Judgement and Prejudice on India’s Got Talent

Vishal asked “saw you on television ……just thinking ‘at what point of time in a person’s career or in learning cycle ….a person gets confident enough to judge others?’
Never is the answer to that one Vishal, as there is a very thin line between judgment and prejudice. How can you judge anything except from your own life experience, which colors your own perception of what is good or what is bad ? What should or should not be ? Through the prism of my life experience, that both expands and contracts my world view at the same time, is how I see the world.
Tough to be fair. I try to react to everything emotionally. I try and give myself to the act and allow being entertained. I try to look at it from the performers point of view. I look for the performer’s passion beyond the technical expertise. I look to see if the performance has soul. But what do you do when your own sense of aesthetics is completely different from the performance ? Knowing there is a completely different set of aesthetics inherent in that performance. I often then look to my co judges to see if they tune to that aesthetic and take my cues from them.
Of course there are performances that have no aesthetic at all. I believe most of those performers know that when they are performing, and if they don’t then they should be told that firmly ! I am sure the channel sets them up for us, though.

57 thoughts on “Judgement and Prejudice on India’s Got Talent

  1. Congrats! This is the win of India!!! Our country has got so much talnt hidden, but nobody has ever bothered to bring it out. This show has shown how a T.V. programme can bring the best out of the remotest corners of India without resorting to on-screen bickerings, cursings, jealousies etc. Maybe a hundred times more still remains to be explored, but this was an effort which was positive and creative. Congrats. to Shekhar, Sonali and Kiran also- they showed that professionalism can bring the best results out of a program. Congrats to whole team of Colors, and waiting for the second part of INDIA GOT TALENT.

  2. Dear Sekhar sir,
    Many many thanks to you for your nice judgement in India got talent.Above all you are very nice person.I like you & your personality. We the people of orissa never forget you as you have given us a identinty by exploring our talents to a gr8 extent.Thank you sir. God bless you.
    S Mohpatra,Guwahati

  3. I see all three judges and I think have soft heart and good wisdom and experience to give a good judgement. At the end I see this as the best reality show being aired right now.

  4. Hi Shekhar, hope you are doing good and I really hope you read this 🙂
    I am Kartik, founder member of ILLUMINATI – UV Light Group.
    Since our last encounter at IGT, ILLUMINATI has worked on quite a few themes and I was interested in sharing some of our new work with you. Currently, I’ve uploaded 1 video on youtube (link below). It’ll be great to have your thoughts on the act. Wish to hear from you soon 🙂
    MUMBAI MERI JAAN – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Wc02DRbk04
    Thanks & Best Regards,
    Kartik R – Founder ILLUMINATI
    ILLUMINATI – Stretch your imagination to the verge of infinity

  5. When will Season 2 Of India’s Got talent be shown on Colors? This is one show which was truly of international class. The judges were ultra cool and there was no bickering.An act par excellence.Commendable job indeed given the tough performances.

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