Are these the ‘great false elections’ in India ?

With a complete lack of real and definite agenda to pull the country out the innumerable problems it faces, the Indian political parties seem to be subverting the Indian democratic process to create a false election. By accepting that there will be a coalition ‘government in waiting’, that has absolutely no chance of providing a stable and strong government in Delhi,
Why ‘Government in waiting’ ? Because it is obvious that the Congress is just laying the grounds for Rahul Gandhi to be the next Prime MInister, and the BJP is laying the grounds for Narendra Modi to be the next Prime Minister.
It’s sad for the people of India. India’s security is threatened by the Talibanization of Pakistan in the West, by the insurrection and separatist movements in our eastern sectors, by the Maoist revolution in Nepal in the North, and we have to keep a watchful eye on a potential Tamil separatist movement s a fall out of the Sri Lankan war in the south. Within India, large parts of our interiors are falling under the armed influence of the Naxal movement.
India’s once booming economy is sputtering. Corruption (including in our corportate sector) is at it’s worst, terrorism is rampant and unchecked – leading to the loss of innocent lives all over India. Our environment record is one of the worst in the world and our fresh water resources are running out at an alarming rate. Our cities have become unmanageable. And the gap between the rich and poor is widening at an unsustainable rate.
We are a country adrift, lost in sea of selfish, self serving, destructive and corrupt politics. Never before has India needed strong leadership more, and the last thing the people of India need is a ‘false election;. A government in waiting.

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  1. Please Corporate Leaders raise your hand and take Leadership at the grass roots levels…that would be my calling.
    BTW, Shekar, I admire your blog.
    I do a little astrology numerology prediction for my hobby and your birthdate is just awesome, you will be wealthy by your intiution and create leadership by your intiutive wealth, if you dont know this already 🙂

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  3. I am young gen ( age 28 ) work in IT sector in US and believe Indian politicians are no different from the people of India .
    Untill people of India change politicians cant change. People of India are still divided on basis of state , language ,education level ,caste , religion ,wealth level , thoughts etc.Nobody likes to listen to other guy .
    Its no point blaming politicians, A gujrati doesnt like Manmohan , a Punjabi doesnt like Modi , a Bengali doesnt like Lalu ,a SouthIndian doesnt like anyone include himself.
    India is not like United States where every state has its own ideology about life/society/development.

  4. YES ! “A govt. in waiting” — Somebody has to run the administration I guess too.. Sarkari daftar. There are lot of people out of cast ism – running posts & jobs which would otherwise be taken by the “Beauty & Brains” rather than merely on the basis of FIXED quota. Does anybody see the problem here.. why a QUOTA ? WHY not giving a chance everywhere who is deserving, to even enter politics ? to enter IAS at all levels. WHY that has to be a family thin g ? I guess the BIGGEST problem is – WHAT Alok wrote above in so many ways… “Its no point blaming politicians, A gujrati doesnt like Manmohan , a Punjabi doesnt like Modi , a Bengali doesnt like Lalu ,a SouthIndian doesnt like anyone include himself.”
    That is TRUE ! We have always taken this country for GRANTED because there are so many ways available to make ends meet, without living the life the right way(By working hard & earning the bread). LAW & JUDICIARY has to change first ! New Bills have to be introduced first. People should fear if they do something wrong — not that ” I know this guy” strategy all the time. EVEN “hating” somebody is like nothing.. for no reason. People like to discuss/curse politics,sitting under the sun with a nice cup of tea all the time !! They are so involved in their discussions sometime.. It’s amazing. That is INDIA !! & ALL This has grown overtime and now this has become a fav. passtime, forget about REALLY doing things from the grassroot level — I mean we can begin with – LIKE “not urinating on streets”, LIKE “not polluting the environment by keeping waste outside your house”, LIKE Not feeling that your house is your country where keeping your country clean is what is necessary. ALL these ATTITUDES are to be developed first !!
    THAN we can start to appreciate the good things & things will move better !!
    ARE we really doing these things rather than discussing ? INDIA is not a commercial of Bhimsen Joshi chanting or a scenic picture of Kerela. IT should be within you.. NOW how we develop this damn thing ?

  5. !!DO NOT VOTE !!
    Is there a stronger mandate I can exercise by not voting?
    When I want to reject every choice I am being offered. I do not want to be ruled by any of those people out there. They simply do not see the world as I do. There is no party or leader who speaks for me. Since I can’t vote on the basis of any merit, policy, vision, should I go ahead and still vote for say the lesser of the evils? How am I then really affecting a change into the political system with my half hearted exercise of choice. I simply perpetuate my ‘chalta hai’ attitude by bringing back to power people who are but short of all I want as my government. And I spend the rest of my life wondering where we are going wrong.
    Now imagine if a staggering number of Indians say, 80% of the country abstains from voting ! Think about it ! What signal are we sending?
    Are we not saying to the politicians – Guys wake up. You are not speaking our language anymore. You are not what we want to see in the parliament. We reject you. Period.
    Out of a complete rejection we would actually have exercised our most genuine mandate for change. Created room for fresh air, provide impetus to people who today are bogged down by no prospect of affecting a change even if they entered the political landscape with genuine talent and noble intentions.
    We need have an opportunity to clean the slate. We need to pause before we proceed further. Lets redefine non-co-operation movement and make it relevant again.

  6. I agree that the party manifestos seem disjointed, and not cohesive with no clear goals or benchmarks of progress or even strategy to deal with our real crises. Yes, I read some manifestos in detail. This election is about politics only, not politics coupled by good governance.
    Lets get real folks.
    The government-in-waiting is really just a “governmentis waiting” for the sphaghetti supper to be dished out by HIB (Hamari Italian Bahu). She wields the ladle like the Beadle in Oliver twist. HDKL (Hamare desh ka ladla) will continue to pretend to learn his admistrative lessons before taking over his “rightful” spot on the gaddi! To do that he will master showing up with bedroll intact for sleepovers on the charpois of selected hamlets. That should suffice for his political and administrative experience I think.
    If the BJP has dreams of a Modi administration at the center, they need to do some soul searching to figure if the smell of Dhoklas (albeit made in systematic and profitable fashion)is really enough to mask the stench of massive human rights violations on a nationwide and world stage. Granted public memory is short but I think they are barking up the wrong tree for the next two elections.
    Meanwhile I guess I should pour us some Vino settle down with a big plate for sphaghetti. Oh I forgot Vino is not allowed… we are “Gandhians” after all!

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  8. Is any of us willing to step out and stand in Election even independently ? How lame is our concern for the country when we bash current rot but can’t stand up and take the wheel. Well done well done..

  9. India is together in the south, theough they speak diffrent languages, they are definitely more united than north.

  10. Thank you for the link @ Culture Unplugged — what a beautiful way to express the concept of global unity…complements the original post nicely.
    Would be wonderful to see a shorter version (?) of messages like these pushed into mobile devices (kind of like a PSA) — given there are ~6.5 b people on this planet, with mobile device penetration being ~60% of it, great way to touch the minds of more than half the planet with just an upload-and-click! At least it has the potential to serve a greater purpose than some of the mindless unsolicited SMS & ‘push marketing’ messages that get shoved at us (depending on which part of the world you live in)!

  11. masionrift I agree you guys in south have atleast a common agenda of education and doing IT labour. But its really shameful here in US to see south Indian guys talking like begggars/slaves even after working hard . They treat foreigners as God, Instead of that its better you start liking yourself more and your countrymen more.

  12. What strikes me is how well the erstwhile PM planned/ crafted the dynasty way back in the 1950’s. Anyone who would have been a thorn was cast aside. As a historian, his knack of the thread of world events must have helped.
    I’ve been feeling apathetic at the state of affairs in the nation for long- hence didn’t comment on this thread.

  13. Obituary INDIA – (15 Aug 1947 May 20 May 2009) Victory for BJP = Death for India. Try the Hindutva Talibans. The Hindutva Mehsuds and Osamas and reap the consequences. Unfortunately Indians got into suicidal mode and killed India and thereby themselves. It is a civilisational death.

  14. Why are you people so skeptical about all parties while weighing them in the same scale? Vote for BJP, and give them a solid chance in power. They will certainly do more good than anyone else. Hindutva is not the is the biggest boon to India.

  15. The people in India have become all too cozy in their constant criticism of politicians, but the fact is the fault lies in the people themselves when they cannot think or see clearly and elect the right leaders. They are like a bunch of fools who are easily swayed by media, and pseudo values. As they say, the people deserve their leaders.

  16. India is a Hindu country, more than 80% population in this country are Hindus, Is this case Hindus should be given priorities in all fields just like other Islamic countries,Indian Congress party is full of Hypocrites and Anti-Hindus and they should never be allowed to lead 800 millions Hindus of this country.

  17. Here is an anecdotal page from behenji Mayawati herself (and her party) – she will be going into this election without any published manifesto! I think that piece of paper is actually worth nothing given it is only something that has to be published under the law of governance considering no-one adheres to it, once the govt is formed! At-least she is saving some trees by not indulging in fake promises thru a manifesto!

  18. bramhastra, Hindutva as the core idea and ethos, I can see and appreciate. But that is not what BJP’s vast majority understands forget bringing about a change in those lines. It just banks on the label but is clueless beyond that. It also provides oxygen for more people with misplaced sense of Indian identity with ever increasing protectionist tendencies. If you peer beyond the Hindutva smokescreen that they have created, do you see people with intent, talent, and conviction to drive change where its needed? If you do, are you unbiased enough to to spot them in other parties too. Why BJP then?

  19. Deepak,
    Firstly, I think the common folk of India underestimate the growing anti-hindu, anti-indian forces that are developing in the background. The BJP is the only party strong and determined enough to deal with this menace.
    Secondly, I do not think Hindutva is a smokescreen agenda for the BJP. It is quite clear to me that the BJP is exponentially more sophisticated than any of the existing parties as far as social engineering is concerned. And given a solid chance, they will implement benevolent Hindu wisdom into the administrative and social machinery for everyone’s good.
    Thirdly, it only takes an unbiased mind to realize that the BJP leaders are far more honest, well-intended and driven by collective good than their counterparts. They are no saints, but definitely the lesser of the evils. A simple look at the assets declared by some of the politicians should suffice. People from BSP, SP and Congress like Abu Azmi etc. have 100+ crores in assets.
    Just carefully observe these BJP people in their interviews and such on TV, and you’ll see what i’m talking about.

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