Message on ‘Gobal Warming and Glaciers retreating’ gets accross

This is from an old friend I have not met in years, who saw my speech to the UN live in a screening in Seattle. When you have something passionate and from the heart to say, the Universe ensures the message gets accross to the people :
In a film screening in Seattle, I saw you on the mountaintop with a message to raise our voices regarding climate change. Very powerful and it reminded me once again how much I admire your dedication to what matters most in life. Stay well my friend,
Reagan ”
Thank you, Reagan, and I hope people like will carry the message forward. For we need to save our planet despite the politicians, not through them

One thought on “Message on ‘Gobal Warming and Glaciers retreating’ gets accross

  1. Great
    It was amazing to see the response during the show at Live San Jose in Santanna Row with aprrox 150 people staying until the end …
    While walking out everyone discussing and planning what to do next … great is the response. I posted some msg when live on this blog …
    YES it reached people
    And we have to work harder on it.
    Many have asked me for screening of the movie in Bay Area.
    And I’m trying to get the complete recording
    Do you have contact how to get it ?
    I’ll try to reach you …
    Is this Ronald Reagan ?

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