger, rage or hate. Sometimes they kill their hole family. I ofter asked myself why?

    There is no reasonable answer to it.
    First i thougt madness, medical ill.Mental ill.
    Family problems, jealousy …

    It is repeating. Maybe stress, more responsibility, sorrows, panic.
    Then i thought about our earth, us humans how did we changed?
    How do we live, what do we do, what is the reason for our lives?
    More humans on earth, less space less resources, less respect for next human(rights and needs).
    A few have power, money and a privileged position over the rest.
    Most privileged misused the trust and faith for there own advantage.
    Lot of them are to find in our politics, economy, assurance, banks .
    The powers are out of balance. Like our inner selves. It´s hard not to loose track .
    Not to loose temper. To be true, to do the right things and to stay on the right side and not to loose head, mood, or hope.

    Maybe thanks to the technological development news like this a spread faster and further than 100 years earlier.
    Every human has got a good and an evil part. There is no white without black.
    When someone is conscious about you can do something against anger and hate
    i don´t think that it is a system or a religion which cause this kind of anger. We need to search in our selves.
    For this we need time, courage and nuts.

  2. i think its ignorance….
    just dark inside to see light outside them
    just shrink inside to behave as human
    just blank inside to be a blank one

    Oh! LOVE just get in that dark shrink blank spaces to give light and make them human to breath happiness and beauty in life…

  3. Sir, Stress or inner conflict is the reason…….

    All want to be happy and try to seek happiness in bigger things then the ones around them. In the process of chasing bigger dreams, they complicate their life and start hating their dear ones.

    People are hungry for love and peace and a little disappointment sometimes ruin their day, not everyone is strong to fight the demands of society ( personal as well as professional).

  4. I have been asking myself that question in the past few months a lot. I am driving back from work and someone cuts me off or forgets to indicate changing lanes and I go into a tirade, cussing and swearing.
    Of late I realized,”gosh, am I acting like a angry man.? why are women not allowed to get angry?”.
    is it the stress in our lives? is it the constant need to outdo yourself?
    Maybe the ancient ascetics had the right idea, when they renounced the world, maybe the amish in the US have the right idea. Maybe I need to sell everything and live off the grid.
    I have gotten angry, but thank god, the thought of ever hurting my child never crossed my mind.
    I can think about hurting people and I realize it is such a negative emotion, so much to lose.
    Meditation is helping.I ask myself that everyday, why am I so angry?

  5. I guess its anger. Anger caused initially by confusion,leading to suspicion, followed by misfortune, then grief and then the motivation of war by politics and politicians.

  6. Still asking the same old basic foolish questions to yourself?…pick up a third class spiritual book and there is an answer to this…ANGER is an expression of unsatisfied frustrated mind…often the superficial reason is different from the core reason for being unsatisfied and frustrated…Superficial reasons can vary from being late to office to bad health to dry day ( and not having stock at home! lol) to traffic jams …N…while the core reason is ‘unfulfilled desires’…and desires dont end…they are endless…an individual accumulates dirt of desires…a huge mountain in one life time…similarly a group of people or a society with certain belief systems accumulates dirt of desires…and one day it explodes…and then a man throws his own child from the balcony and a riot breaks down on the city streets…

  7. Anger is inherent, intrinsic to the human psyche. To be leashed.
    Not modern times or capitalism to blame.
    Remember Durvasa muni?

    Poor mother.

  8. Dear Shaker Kapur Jee…

    My name is wrongly written..

    Its Abdul Munim (Not Abdul Amin) 🙂

    Anyways, i am glad to see my post on your website.

    Take Care.

    Abdul Munim

  9. Anger is caused by frustration, blaming capitalism is one thing. Get that out of the picture and man will find another issue to be frustrated about. Staying in control requires tremendous will-power, which alas man lacks aplenty! The guy should have thrown himself out of the window, but he picks the helpless child. Mr Breivik was frustrated with immigration and muslims. So what does he do, shoots them down. You still doubt there is nothing wrong with us!! We are all driven by emotions, some can’t deal it and those who can are left to pay the price for the imbecile’s actions.

  10. Everybody creates and has his/her own spacetime. When we come in contact with an other in whatever way both affect each other’s spacetime. If the effect jolts ne beyond a point he/she gets angry – because he/she is in the danger of falling from his physcial, emotional, intellectual or spiritual centers as the case may be.

    Then each one of us is either a holist or a reductionist, that is, can either plug into everything around at the same time or into one thing in front. When we come near an other of the opposite type the first pulls one to an all-around vision, the other to a vision in front, both create problems for the other. Again a pull beyond a point creates anger.

  11. This is certainly news; at-least to me…..a follower of islam raising halla abt murder?????!!!!!

  12. @Chakra, What does Islam has to do with this, Please come out of this Sick Mentality.
    How do u know the Writer is an Islam Follower, Just Coz he has a Muslim Name??
    He is a Humanitarian.
    This is your choice but this makes world a difficult place.
    I know the Writer, He is a Friend , Brother, And it Doesn’t bother to me What name and place he was born.
    Chakra: Come out of this Chakravyuh Called “RELIGION”.

  13. Naresh, well said.
    This chakra has heckled me many times, calling me many things because I chose to be secular.
    I mean he is so close minded, that the message of why people are so angry didn’t even get to him, His mind shut down the moment he saw an islmaic name. Period. Sad times we live in and to think…the vedic religion was one of acceptance and tolerance. I cannot help but wonder who these peoplel are? The sad story about a 2 year old being flung to his death in anger by his own dad was lost on him because it was writeen by Abdul, would he have got the message and talked about mantra and meditation if the articel was written by a person named ram yadav? you betcha…

  14. @ Ariana,

    Yeah, Such people are attention Seekers. Its a Sad that there are many like him in this WORLD and its a terrible thing.
    RELIGION is a Good thing, And The first thing it teaches you to Love and Respect others, No Matter who they are, and what religion. Chakra and some others Follow a RELIGION Called” Hate Others ” , And people like him are Shame and a Virus thats affecting the MANKIND.
    I have nothing against him, I just wish him well. God Bless him .

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