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  1. in the divine play of music
    the falling and rising octaves
    the demonic
    and the angelic
    in the dance of intimacy
    of their swirl and twirl
    upon the crescendo
    and stillness after the twirl
    change within
    shatters and explodes
    until there exists
    all but the angel

  2. Things do not change; we change. ~Henry David Thoreau
    Hence the world change with us. And a word ‘compromise’ has been invented to justify this change.

  3. Change about ourselves is difficult if not impossible but yes, we can rest ourselves when tides are against us and that is also a step towards the change.

  4. I have this life instruction book, which was gifted to me by my dad’s friend.
    It says ‘Never underestimate your power to change yourself.’ 🙂

  5. Change Agent Change First. this is the basic principle and I believe one has control over changing self and not the world

  6. Be the change you want to see in the world…
    Its possible
    If you take one step to change
    whole existence supports it
    more to come soon …

  7. Yes….provided you know what you have to change in yourself…and this question is preceded by one more…

  8. One has to change oneself if the change is necessary. We have to know ourself first, when we know ourself, we know the purpose of our life, we will as well know whether a change is necessary or not.

  9. Shekar,
    Speaking of change it was nice to see you at CNN IBN Hereos award where ordinary people trying to bring change in there own way were awarded. I would love to hear from you as to what you thought of the CNN IBN Hereos award and the awardees. This award does make one feel guilty about being lost in “me” and “my world”. It might spark a thought in few minds and some sparks may shape up into ideas , but down the line some were most of the sparks and ideas just fizzle out. So, I am not sure how many people would actually be inspired to get out of their dear world and take that first step to make change in the real world. To put same thing in your words ” we can change the world , but can we change ourself”.

  10. as vivekanand said– the hardest victory is over the self. and once that has been achieved the world can be as easy as a playground…
    i feel one can not ‘consciously’ change oneself. change has to envelop us from within. it has to emanate from the subconscious, only after we have sacrificed our ego to the LORD.
    love, shivani

  11. #13
    if the change had to come from within – and it is true – then how come that the change of going beyond the ego too will not come from within?
    at a certain point of time the change from within developed ego in us – previous to that we were guided by the id principle – and at a certain time it will kick us beyond.

  12. harb, thanks for this. like the way you agree and disagree at the same time.
    the change from within did not develop the ego, (which is fundamentally mind-driven). forgetting the ‘within’ developed the ego. also such profound changes are never linear, and can be multifactorially driven. in my humble opinion (who keeps trying to make changes and keeps failing), submission to a higher power has to be there for real change and this is not guaranteed to ‘kick in’ automatically in all souls after a certain point.
    many of us take aeons to simply identify the all-pervasive ego.
    best wishes, shivani

  13. Shekar,
    I am curious to know what prompted your thought to ask the question.
    Also change at what level good, bad, or indifferent in the world?
    I would assume only positive change is what you are referring to.
    The world is our mirror!

  14. Hi Shekhar, though have been reading your blog for months now, this is the first time I am posting a comment.
    I think that what you ask here is a very loaded question. But even before that I think it’s worth asking, does one even know oneself properly before deciding to change oneself? So many people live in this state of false assurance that they know themselves. Many I have known do not end up knowing themselves the whole life and some do so very late in life.
    Millions just go through their entire lifetime without any particular knowledge of what they want. Other million will go through without even daring to find a proper answer to what they are. And the rest millions will go through their entire life just with the flow and taking things as life presents itself.
    Often I wonder if thats right or wrong. Perhaps it depends on the situations that life puts one in.
    ‘Who am I?’ That is the question that needs to be asked first.
    Only when one has a concrete answer to that, will one be willing to change what one is depending on the situation?

  15. Very difficult but indeed not impossible …I tried and still am in process ….:-)

  16. you can change the world, of course
    but can you change yourself ?
    Can “you” find this “you”?
    “We” are so enmeshed in concepts and hearsay that they are inevitably taken to be the real.
    Can a concept take “you” to reality?
    The mind chases experiences and these experiences are taken to be the real.
    Where are these experiences occurring? what is aware of these experiences?
    Is there an “experience-r” per se?
    Is there a “someone” behind the experiencing?
    Is there a “seer” behind the “seeing”?
    Can “you” find that one?
    The mind hates these questions as they shake the ground of “your” so called identity.
    Do “you” have an identity?
    First and foremost – what are you? In solving this “riddle” all seeking is resolved by itself.
    Are you not prior to all words, thoughts and concepts?
    Is there a “time” when you are not? Not “you” the person with its baggage.

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