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eye spy asked : if you prefer to live emotionally……..do you get conned by an individual who knows your pulse and plays the cards right and presses the right buttons ….. ?
To live on an emotional plane is not the same as to live on an obsessive plane. One is about freedom and understanding, compassion and encompassing. Not to be confused with singular desire, ownership or emotional needs. For these are expressions of one’s own insecurities that get mistakenly expressed as love. If you desire to posses, then of course you are asking to be hurt and conned. Emotions that are a mere reflections of your own negativity. So why blame others for it ?

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  1. very well said…when you live emotionally where expression comes from freedom & understanding, at times, the person you are expressing to might use those buttons you have unveiled to con.
    In my experience..continue living free and emotionally just as you are and want to. Another one’s insecurity which makes him or her use these buttons rarely is your problem. Difficult to understand in the short run though.

  2. Sir,
    In my own humble experience and knowledge I believe Emotional living is an indulgence.
    An indulgence available to a human as early as a newborn(the moment child realises the mother is not around he/she starts crying for attention) and as late as till you die(one expects the whole family to assemble around themself whenever one feels like its their last moment – and one still survives for 20 more years) .
    It may have its own hangovers as you have mentioned and have advantages too. A passionate decision of overcoming ones insecurities arising out of emotional phase may change a persons belief and boldness.(Bharat Mata ki saugandh ek ek ko chun chun ke maroonga )
    I believe as you rightly say and mention that many a times we are asking to get hurt and conned. Everybody has experienced the temptation of false praise and pride. The sycophants were born on such emotional crop.
    If you can afford ! INDULGE (Live Emotionally)? Day dreaming hasn’t died yet? Face the consequences when you wake up(if at all you manage to wake up in time to survive)!!
    Remember Shiekh Chilli?
    Vinod Agarwal – Jab Jago Tab Savera

  3. Interesting and reassuring that you bring up this topic Shekhar. Interesting because in the recent past I have been grappling with a feeling of discontent over my own emotional make-up and reassuring because seeing your reactions to situations, events and ideas I see another person who thinks from the heart first. And it reassures because it demonstrates that you can be successful in life being a heart person and also because it is good to know that letting go of your emotional nature has nothing to do with growing up and learning to use your head 🙂
    You bring up an interesting point of view about being emotional without attachments and insecurities. Being demanding and being emotional are two different things and are mistaken often. There is a wondrous high in being emotional and there is only negativity in being demanding. If you have an ability to feel and to feel without the corruption of the head it is a boon……and a bane.
    The heart is juvenile in many ways, it does not understand guiles and wiles. It takes everything at face-value. Letting it rule does set you up for disappointments and hurt. Spontaniety has it’s flipsides too. Being a measured, shrewd and calculating person has it’s advantages (and I don’t mean these terms in a derogatary manner at all. For instance, at the work place one needs these skills to get a job done).
    Again is being emotional and being sensitive tied inextricably together or can you be emotional without being sensitive and hurting for small things? Eventually I think letting people press the right buttons and manipulate you and get away with it is very frustrating. As they say
    “Fool me once, shame on you, fool be twice shame on me”
    It makes more sense that you learn to start using your head and leave the heart aside for special occasions. Ofcourse, all this is is easier said than done :)!
    The topic has quite a lot of depth.. I think I am going to do a full length blog on this soon. Thanks for the initiation!

  4. Just checked your twitter thing Shekhar..Your last twit(?), caught my eye
    “more often than not we are looking for an assertion of ouir own fears andultimately land up making the feared events happen”
    Is this just a fleeting feeling or is there some deeper thought process that brings about this statement?

  5. The rose is beautiful and gets plucked by everyone to be used for expressing love …shud the rose start wishing not to be itself just to avoid being targetted?
    Being emotional maybe used to our disadvantage but isnt that the essense of true self ? what are we without emotions and what kind of a person uses this as button to con — is an insecure himself.
    The balance is within us to achieve .

  6. hmmmmmm……..samajh mein ayaa…….
    i gather that when you are eager to please out of your own love, you tend to miss the subtle nuances that the brain would have caught on under normal circumstances for an intelligent human being……….whereas, being detatched and yet caring makes you sharper to any underhand manipulations at play in the guise of emotions.
    hey shekhar………to achieve this state is wonderful……i myself have experienced the maximum freedom of being when i am there………but, when your affections shift from ‘for the world’ to ‘i luv you’……..we are ALL human enough to either fall prey to or rise in exaltation due to the adrenalin rise ?

  7. hi Shekhar,
    I always thought you were one of the most goodlooking guy of our times (you still are) but what i find most fascinating about you now is the fact that you have evolved beyond your looks to be this amazingly profound soul.
    Love all that i have read and am so glad to have bumped into your site while searching for something else…

  8. GoOoD Morning Shekhar….
    Idont know of others, can say of myself…
    Even if you are read like an open book, all your qualities taken into account, and try to be conned…
    Conning in emotions does not exist for me…
    There is something called senses..
    and unless all senses do not strike a cord, with its own dynamic force…
    one cannot be conned!!!

  9. shekhar……..does wanting to know you / talk to you etc come under wanting to possess or emotional needs or ownership…….by any chance ? its easy to communicate when you dont have to be conscious of stuff.
    can i be friends with you………:) ?

  10. curious………do YOU live on the ‘ emotional plane ‘ you have mentioned above ?

  11. hi shekhar !
    today this particular thought has gripped me majorly and so i am sharing it with you……
    i cant believe that i started out ( on ur blog ) with this intention of getting to know you and have landed up as your blogmate instead ! i have’nt seen you in ages…….! do you wear a burkha or what……..:)
    i have heard of coincidences bringing people face to face……..but this kinda coincidence that ensures you remain pardanasheen (outasight)…….? hai allaaaaaah !!

  12. ………..ya phir………vari sai bolu kya ? aap theek to ho chari ? ( thats ALL i know of that particular language……..if mistakes……….. please excuse……..:) )

  13. hmmmmmm……..emotional reactions to a blog titled ‘ emotional living ‘……..
    auto suggestive …….the title…….:) ?
    anyways…………we are human and not rubber dolls, huh ?
    with so much sense and application going around under other titles……….can a little madness be permitted under this one……?
    have a nice day !

  14. Don’t know ’bout love
    But I got peace
    Love lets others be
    Peace lets me be
    Are you able to see clearly while in an emotion ? A sublime and giving emotion sooner or later wants the same back, how do we replenish it ?

  15. hi shekhar. emotions come from the mind (which is essentailly a trickster)–it leaves us with a lump near the heart chakra and we are beguiled to believe it comes from the heart. basically emotions are a product of our ego, which is a sum of negative emotions like attachment/ lust/ anger/ jealousy etc etc.
    true love is peaceful and comes from the spirit and is rather detached.
    my struggle of late has been to discover for myself the real meaning of detachment–i guess it does not mean to ‘care less’, perhaps to react less (internally and externally).
    so in essence am totally with you that emotions are a product of one’s own negativity–maya in its trickiest form.
    best wishes, shivani

  16. Hello Guys,
    Greetings. Introducing me.
    By the way, I am looking for book I ching translated by Kerson Huang. I cannot find those book anywhere. Do you know where I can find those? Thanks

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