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  1. Dear Shekhar,
    Another quote that goes perfectly here is:
    “Happy are those who are too busy to worry during the day, and too tired to stay awake at night.”
    True, Life is not about looking back at whatever happened and move on with renewed force and vigor. Someone said, “No one can change your past, but you do have a spotless future.”
    So, most of the time (almost all the time) we should just live forward without looking back. We can sometimes visit the past to understand some things better and react better to certain circumstances.
    I hope you loved hearing the birds chirping this morning. Life is so beautiful and I can’t thank God enough for all what I’ve been given. I hope you enjoy everyday of this truly amazing experince called life.
    Best Reards,

  2. For me: Joy of life is accepting the fact that moment gone is gone forever..never to come back..birds do sing a song but each song is different than previous one..because yesterdays’ bird has sacrifies itself in making today’s bird…today’s listener of that song(that is me) is different than yesterday’s me…
    every moment brings me different percepective and hence life is interesting for me…
    Shekhar you are very lucky if you can rediscover things…for me I loose things never to find again….

  3. Oh very true!!
    I know exactly what im going to do!!
    Listen Tamil songs from the 80’s.. take me back to the good times..when I use live in Chennai as a kid!!

  4. yeah……so beautiful being awakened by them is’nt it ? GOOD MORNING 🙂
    they were there even then……as they are there now….. MIND LOSING OUT TO HEART WAS A GOOD THING, HUH ? made you better friends with nature…..

  5. hey jim
    even if you don’t sign fully on what you write…its easily recognizable by the content of it. ..its embedded in the subject of it.
    Just a while ago I was wondering and sometimes earlier also i wonder why people with ‘some content’ somehow revolves around the same content almost all the time. i know there in most cases there got to be a reason…but it makes things a bit monotonous…like see Ed Bono or say Deepak Chopra…whatever maybe the book under his name, every writing of his, though valuable, will in someway reflect ways of manifesting desires and ways of creating affluence, using any subject of talk. And many such cases I have observed.
    Its a feel, an observation that somehow restricts the beauty of the person, which in fact should be ever expanding after once said what needed to be said.
    Maybe this is restricting my own vision in a way.
    I feel experiencing(externally),
    then >> understanding(through the the higher self and then the state of affairs)
    >> then acceptance and thence finally reflection(sharing) of variety makes routes for rediscovering the joys of life in its vastness and minuteness, howsoever important or un-important as they may seem. And it makes it interesting as well, at the same time.
    It’s nice and interesting to see you here meeting on this junction, rather you have been quite active throughout discussing almost the whole script of your being. I never knew you can be so fond of this medium of writing as way of communication which has been my old close to heart favorite and true to SELF in my case of translating in words what i truly mean, which i later realized has a great scope of miscommunication/mis-interpretation in the absence of the real human being. Now I take that – its always better for the soul mates to meet and mate. Though otherwise, this medium of writing is quite effective in the absence of the real, which is the case on all blogs and human-networking type of sites. So…shall catch more of you here on your new address..on such universal subjects.

  6. so much being said about the past and present brings to mind the dangers of the possibility of feeding the PAST and starving the FUTURE….and then hurting when the FUTURE stands on “WEAK” ground ?
    the picture of your life can only be as clear as the STAND YOU TAKE.what you allow is what determines the quality of your life ?

  7. Shekhar,
    What about, “Not even the worry of redecovering” anything
    too…let’s leave everything with the flow of nature. As in Guide Dev sahib says “Na sukh hai naa dukh na deen hai naa duniya…,sirf main hoon!
    “(main)” that illusion which was never there and will never be in future.Than the birds will sing everyday…as they did even before us and, will do after us too. Remeber…you said “How not to direct your film”

  8. Ah! cant ye see….the journey of darkness is to emancipate truth…to find thyself…
    Oh! Shekhar Oh! Shekhar…may my happiness touch you…

  9. The thing is though, that it gets tiring. Its unbelievable how many times you have to deal with same thing. Its like a never ending cycle sometimes. Like Karma. When does it really end? Joy or otherwise.

  10. GOOD MORNING !!!
    this morning the usual birds that wake you up were silenced by the cacophony of crows….! the guys had an early morning conference i think ! LOTS to say…… 🙂
    have a nice day………….

  11. With the morning sunrise i see you smile
    and i know why the birds are so chirpy
    even they can see you through my eyes
    The warmth of your embrace comes with
    the sunrays falling on my body
    and i feel you as the cool breeze greets me
    I imagine you standing near the window like this…
    thoughtful… yet smiling.. and you look so good when you smile…
    Take care

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