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Deepak Ravindra asked why I do not write more about Virgin Comics of which I am a co founder, so I am posting his following comment as a blog entry. Though I am a co founder, a huge part of the kudos are deserved by the team, the very young team, of artists in Bangalore led by Suresh Seetharaman, and by the creative leadership of Gotham Chopra and Sharad Deverajan in the US. Go to But thank you Deepak in any case for the following :
“Let me tell you this, I am a huge movie buff and comic art buff.Like any average Indian babyboomer (post Independance 🙂 I grew up on Amar Chitra Katha (ACK).Anant Pai single handedly defined fantasy and mythology for the Indian mindset. As a child up I lost those comics to other friends only to doggedly start collecting them again now.
Your work with Deepak Chopra in adapting Indian mythology to an International audience is simply up there,outright visionary.I have recently finished savouring ‘Devi’,’Shiva’,’Sadhu’,and am eagerly waiting for ‘Ramayan’ to arrive.I wanted to tell you what I loved most about the comics
– The Art work , simply stupendous.Its simply beautiful how you guys have managed to keep it strikingly Indian while giving the characters a western fantasy wrap.The art work is so intricate with personality,you love to go back to it purely to enjoy the art itself.
– The content is surely top notch.You carry an immense responsibility while handling Indian mythology.Its not written by one author who can place a ‘fiction disclaimer’,but is part of tradition,culture and ethos of world’s oldest civilization.Utmost sensitivity while keeping it relevant and interesting is required – and again the team’s done such an incredible job….

– In places where content is fresh brew (Sadhu) I see such mature story telling techniques.Fantastic layering akin to movie watching experience.I have always enjoyed such layering in works from Neil Gaiman.You have outdone on this department too.Pai’s ACK was linear story telling apt for kids.
-Thanks for bringing alive a fantasy,great quality adult Indian comic art……..
**If it matters and has any relevance,pl pass on my sincere thanks and helluva appreciation to the Virgin comics team.You have a die hard fan,who needs the first loyalty card whenever its out:)
I have some questions for you and would really love to hear from you on these:
1.Are you considering adapting Mahabharat into a VC series?
2.Have you ever considered adapting Mahabharat onto screen yourself??(One of my dreams is to see Mahabharat come alive on screen at the scale of LOTR or more).
3.Why don’t you have a part of your blog covering comics?

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  1. And you never get the latest Virgin comics in India ! In fact now some series you do not get at all.

  2. Its unfortunate that most of Virgin’s line is not available in India … I have to ‘peddle’ these comics to my friends in India … extremely unfortunate – when most of these books sell out pretty quickly in the local comic-book stores in Houston.
    I think Deepak’s points are spot on … and Ramayan Reloaded is one of the best of the Virgin series … it would be cool to see the Mahabharata saga respun – for the 21st century – and no disrespect to ACK but I think its time to move on.
    And kudos to the Gotham team – esp. Suresh and Sharad – who have tirelessly worked on getting comics into India – esp Marvel and DC. Thanks again.

  3. Virgin comics in India is a great initiative, no doubt. But how about some webcomics? More people may be willing to subscribe/read webcomics than regular comics.
    Everybody is not comfortable buying comics from the news stand, but they dont mind reading comics in the newspaper. People read it if it’s easily accessible.
    I started an Indian Webcomic a few months back, and the response is great! Webcomics dont have be subscription (paid) based, they can be monetized in a number of ways. The readership opportunity is tremendous… Hope something like this comes out on the internet.
    – Saad Akhtar – An Indian webcomic about life, and it’s irritations!

  4. Thanks Shekhar.
    Vishal,I have the same issue as you in the UK.I get mine shipped from US via Amazon.I wonder if VC is targetting specific markets (US,western)for now and hence this poor distribution.I for one believe the biggest commercial market for this (like for ‘bollywood’) will still be largely regional (Indian origin) with growing cross-over influence over time.And that is one huge market segment by itself to ignore.So I am a little puzzled myself.

  5. Dear Shekhar,
    I met Gotham and Sharad last year in New York where they gave a wonderful presentation at the ABC Stores during the India festival there. The setting was wonderful, like a Bollywood set, and we saw your creation ‘Devi’ and Ramayan set in the future as we sipped the Vata tea from the Chopra center. It was truly wonderful to see their passion in answering the questions of the audience.
    Best Regards,

  6. Hi..
    Like I mentioned to you the other day, I do read your posts regularly, but have never left a comment. This is the first time 🙂
    Quite like the idea of adapting the Mahabharata onto screen. Probably through the eyes of individual characters – and call it 18 days! Would you ever be inclined or fascinated to translate the epic onto screen?

  7. Mr.Kapur,
    I did learn this,few months ago that you are the co-founder of Virgin Comic.Thats great.LOTR is different from “Mahabharath” where the story lines are very different and moods too .LOTR is to experienc fantasy and little bit of action would be liked by many children and adults in most of the countries.Unlike LOTR,”MahaBharath” is not Fantasy,and it is restricted to Hindu majority and Minority populated countries like India to Malaysia ,Indonesia, Thailand etc.Those who have some idea or introduction of hindu Mythology can relate to the story.But why would an american comic reader read Mahabharath,as its not that fantasy ,but a Britisher can just go thru few pages and keep it aside.What i mean to say is ,Countries with Hindu community should be target for Comics like “Mahabarath”.”Amarchitra Katha ” has done Mahabharatha as done by many other comic publishers,But the comics were drwan with simple hand drawings,unlike the Virgin Comics type with Action figures and colors and vivid angles,i think that Novelty that can show power of each character is important for todays “Mahabharatha” if done by Virgin.Novelty is Important,I have read “Devi” or “Sadhu” Comic book in 2007, i dont know which one but was told ,that would be filmed with Nicholas cage,i loved the comic though i have read only the first book , i liked the drawings and how they were making a powerful impact and curiosity while reading,that kind of Novelty is needed for new “Mahabharatha”.I do read lot of Comics from different countries ,japan & china with Warrior and Martial art stories and Legends which are Fantasy and mindblowing and nailbiting,and manga art is also a good looking sweetish.Thank god we have adopted manga in Animation films like Hanuman . French (Adventure) comics have its own impact on every comic reader,like Tintin and Astrex.British and American , publish the most popular comic books that are world wide popular and read by wide range of readers.Coming to India , Tales of Bala Krishna fighting demons were read by wider audence as it was thrilling.South America(latin),always had their own heros who were legends like Zorro and other figures which are adventures and thrilling,which makes you read again and again.
    Well my answers to your Questions:
    2.Its only hindi film industry that lacks mahabharath related films,due to over comercialization concept that avoided Hindu mytholigical films since 1960s or even before .All other language Films from regional languages like Bengali to Malyalam have catered hindus with best mythological movies that were made and remade with same story with new versions repeatedly over a period of times.Hindi films dont have that urge and that fire under belly; its pityfull and shameless for not having films like that and even actors dont have the gutts to try such films due to fear of losing stardom and fame .I dont know why. But M.S.Subbulakshmi was well known and unforgettable for “Meera”and she avoided films for the fact that she was the most succesful Actress,its really strange that ,that kind of persona are impossible now;but now there are opposite kind of people who shed clothes and exploit sex for fame.Thanks to Late M.S.Subbulakshmi for her dignity and reservedness that proved that she is the “Bharath Ratna”,she is the only( Hindi &Tamil)film actress who got the highest civilian Award.Only if a Hindi film titled “DRAUPADI VASTRAPAHARAN” could draw considerable audience.Comercial Success of a Hindu Mythological films is impossible.
    3.Yes ,a blog page for Comics with good stills and drawings will be a starter for a maincourse .

  8. That is surprising that virgin comics is not readily available is India. What’s the theory behind that Shekhar? Is it because of financial reasons??
    I get them here in Australia!!
    Personally, I think Ramayan Reloaded is Superb!! A cut above the rest!! Up there with other great comics from the players in the comic industry!

  9. Respected,
    I am cartoonist Arjun from Ahmedabad-INDIA.My cartoons are published in Gujarat Samachar / Times of India / Rajasthan patrika and so many newspaper and magazines in INDIA since last 30 years.My age is 48 years.
    In USA the news paper name :SOUTH ASIAN INSIDER published from New York,New
    jurcy And Washington DC.
    In Canada the news Paper Name Is: GUJARAT ABROAD
    I am also the owner of the company so called -“cartoonzxplored”. We are doing Freelancing and outsourcing work of clip arts and animation as well as 3d work, which includes all type of animation right from small animation to the short stories.
    I want to start comics work for your comics for kids.I am sending herewith one sample of my comic work as a sample do not use is already sold to Delhi press publications for champak magazine.
    We specialize in the following areas:
    Areas Current monthly capacity
    Technical Drawings 3000
    Non Technical Drawings 5000
    Static Clipart 5000
    Animated Clipart 5000
    Icons 10000
    Static Cartoon Strips 500
    Animated Cartoon Stories 25
    IN 3D
    Architectural walkthrough AS PER ORDER
    Also we have an in-house team of 20 Sketchers, Computer Animators & Graphic Designers and a strong 4 Cartoonist team.
    Presentably we are catering to 4 US & UK based companies and we do a full time outsourcing job from them and are in an expansion phase.
    We would be glad to furnish your requirements in the above areas too. Kindly let us know if you have some general or specialized areas where you need our services. when you required any work from our cartoonzxplored.At that time we will discuss about the rates.
    IYours faithfully

  10. Dear Mr. Shekar!
    I have written a book, called “How to be God” or “The Power is Yours”, in which I give people tools to connect to their Inner source of inner powers, so accurately represented by the Gods of Indian pantheon. In the book, I introduce mantras, as the way to connect to and activate our inner Gods, or divine qualities within all of us.
    In the book I talk about a character of each deity and the powers it represents within us. I talk about the background of each deity, what it represents, and give a few stories from the Indian mythology, because people like to read stories and can relate to their wisdom. Then, I give a Gayatri mantra of each deity in Sanskrit and its translation to English. Finally, I provide a traditional image of every deity and this is where the Virgin commix pictures simply blew me away, because those characters are truly amazing! My original idea was to create modern, universal images of the Gods, so people can relate to them easier. But I couldn’t find anything like this and didn’t find people who could truly understand the nature of those Gods and convey it well, until a found the commix pictures of Kali, Shiva, Rama…They portray Gods in such an dynamic, sexy super-hero way, its exactly what people would respond to! Especially young people…
    I am a big fan of Indian culture, have been practicing mantra meditation for over 10 years, and I know how powerful this is and how much light, truth and liberation it can bring to people of any culture. Right now am trying to deliver this gift of inner vision to people here in the USA and promote Indian culture and its ultimate spiritual path. I am trying to do it in a very visual, popular and enchanting way, and the characters from Comics series would talk to people!
    Would you kindly consider taking a look at my manuscript and if you like it, do you think we can work together on finishing the book with the images from Ramayan, Kali, Rama books? In exchange, I would be happy to share my ownership of the book with everyone in the creative team.
    Thank you!
    Anya Deva, author

  11. Hello,
    Where do i get virgin comics in Pune especially “The sadhu”.
    It looks very very interesting…….
    Your affectionately,

  12. The Amazing Mr. Shekar Kapur!
    It feels great to be finally writing to the man who’s given India the magic of graphic arts and films.
    Looking back at my little crazy, weird, insane life, i feel i’ve found great life and understanding in the surreal pages of Marvel and DC and ACK and Hedge and a billion others. There exists a world beyond boundaries in those pages. A realm that has to limits. and it is through them that i’ve maged to carry that forward into my life.
    Through your work, i belive you’ve given birth to many creative minds by backing ventures that have propagated the medium in our country. You’ve helped open more minds to that magic. To that art. To the life that lies in that realm without limits. And i can’t thank you enough for that.
    Today, as an advertising copywriter, artist and insane individual looking forward to create a celluloid dream someday – im on the verge of starting something. Something to return to dream that kept me alive. that makes me the person I am. To give back the magic. to share the passion for an art that comes alive. And i hope i could start it with some great advice from you.
    It would be really wonderful if i could just share a few grey cells with you – just for a while. The madness, the reality, the bleeding fluorescent cries of graphic art deserve an apt expression. And Im sure, they’d find their beginning, in a few spaked neurons that i could share with you.
    A fool with dream,
    Pushkaraj Shirke

  13. pushkraj, would you write to the webmaster of this blog and I will get your mail and respond to u ? Thanks, shekhar

  14. Dear Mr. Kapoor,
    I am looking for a way to get in touch with you for virgin comics. Is there an email address or a number where I may be abl eto reach you?
    Thanks so much and Cheers!
    Anupama Gupta

  15. Dear Shekhar,
    I once worked as an artist in virgin comics for a short while.I am fan of all the movies you have made and i respect your work,but unfotunately,i was appalled at the treatment and ethics which Virgin management meted out to me and to others.the illtreatment and the humiliation i received is something i have the courage to share with you today,for of no reosons it makes me feel that you may be a fair person!!!i was an amateur artist but is a good illustrator and i do fashion illustration very well!i dont and didnt know to do comics at all,and i had taken up the job of a penciler at virgin comics when i had receieved an offer of a penciler on mailings few of my first few pages came out very well and even the cover,but then i started getting pressurised to work faster.however after submitting all work-56 pages-i was told to leave in 7 days,my post/job(this was after 8mths of working,and virgin comics had not even confirmed my post as a permanent employee,when they are reqd to do so in 6mths).i was shell shocked and broken!!!for i had no clue that this was what laid ahead of me!!!not only this they even forfeited my gmail a/c password through which i interacted on professional mails to editors and rest of the i understand they have no right to take away password of someone elses a/cs which is not registered in whatsoever in the companies name and it so,doesent belong to Virgin Comics!i was given only the reoson that my work was not upto the standard!nor the manager or any person had told me or discussed about the artworks quality and that it was not upto the level!i wonder is this the way virgin comics treats an employee,who they had taken knowing well having no experience in comic art,having given no training in my training period in Virgin comics on drawing comics,given immediately to do a full fledged comics of 56 pages(which i completed)and give me no notice period!is this how you treat an employee Mr.shekhar???!!!all to all the company had a exciting eating place for the employees,among the rats in the basement of the company,with broken plastic tabels and filth and stink around,but it did have apple computers!while we managed ourself there,mr.boss enjoyed his meal in the comfort of his a/c cabin!you may or may not like my work and trash it as well,i dont have a problem with that,but certain things like ethics in managment and the interest of employees and fair treatment are foremost in any company,and it wonders me no more why Virgin Comics dont exist anymore for no company can create a foundation on such unethical systems and values,and art dont exist there!!!i will forever remember this experience,and also the people associated with should too give it a thought.

  16. Post mailing my experience,i like to clearly state that it should be under no light taken as to intention to disrepute/complain but as an unfortunate experience and from a person who had suffered,with only the intention to share with you Mr.shekhar and not to complain!

  17. devaki, i apologize personally for your experience. However I have to say that I am no longer a part of the company, which has now changed its name to Liquid comics. Virgin Comics was a dream, a dream that Indian imagination and Indian /Asian culture will one day go out and become one of the most powerful influences in the world. It did not work out, perhaps because there was too much influence on the running of the company from the US.
    I have not given up on my dream and hope you do not give up on yours. Please keep the flame of creativity alive despite what has happened at Virgin comics

  18. It was really sad to see VC go away and I am left not too pleased with liquid comics either. Their focus is so much on digital comics which I simply believe is not the right format for enjoying comic art. Shekhar really look fwd to how this vision can be re-launched. I would love to be part of this journey in any which way possible too. I can see from your current latest post, mythology is occupying your mind space again.

  19. Dear Shekher ji salam
    I have seen your creativty in defferent deffernt fields of art.And I am geart friend of your .But I like the work whichyou have done throughthe vergin comics.As a illstrator I love that work. I have also somestories of quran and illustration on that.If youwill proved me a chance I will show you my work. thanks
    Syed Ali Imam

  20. Hi,
    I managed to get my hands on a few issues of Devi and Sadhu and loved the series. The story and the art are top class. It pains me though that Virgin Comics is no more and whatever Liquid Comics had in mind is lying dormant/dead on their website. But digital comics isn’t any fun anyway.
    Is there no way to bring back the series through and Indian publisher? Like a tie-up with Raj Comics or something? I have read a few Raj Comics issues but their storylines don’t impress and their art isn’t at-par with what I have seen in Devi Or Sadhu either.
    Or you could start a private venture, though I think it must not be that easy to do it.
    I just want to say that it’s really disappointing to see such an amazing series, original and world-class, and importantly, Indian, dying such an early death. I wish it would be revived.

  21. Dear Shekhar,
    I don’t know whether you will remember me or not, I am the writer of Ramayan 3392 AD and Ramayan Reloaded. I started my career with Virgin comics and I had tremendous hopes for the company, and it was a real joy when you came down to the studio and met all of us. I really loved interacting with you and your view of creating the Foundation series stunned me, something which I always will aspire to. I was having the time of my life working on Ramayan 3392 AD and slowly the vision was taking a palpable shape after the publication of 18 consecutive issues and the guidebook which described the entire world of the post apocalyptic world. I enjoyed thoroughly working with the various artists and editors I worked with. But alas good things never do last long and the company closed down, and with that crashed the dream of being in the business of comics. I still am working with a few companies on a few projects but the vastness of my ambitions were cut short due to this mishap. My question to you is it a possibility that you can relaunch these properties or something on this scale with an Indian entrepreneur. Presently all the big business houses are investing on movies and animation then why not comics, where the production cost is really low and the possibilities are infinite in the present scenario of IP generation and merchandising? I would like to know your views regarding this. Since you made it before I have full confidence that you can bring back comic books in a big way in India, and give creators like us a second shot at it.

  22. Hello Shekhar Ji,
    I am a Ad film maker from Delhi. I am willing to meet to discuss an idea with you, which I m conceiving from last one year and only a person like you and Virgin Comics can justify my concept.
    My idea is about every Indian feel proud to be an Indian. I would be greatly thankful to you if get sometime to meet me.
    Neeraj Sharma

  23. Sir
    we are having a studio .we are doing animation work, illustration work , flash animation etc.
    We are intrested do such type of job.If ur organisation is intrested to provide such work for your comics we will be gratfull to you.

  24. respected sir ,
    i belong from small town call almora situated in uttrakhand . i make comics cartoons,i have done 2d animation in my home by using old techniques like walt disney films , i have made some ground breaking stories which are very innovative and logistic, i have lots and lots of unique ideas but i dont have any platform by which ican show my comics and animation but ihave a believe that ican make a fantasy film in future if iwill get a chance. my age is 17 and my contact no. is 919411334422 so sir try to help me so that i can show my talent to the world.
    abhishek pathak

  25. hi sir i am makarand & i m studying in pune in abhinav art collage i m searching a sketching job for comics/animation

  26. brother whatever your media products are either comics or movie or anything.
    But dont dare call indian vedic history and purans, as mythology, better speak the work mythology and u will get it that indian history and culture isnt myth, its our life and soul. so dont sell indian culture with bad names, no matter whatever your belief is now buddha or whatever.
    It was just britishers did to defame and crush our culture and now u black britishers doing same in name of modernisation.

  27. Dear, Mr.Kapur
    First of all I’m a big fan and an Animation student currently and I loved Virgin comics especially Ramayana 3392A.D. and thought it is hard to get them in India I used to manage and read them regularly until the time it suddenly stopped and I couldn’t get them anymore, I was very inspired by the artwork and story it is the best so far but I would like to read more of it, is it going to continue? can nothing be done about it’s continuity?Plz rply.

  28. Sirji Namaskar,

    Not yet another “FAN” but an air conditioner, the best thing that I liked about you is the film that you did on Elizabeth; an Indian who took the courage of doing a project on their queen that too in their country, this needs an extra ordinary “gurda” and you are blessed with it.

    I am sure there is a major planet placement problem with you, the kind of understanding and the explaining ability that you possess is absolutely “Himalayan”, if you only work on rectifying this front no one can dare to stop you; not even your own self.

    Whenever I see you it reminds me about Pt. Hridhaynath Mangeshkar an amazing symphony talent, I can go to the extent to simply say he is better than A.R. Raihman, but even after the extra ordinary talent how many have recognized his astonishing faculty.

    I pray to Shri Krishna to get the problem resolved to a certain extent at least, so that the world experiences not just the “slum and the dogs” in this country but also the other side of it.


    Sanjay Devkar
    Hare Krishna

    II Vande Mataram II

  29. Hello, this is my very first to you. I have been a comic buff for as long as I can remember. I get a real high when I put my hands on a copy of some comic or the other. Comics always were, in my opinion, the best way of presenting a story. I think it was this belief in my mind that I started really thinking of a possible career for myself in this field.

    India has seen a steady growth in the INDIAN comic industry from the early 1960’s. Many benchmarks were set by pioneers such as Abid Surti, Anant Pai and Pran. However, the quality of the English language was not up to the mark. I guess these were the reasons that made me prefer comics with international superheroes. The first comic that I ever lay my hand on was that of Superman and not Chacha Chaudhry or Tinkle. Come 2004 and my world changed when I got hold of the first issue of Spiderman India – I did not really like it (I am really sorry, just my opinion). While on one hand there’s our friendly neighborhood Spider man swinging around in New York and on the other, what is Pavitra Prabhakar doing in India?

    I stopped reading Gotham comics for a while until in around 2008, I came across Ramayan 3392 A.D. , this was according to me the best retelling of a classic , the appearance of each character was totally amazing. I later got hold of other titles such as the Sadhu and the Snake Woman. I really congratulate you for the amazing work and am very grateful for creating a stir among comic book readers. You had in a way unknowingly given birth to a brand new cult of comic book readers in India who would want to read something that has traces of their country’s culture. The artworks are amazing and the depiction of each character is so original.

    But of late, the advent of the animation industry in India has in a way shadowed the comic book industry. Now, there are hundreds of colleges that provide a person with the skill sets required to become an animator. While these colleges aim at teaching the technicalities required for animation, they somehow tend to forget teaching them the basics of art which according to me is a necessity. I am studying in an animation college myself but it is my firm belief in the comic field that I fought my way into writing my thesis on the future of Indian comics in a global scenario.
    While doing my paper I have realized that a lot of people (in India atleast) treat comics as a commodity of children. Many children prefer video games and animated movies and not comics at all. I have a question for you sir, am I passionate about something that is slowly becoming extinct can nothing be done to make them popular enough again? While on the other hand 28% of the total books in Japan that are sold every year are manga alone. When will our country reach such a stage?

    I really am looking forward to becoming a comic book artist (a successful one) but I already am getting this horrible feeling of nothing much happening for me in this country. Will there ever be a chance for this industry to ever grow?

    I really pray for the success of this industry.

    Rahil Mohsin

  30. Comic books are not marketed properly in India and therefore have not taken force. Also we need to make comic books relevant to the times – both in content, form and distribution. O also do not believe that comic books and animation are that far apart. Especially the animation that is cheaper, faster and easier to do – it is an extension of the comic book experience rather than pure animation. It is worth exploring and their are examples on the Liquid Comics website of my own comic ‘Devi’. Good luck with your passion for Comics, Shekhar

  31. Thank you very much sir. Can nothing be done to improve marketing of them in India?
    I do agree that comics are an extension to animation but they are in the form of story boards.
    I am a firm believer in the saying “a picture is worth a thousand words” and strongly believe that comics help improve the readers’ imagination and help them visualize the whole story in motion mentally and my aim is to keep the comics in their purest form….the texture and feel of the paper with vibrant colours..
    I shall keep this flame within me burning and I shall do everything in my power to bring up the state of comics in my country and restore the respect it truly deserves….

  32. What I meant to say in the previous message was actually a little messed up….
    what I meant was animation is an extension of comics and not the other way round 🙂

  33. Respected Sir,

    I am writing this with great hope that you may be able to help me on my request. I have been following up the RAMAYAN 3392 A.D series and i have become quite a fan of the excellent animation and content of the took me 2 years to get myself a copy of the first 2 books of the series. I have been trying to search for the 3rd and last part of the series – Volume 3: Reloaded but unfortunately, i could not get a copy of this book from the libraries or books shops all round the globe.
    i am sorry if this is not the correct forum to be asking for such requests but I shall be glad if you could guide me as to where i can get a copy of the 3rd part of the Ramayan series.

  34. Hello. Recently I have been reading the Comic snake woman. I LOVE it.It’s so amazing and I can’t stop reading it. But I was wondering if the series was ever complete.I don’t want to have any cliff hangers.

  35. Hello Sir…It has been 6 years since I read the first issue of Devi 😀
    and BY GOD…I was blown away by the concept 🙂
    I was browsing through and saw the Collected Trade Paperbacks of Four volumes of Devi,
    it sure made me nostalgic…I hope there will be more volumes of this series.
    I am a big fan of Japanese Manga & DC Comics Graphic Novels, these two are really very costly (500-600rs & 800-1200rs respectively).
    But I don’t care about the cost…as long as I have comics in my hand.

    I hope you make more and more comics because buying Imported Editions is really wasting my time and money.

    Thank you !!

  36. Dear Shekharji… the website does not seem to be operational. Do you think it might be continuing somewhere else. I have loved and drawn Indian Epic Art all my childhood… mainly copying ot tracing characters and drawings from ACK. I am now also a collector of ACK. Would you know if this initiative you co-founded exists anymore. Would very much appreciate your response and the time taken. Thanks much.

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