The Alien and Me

Suddenly my view of myself and the universe, would , in that instant be changed, re -evaluated, all the questions I asked from that moment on would be different. Context would be different,

If I came across an Alien today.

What would I say if there were words. Would I shake hands if there were hands ? Or indeed if there was form ? Or would I ignore the Alien as a mere figment of my imagination. And what is wrong with a mere figment of my imagination ? What did I impose upon myself that a figment of of my imagination could never be a figment, perhaps the most significant figment of my existence.

Why have I allowed that being without form, that being that dreams, that being that imagines, that being that continually sees life as play. Why have I allowed that being to turn into an Alien living in a cage of suppression. Knocking on my door from inside my mind.

As the knocking gets louder, pushing against the mundanity of habittuality that takes over as existence, it’s time to let the Alien out. For there is always an alien sitting inside us that is knocking at the doors of our mind with figments of imagination – but over the years we start ignoring those figments as impractical madness.

What is practical anyway ?

11 thoughts on “The Alien and Me

  1. the mystical is after all born out of ‘love’ for the unknown..a constant and desparate attempt to give it shape, form, description.

    Who are you that thinks you’ve suppressed an imagined identity? Can you not see even this notion of a trapped identity plays out in this awareness of who you are. Can you see that it registers because it carries with it the infection of interest. And what happens when the attention and interest shifts from this observation to the place from where this observing is happening..the source.

    this deep love and fascination for Self- recognition has been spent on other objects for long now. Turn inwards. Give Up giving it shape or trying to grasp it ! The Self cannot be known by the intellect, it is beyond thought, speech. It is that which enables thought, perception and speech. you are that !

  2. ‘ The traveler has to knock at every alien door to come to his own, and one has to wander through all the outer worlds to reach the innermost shrine at the end ‘

    ~Rabindranath Tagore

  3. The universe is infinity.
    If there is no other life out side our world what kind of waist of space, energy and possibility would it be ?
    There is a real possibility of 50% that Aliens exist.
    Most of us don’t even understand the world in which we live in.
    Most are scared to talk about.
    You don’t .
    If you were going to meet an Alien, it’s again a possibility of 50%.
    So if Alien exist and one is going to meet you it´ s 25% possible, that it could be really happen.
    Don’t worry about madness.
    We live, we explore the world like an adventurer(premise you are open,true and heart on the right place)but we don´ t understand it all.It does not matter how much we try or how clever we are( even Einstein said”I know that I know nothing”).
    The moment we will, we have to die.

  4. If you look at an elephant, would you consider it an alien? The more you analyze mentally, the deeper the Maya will draw you in. You could meet all kinds of aliens, and screw your mind up to a point of saturation. But that might be necessary to realize that it is all a mere part of your own Self.

    Engage in activities that will still your mind and keep you grounded in your self. Let go of guilt and doership, and detach from the activities of your body which is an automaton anyway.

  5. You ask, “What is practical..?”

    Somebody had said something like “O Lord, grant me the strength to change what I can change, the serenity to accept what I cannot change, and the wisdom to know the difference”.

    One needs wisdom to figure out what is practical. Let’s pray to the lord to grant us wisdom, serenity and strength.

  6. But it would mean to waste your life and to die ignorant.
    Prefer to live, to love truly ,to do things I mean , to risk to feel like an fool or to do mistakes, never regret, to forgive,to learn and to improve, to feel, see, understand and to grow inwardly.Live is short.

  7. So I hope to be able to accept death when it will arrives and let go.
    In this sense live is chaos in perfect arrangement, practical is what is necessary, the shortest or easiest way, not always the right way.

  8. death the timeless question which Nachiketha places in front of Lord Yama, the God of Death, how does one become free of it?

    With death, it is the body which drops and with it some memories. Only until you mistakenly take yourself as being limited to the body, are you governed by the fears it brings including its illusory end too. You are the timeless to whom this body is one expression just as many/any other.

    To see and realize this simple but seemingly improbable reality is the core of your inward journey, in understanding who you really are.

  9. Raat ,din,subah,shaam sab khuda tere hain.
    saam,daam,mahal”o”gaam sab khuda tere hain.
    ek insaan hi na bas insaan ka ho saka yahan
    kaise phir isnsaan baalak sab khuda tere hain.
    Dana,paani,roti,tinko pe kiyon hai dunia ki huqmat
    kahte jab is jag me saare sab khuda tere hain.
    @Kavi Deepak Sharma

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