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  1. shararat,bechaini,bachpana,shikayat,ishq,sukuun,ibaadat,ladakpan,thehraav..sab kuch chupaney ki koshish me nakaam…..bahot khoob sir…umda..

  2. Respected Sir,
    Music has a great power.Each SWARA has its own effect.Collectively they affect you in large scale.Same piece of music effect differently to different people, depending on their situation, emotional condition etc.For me it is a soothing effect.Thanks for a wonderful music.

  3. Listening to the sound(don’t understand the voice)the music talks to me like putting it into words:
    peaceful start, inner struggle, way to fight(long walk, travel, reach his goal?) Live, love ,peace, balance, desire you decide where to go
    Feels good

  4. BEAUTIFUL!!!!! …takes hold of the emotions and carries them through a mysterious journey of joy and sadness…breathtaking peace is deeply felt…om to the artists who expressed their “being” so amazingly!

    Can someone translate the words for me in english? thank you…


  5. Here is my attempt to translate the lyrics in English :

    If today was the day when you had said,
    If today was the day when we had promised,
    If today was the day that had disappeared waiting for this day,
    Today is that very day which came every day and passed away.
    If today was the day when you had said,
    If today was the day when we had promised,
    If today was the day that had disappeared waiting for this day,
    Today is that very day which came every day and passed away.

  6. who wants pain ? who seeks pain ?

    only those that see the pleasure in it .. or like the martyrdom and extension of self in other minds..

    pleasure of the pain…what a paradox that is !

    somehow , those condemned to long periods of loss , discontent and pain in their civilizations come up with a glorified version of pain..

    no wonder , indian music in the last few hundred years is all about crying , poignant lines and sad endings , if not unresolved endings…reflecting the state of civilization as it got uprooted and devastated…

    whereas , in the vedic period , music is a celebration , concepts of ‘nad brahm’ – path to the divine through music is an enriching exprience..a high science…a form of yoga

    ..the never-ending struggle is for those who like the struggle and never want the goal…a glorified pain , for it seeks attention to the self…

    I for one , am glad that the era of long winded works of art ( including bollywood ) where pathos reigned and the creator did not feel accomplished until he’d made his audience cry and wriggle in pain ( if not for the story , then for the acting ) is finally over.

    Let the music be life affirming , enough of Crying India !! Get the Drum Beats going ( metaphorically speaking ) !!!

  7. Rudra, that’s an interesting take, though I dont think Indian music has been all gloomy. The classical and devotional greats have continued the primordial purpose of music, though not as mainstream as it once would have been.

    The pop culture – the fodder for entertainment of low-level minds – thrives on selling emotions, especially the emotions of toxic, attached and sticky form of ‘love’ which is delusional..true love is only the bliss felt when one is in touch with one’s own deep self..the deluded mind assigns that love to some external stimulli.
    Indians have turned into a bunch of emotional clowns who have lost their grounding.

  8. Brahma, I agree that part about emotional clowns. It is evident everywhere, from the way Indians sacrificed national interest due to Nehruvian idealism ( or the pretense of it)…all the way to gandhian method of personality cult- which now excludes all other major contributors – Vivekananda, gimbals, Tilak, subhash Bose, et etc … we now have a law to act to gag people who have am alternate narrative about Gandhi, his life , his values.

    There is a distinct lack of hard headed , courageous thought even among educated Indians.

    Anyway, we digress…

  9. made my cry ….something which can be related to every person if bothers to think ….outstanding..

  10. Superb, Relaxing, Charming…
    सच में अद्भुत!! बहुत अच्छा..

  11. good morning sir a very good them with the voice very very charming music good to lesting good to be a heath………have a nice day

  12. What a flow…leaves me immersed and lets me forget…from melody to harmony…and yes Shekhar Ji the purity of voice ….aree babaaaaaa jiiiii you should consider acting again….isnt it great for you to be a being in another being?

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