8 thoughts on “New Year Resolutions

  1. Chronic smoker I am since more than 15 yrs…
    Someone passed me like a breeze and whispered…
    “Leave Smoking”
    With that whisper in my heart>>> will walk through this and drop smoking from jan 1st…
    I pray I can respect that spirits conviction in me….
    Mera birthday bhi hai 1st Jan ko….
    Have a lovely day Shekhar….
    na janeh kyu i was so tranquil for a few days….like an artificial lake….

  2. do you believe in them……. ?
    for me they are always inspiration based….coupled with a gut feel that tells me im on track……
    how can you resolve about people and situations that have as yet not presented themselves……?
    ATTITUDE…….. yes….one can resolve to monitor that to an extent…..yet at the end of the day i know that i will always smile when mischief demands it….. yell when treated unfairly……cry when tears tumble before mind can monitor them……and LAUGH and LOVE and LIVE !!

  3. Dear Shekhar,
    One of the resolutions that I would everyone to have is to make sure that you don’t compromise your health for the sake of achieving anything.
    It doesn’t mean that one shouldn’t work hard, it just means that we keep ourselves nourished, rested and alert and it feels great that way. I have joined a great gym ‘latitude’ in Hyd and I’m already feeling great.
    The second goal is the importance of the “Golden Rule” as Napoleon Hill puts it. He says that people react to us exactly based on our conduct towards them, so we should try to behave as amicably as possible with almost everyone.
    My parents are visiting me here in Hyderabad and today we saw two IMAX films, a great 3D animation “Santa vs. the Snowman” and “Grand Canyon.” The first one is a cutting age animation and the second one is state of the art adventure photography of the Canyon (unbelievably amazing – it’s the highest earning IMAX film of all time) and I was just amazed by the technical superiority of both these films. Both films made me think of all the places that I have to go to in my life. God has been kind and I was able to cover 18 countries by 30 – then last 2 yrs in Manhattan, and now I want to see so much more. Paro in Bhutan in definitely on the list next. I have never been to South America (the only continent I haven’t seen, also Antarctica) and I really want to go to Machu Picchu. I see “Motorcycle Diaries” many times on my laptop and also hear the commentary. It gives me such a great feeling that I feel like going there on the first opportunity. The scene where Gael and his friend dance with Mía Maestro gives me such a great feeling – it is so natural (pure movie magic) plus a heavenly score by Gustavo Santaolalla. My resolutions are pretty much travel related and also to be as nice as possible while fighting for glory on the planet.
    Best Regards,

  4. Dear Shekar Boss,
    Resolutions for this year:
    1. Look behind past several years for those Resolutions not achieved earlier. Achieve all those this year.
    2. Quality Time for FAMILY (My daughter says F.A.M.I.L.Y. stands for Father And Mother I Love You)
    3. Healthy Balance between dreams & career.
    Happy New Year to you.
    Happy New Year to everyone.

  5. To be happy. Not to take life that seriously.
    Realize that we will not be long in this world so enjoy till it lasts!

  6. I don’t believe in the concept of New Year resolutions! because you are being forced to make up your mind to do something. and as they say resolutions are meant to be broken!

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