Heath Ledger and Four Feathers, a beautiful letter

Dear Shekhar–
I’m only 20 years old( though I often feel older) and I’ve recently begun to understand that reality really is an illusion. I’ve taken a break from school in order to get know myself & the world better. So far it’s been the most eye-opening year of my life. I have a better appreciation for life and see beauty in nearly everything. Everything is becoming so synchronized. This weekend I was working on some drawings and decided to put a movie in. It was a copy of The Four Feathers that my roommate had left with me. Sometimes I just put movies in for the background noise while I work. But I actually set down my sketchbook and watched the whole movie. I was hooked and couldn’t believe that it hadn’t received more recognition. It was one of the most powerful movies I’ve seen in a long time. Afterwards I watched the interviews with you and the screenwriter–it was like watching you affirm thoughts that have been swimming around my mind for the past year! I was so grateful and touched that I couldn’t stop crying. But it felt amazing. The next day I looked you up, and found this wonderful site where you continue to share insight with all of us. As well as many of the other posts and articles I’ve read on the site so far, this piece for your daughter is just what I need right now. I just wanted to say thank you for all that you share, and I’m looking forward to exploring your films!
Much love,

5 thoughts on “Heath Ledger and Four Feathers, a beautiful letter

  1. I loved the film. In all the feature films SK has made outside of India or say in hollywood Four Feathers scores above Elisabeth and Golden Age.
    I have many favourite scenes in the films and one is my top most favourite.
    The sequence where Heath Ledger and Djimon Hounsou
    spend a night in the rocks beside a fire and Djimon Hounsou laughs and laughs.
    I also saw it on DVD and felt that as of now present version is affected by editing and perhaps if some day Shekhar releases the Director’s cut or uncut version then a classic will make its way to the audience. Perhaps Producers interference in the final version affected the film.
    British media subotaged this beautiful film.

  2. Four Feathers is a very good film, well directed and acted, especially by Heath Ledger. A very underrated film indeed!

  3. Sir,
    I am an artiste – a singer and an actress from Bangalore… I look up to you. In these days when it is so hard to find people that make any sense with the way they speak, act, behave and live… it is a relief that people like you exist. Thank you for being.

  4. I love the film. It tells a lot about God and trials. It shows that we Christians can live peacefully with Muslims.

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