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No doubt, virtual reality will change the way behave, as will social networking across the various internet platforms. We will be more connected, more communicated, more informed, more educated and in many ways more aware. This minds of this interactive networked generation will develop far faster than ours did. Thats all good news ? Or are we missing a beat here ? All this connectivity/interactivity /social interaction is done through the computer screen, not in person. Where you can hide behind an avatar, an alias.. Discover game playing, learn social behavior, but where u can remain anonymous, or just switch yourself or the other entity off when it gets uncomfortable. Or plain bored. Are we developing into a society that no longer possesses skills for real life relationships ?

In real life we fight, we confront, we play games, we are both confronted and comforted by grand parents, parents, brothers, sisters, friends…..We role play with each other, and are unable to switch off the other or ourselves. We must learn skills to handle real life situations, and so over time we learn social and interpersonal behavior. And so much of our real life relationship involves human touch. Loving, hugging, holding hands, wrestling, throwing your arms a friend, or even being slapped and hurt sometimes. Even traditional toys like girls playing with dolls that involved the touch and feel of smooth or furry shapes, are being replaced by virtual dolls. real pets by virtual pets. We have a special relationship between our creative selves and our hands. Our hands express our feelings in so many ways. So many ways more than typing on a keyboard.
So what is going to happen to the generation that has to get into real life relationships after learning virtual role playing only ? Are they consigned to a life of ‘real life’ loneliness, more and more relying on virtual worlds to communicate and relate ?
Is our biology ready to handle a life where the loving touch of another human being, or a pet, or a even a toy, is not part of our everyday experience ? Or is this going to lead to early depressions, alleviated only by prozac like substances to compensate for basic biological needs ?

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  1. LOl Shekhar I am sure you knew I would respond here!
    You are absolutely correct here, The real touch does not exist…and our future will be more hollow…awareness can enhance our minds but not us in totality there would be loops that would make one incomplete, such behaviour will not let us/internet users to face life in the real sense!
    The human touch is what makes one more sensitive and real…
    We will become escapists this way…escaping into different worlds with different ids, different thoughts, thus this will not let our real selves to stabilize..
    These sites cropping up shows lack of quality time and real life…it opens yet another void within as one realizes that there is so much within yet no one to touch those feelings for real…though many will deny it…and say it prevents them from lonliness…at the same time one cannot deny it it even helps them to escape from daily life to a world where they can feel relaxed…but then one needs to see that there is balance…
    One could make walls to hide behind because even here one feels there is partial reality, and theres no point people breathing down your neck with awkward questions which one may not want to answer, so we will see different levels of escapism here…
    This will lead to more intense and early depression as in this procedure one suddenly realizes that the void within is looming at large, no one to really touch it…and it flows on many a times youngsters get hooked to folks online not even young even the elder ones…running after rainbows, and all they remain with is not a pot of gold but a pot of intense emptiness…
    I personally feel many a times emotions flow here and when one needs to face it or give it in the real sense to your family or friends, the emotion has been wrongly used here…thus depriving your near and dear ones of the real touch…
    There could be a list of 50 friends on your list, but in reality none are real, its just adding in numbers…few do connect but the number is few…
    One starts believing that their circle is so large…they will be in for a rude shock when they face it in real…
    This will lead to folks who will be more insensitive, hyper, distrustful, angry, lonely, deprived, disillusioned.
    The ones who are timid or weak or shy or their self esteem is low, they tend to open up more here, but if they need to face reality, they escape more..I have brought chats in my conversation too…
    It is one good form of awarness and education but it is not a solution for reality of this kind or a replacement for relationships!

  2. Dear Shekhar,
    A couple of months back I was attending a speech about 9/11, and someone said that we exist in a society today, but there is very little community and after the major event we saw some community, which we have to develop. In India, a couple of decades back the extended family was considered one family, and now everyone lives or wants to live as a nuclear family. The real reason why people get addicted to the virtual world is defined by the single world ‘escape.’ The majority of people in today’s world move from thing to thing without any purpose and that void is filled by things like the internet, Ipods, Alcohol or just drifting with the latest fad. The potential of the internet is so vast, yet most people just use it for email and logging to myspace or watching videos. People still crave for community life and therefore try to form communities online and satisfy their ego by staying that they have 1000 friends when hardly 5 of them could be called good friends. The viod is because the majority has no purpose, they just need something to kill there time on the planet and luckily for them such diversions are available. The generation needs instant gratification and no thing of great value or satisfaction is created instantly, so people just give up and sit in front of the computer to see whatever is out there created by less than 1% of the population. Relationships are lost as people do not know what they mean – if you have 1000 friends online, how can you maintain relationships with all of them. It just becomes a hi-hello kind of relationship, which is totally superficial. People keep on drifting with the new fads – it was cell phones sometime, chat rooms a few years back, online social networks today, and maybe online video clubs tomorrow, but nothing is fulfilling. We are social beings and even if we have 2-3 good friends in real life, whom we can trust, call them anytime, share all our worries with them, then it is far more satisfying than having 1000 friends with names like crazylady2004 and superman1234.
    In the Museum of Modern Art, they put a film exhibition called Sleepwalkers( last winter, where the filmmaker Doug Aitken has shot 5 people in NY living their lives from morning to night almost in a sleep – just following their daily routine. These films were projected parallely on different giant walls of the MOMA, and along with the chilly winter evenings these films gave a very eerie feeling of loneliness – I went many times to see the films and infact met some very intelligent women who had similar interests. The filmmaker believes that most people in this city of 8 million live life as if they are sleeping. In my opinion, most people want to escape from such a life, but very few will introspect, find reasons for their situation and act to change their life. The decision is in everyone’s hand but very few have the power to act.
    Himanshu – NY

  3. Hey i will read other comments later…have to go out…
    I belong to this digital generation…i communicate with my friends mostly through net…i hardly go and meet my relatives…
    But that doesnt mean i am unsocial… i just hate to be with people with out any reason or rhyme…
    inspite of my secluded nature i have groups of friends in all the parts of the cities…
    i have close friends from rikshwalas to doctors…who are not part of my KATTA groups… these are the people whom i have met on my lonely wanderings… mostly at nights…mostly at bars…road side chai taparis…
    then there have been WOMEN…who taught me the magic of touch… yes…there are other feelings but man woman touch with out lust teaches many magnificent things…
    and this digital age gives me freedom to control my time…i dont feel lonely or alienated…
    Why? may be because i am an artist…(so called artist) may be because i have found a way to keep myself busy all the time…i can relate to so called WORLD cinema of france and italy ( esp trauffaut and antonioni)… they mostly commented on loneliness and psychological layers of human minds through their cinema…but i see those films…( i am always over awed to see the skill to execut but as far as the those subjects are concerned i smile…only if they knew about some Eastern concepts of Living life…
    so this nuclear life style versus indian social structure life style concern is a passe` according to me…
    now is the time to ask ‘ what do u think as a HUMAN you are?…irrespective of socail bonding…’
    now people can consciously come out of conditioning with little practice.Conditioning of social taboos, barriers, teachings…etc…
    more later… have to go out… but nice topic…
    PS: you are so young…that keeps you going…Dude!!! always in friction…always struggling…WOW…hehehehe… either digital or not…its about being Genuine…!

  4. You pose some interesting questions Shekhar, many which give rise to a single question:
    “Has society constructed itself in such a way that people eventually forget who they truly are… destined to live in a state of “Who I~AM~AMnesia”….. OMnesia.. forevermore?”…..;-)
    This question arises from the realm where the Magic turned tragic…where people became disconnected from their authentic….AWEthentic, Magical Self….
    It happened in a time long ago and as recently as today….
    “The Magical Child in Exile”….
    Warmest regards
    Carol Omer
    *I heard of you for the first time today in an interview on the Arts show here in Oz and loved the coincidence which will no doubt reveal more of Itself with time…

  5. Hi Shekhar,
    Interesting topic. The difference between real life and life on the Net is this: In real life you are who you really are, but in the cyberworld you are who you want to be.
    This difference is also a great way to measure your spiritual growth. The greater the difference between your real self and your cyber personality, the lower you are on the spiritual ladder. If there is Zero difference between your cyber personality and your real self, which is to say that if you interact with people on the net in exactly the same way you interact with them in the real world, then…….Congratulations! You are living your life very well!

  6. …eventually, humans may be born with augmented hands to adapt to the lesser need for their use.
    Well, speaking of virtual reality Shekhar, instead of ordering tickets for Elizabeth, The Golden Age (Gala Showing in Toronto) I thought I would go down to the box office and get the tickets in person for myself and husband, Dave. I arrived 2 days after they went on sale…today, Monday August 26, 2007.
    To my disappointment (temporarily) the tickets were SOLD OUT! I stood there, speechless…all that could emerge from my mouth was…huh?
    Then, after many minutes of digesting this information…I kept on telling myself, everything happens for a reason…everything happens for a reason…everything happens for a reason….
    Got home and thought about it some more and more and more…
    At least I got to observe from online, watch, learn, experience and listen to the making, development and creation of this powerful movie.
    I deeply appreciate having been a part of all of this…why should I feel bad if I don’t get to see the Gala…but more importantly, I wanted to meet you, to shake hands or hug…yes, silly me, not a fan of the virtual reality world, because touch and feel cannot be replaced by anything that would be of more value, in my opinion.
    So, I sit here typing and explaining…mmmhhh
    I am content, thank you Shekhar, for allowing so many of us to be a part of this magical experience.
    All the best to you and your cast while you are here in Toronto.
    In Spirit,

  7. Hi Cinda,
    Let me help you out a little bit. On the day of the screening there is a rush line at the Roy Thomson Hall that forms around 3(max 4) hrs before the show. The hall is very big so about 20-30 people from the line definitely get in (I did it myself so I know). Based on whether it’s the 630 or 930 gala, go around 330 or 6pm and you’ll be first in the line (take a book) – I promise you you’ll get in. I had bought the pass for the 930 galas, but I saw many 630 galas with rush tickets.
    Enjoy the gala,
    Himanshu – NY

  8. interesting subject Shekhar, I was thinking about the same some days while discuss with a friend… goes those days of grandama house and mango trees. may be kids these days cann’t relate to R.Ks Swami & Friends…!
    But similar debate/thought would have evolved while TV was became popular..!! right? I cannt remember days without TV. I googled and found, a survey in British Columbia from 70s/80s which noticed– “the introduction of television made kids more aggressive, harmed the acquisition of reading skills, decreased creativity scores, and cut participation in non-TV leisure activities”. not sure how much of its true reflection of today..!
    may be answer to questions can be projected from difference between pre-TV and post-TV era.!! I think, human interaction had changed shape/size over the years yet we had retained our social structure and our relationship had evolved largely in better direction with more interaction, understanding between generations (btw my grandapa & my father vs. btw my father & me) and between genders.
    good thing is unlike TV which passive medium, PC/internet is active which enable more interaction..
    may be we will have less #of friends/relatives and less social physical presence in events than our father generations but whatever few friends/relatives we hold on to, our relationship will be much deeper and meaningful since we might not have same social pressure to be political correct everytime & to everyone.
    don’t you thing so?? hope my TV analogy make sense..!
    Thanks for listening../Yuva

  9. Well…I believe we adapt…and the adaptation to technology is almost on a daily basis.
    I see my kids growing up with 5 cartoon channels,internet,video games ,films and mobiles.Yes contact outside the family is less.But within the family human touch is even more profound.Their growing up seems much higher in quality both technologically and biologically than us.
    I don’t see any lessenning of warmth but on the contrary.They have much more opportunity and vent.
    I see ourselves as the latest products of the Universe and don’t think It would let us go wrong.

  10. Hi Shekhar,
    Sorry for being off topic, but I just read the news about Virgin acquiring Dan Dare, I know one of the cover artists personally, but other than that, I worked on one of the TV adaptations in the UK some years ago, and met Frank Hampson (its creator) a couple of times – it is my all time favourite comic strip.
    Great news, if a film version is planned, I can’t think of another director than yourself, best equipped to direct it…you can finally get a stab at making a sci-fi movie !

  11. Dear Shekhar,
    On a positive note, virtual reality might offer a way of getting in touch with you (that CAA won’t)?
    I’m a young screenwriter – just starting out – and was wondering whether you would be interested in looking at a script about a British Asian family, torn apart by their mother’s death, who have to go to India to scatter her ashes in the Ganges. Travelling in this diverse, magical, and often difficult country for the first time, they come together in trying to achieve their goal. It’s a road movie about familial relationships, death and revival.
    I realise that you must get hundreds of these queries, but I really admire your work, which has inspired, entertained, and touched me over the years and think that you would be able to breathe life into this project and that it would fit well into your body of work.
    Can I send it to you? You just have to take a minute to read the first few pages and if you don’t like it, you can chuck it in the bin, burn it, use it for frying samosas whatever…
    Madhvi x

  12. virtual space is a space apart, independent of the real space. it has its uses. it provides an area where one can be oneselff, not subjected to social or other such real compulsions. it need/does not negate the real space.

  13. I think the ‘portal’ of Virtual time and space through the internet enables aspects of our development – spiritual, emotional, mental and intuitive/eneregetic to expand and grow in ways that the slow time, physical realm does not.
    For the first time EVER in living human rememberies…and WE are the pioneers of the virtual realm.
    Merci le bon dieu!
    Rather than an ‘either/ or’ view of the virtual realm versus the ‘real time’ relam and relationships, the place where we are at collectively in the realms of technology and mind-development are simply a Miracle!…and Mirrorcle….reflection of the on going and ever widening circle of evolution- after all we have individually and collectively Dreamt this place into being…….
    Like all things there are (the appearance) of ‘opposites’…good /bad…when it comes to cyber-world and I have seen many a feisty, hugh energy cyber forum develop and grow and individual members learn and share and meet their nemesis and muse in the realm of the internet, from the comfort of their own home space, often isolate and alone from the company of others who “think like I do”.
    Is it not a magnificent gift?!
    Where can we find the Goddesses in hiding, the Archetypes who call the Hero to adventure…they are all there on the Web….
    And at the end of the day, when we switch off the switch that connects us to intimate strangers and familiar anonymous faces…there is NOTHING that could ever surpass the soft and warm touch of a hug with one whose eyes we can look deeply into and say “Thankyou for being in my life…”…really BEING here in my life….
    “We are all the same within, regardless of the skin we are in”
    I wrote a piece in my blog along the lines of “Cyber Tribes and Diatribes”….you can read about it here:
    And in order to accomodate this shift in technoconsciousness, the Heavens have assigned a new ArchAngel…her name is The ArchAngel Webielle, cousin to Gabrielle and Aunty of Michael..she also supervises the thousands of Angels made redundant as a result of people connecting with the realisation that we are responsible for creating our own Reality….
    Angel redeployment is a little known consequence of the expansion of the cyber realms…….;-)

  14. Shekhar,
    The Human System , as it is made affords many dimensions – of which we have only used a few. The technology and the unprecendented human connectivity is changing both the Outer and Inner worlds we inhabit.
    Just becuase , we haven’t been conscious of our inner worlds , does not mean , we dont !
    And I think Virtual Space only highlights whats already dormant and lying in wait. We can illumine our Inner Space and manage that Space as a medium of communication either through Spirituality , Imagined Horrors , Virtual Reality or Emptiness.
    In a sense , we worry too much about the Generations ahead when we ought to know that every filial works out its method and adapts to the sensual stimuli.
    I wouldn’t be worried as long as sex dodesnt become wholly Virtual !

  15. Hey,
    We are as loyal as our options afterall! In a traditional society, where we are bound to our significant other not only through marrital vows but also by societal and economical pressures, there is no opportunity to break away. However, in a society where two economically sound people can choose to be together, it’s much easier to move on if things do not work out. Relationships are even more fragile for people who are in demand and or have the option to be so selective. And now with a virtual world, where people can mask their identity behind avatars, there is perfect opportunity to be in a relationship with literally no strings attached. No reason to make it work. Because if it doesn’t work, just move on to the next avatar who can give you momentary pleasure. Welcome to the world of even more diluted relationships!! Next stop, wonderland!

  16. Dear Sir,
    Let me take this oppurtunity to dymystify the virtual monstruosity part which has become a part of our living. No matter where scientific and technological discoveries take us or abound our lives with, it must be mentioned here that ultimately we will keep coming back to our limbs for survival and achieving our biological needs both in the human and animal kingdom. Such is the trajectory of our living endeavours. Our own hindu shastras have recorded such facts in history. Let me put here a sanskrit verse i recall from memory. “Udhmain hee sidhyanti kaaryani na manoruthe, naahi suptasya singhasya mukhe mrigha. Kosh teevara samartha naam kah pravah pravichaya naam.
    old work horse

  17. It simply means that even the powerful tiger has to go after the deer in the woods, if it needs it so badly.

  18. Shekar,
    My first time on your site.
    Forgive me digressing from today’s painfully relevant topic back to Juhu somewhere in the 1970’s.
    I was living in the Theosophical colony, in what had been Balraj Sahni’s house. Studying Sangeet. No one wanted to live there. thought it was haunted.
    I was too naive to be afraid. All the Lamas and Sufis and Sadhus, I’d been with, I just talked back to the voices or played flute for them.
    So your cousin brought you and Shabana to my bungalow one day.
    I had met him and Usha at a Goenka course. I played some music for you and for some reason the two of you dissappeared for awhile leaving me alone with Shabana. Hari BABA.
    So… I was a much less frequent guest at Kabir and Protima’s but it was something I will never forget. Playing for Kabir’s Mother. The wonderful confusion or illumination of hanging with someone I revered just being someone’s mother.
    And as soon as she excused herself to rest around came the chillums. No moral dilemma , It was Juhu. It seems like it was another time and it seems like yesterday.
    I came back to the states. Quickly deduced I would never be a performer and picked up a bolex, started writing, and making films and somehow it goes on,
    It was a delight to be so moved by Bandit Queen and see your name there. (that afternoon in the “Colony” I was self righteously proclaiming the vacuity of the current state of Indian Cinema. You and Kunky were pointing fingers at each other as to who was more closely related to Dev Anand.)
    Anyway this may not be suitable content for a blog. But I didn’t have your email. I always thought (hoped) I would run into you at a festival. Chai piyengay.
    No such luck yet.
    What I would give to see Protima dance, or laugh. She was a Dakini. My mind has wings. I wonder if Vick is still teaching somewhere in NY? what is Kunky up to? Is Usha still is London? why don’t I ever write Jamini, or for that matter, get up with Ashim? How will I ever get Rushdie to let me produce one of his stories?
    It’s 2:00 AM in NY and sorry for the typos and indiscretions.
    I was blessed to be there for a chhota bit of the party.

  19. I see more FREE souls in future.I see more people realising the most prescious gift in life is indeed love.The new shekar kapurs will be developed faster they will be able to come out of the conditioning of parents faster.They will understand the value of the TOUCH OF LOVE…….cause they can hook up with anyone on net with out even a very lean strand of emotion attached with the whole process and not crave for mere touch.FREEDOM .I just wish NOBODY condtions the future minds

  20. I see more FREE souls in future.I see more people realising the most prescious gift in life is indeed love.The new shekar kapurs will be developed faster they will be able to come out of the conditioning of parents faster.They will understand the value of the TOUCH OF LOVE…….cause they can hook up with anyone on net with out even a very lean strand of emotion attached with the whole process and not crave for mere touch.FREEDOM .I just wish NOBODY condtions the future minds

  21. human beings are essentially pack animals and need the love and touch and proximity you describe
    but change is inevitable and always viewed with an initial fear.
    surely people will adapt themselves to this virtual scenario soon enough and find a way to still be human and give and receive all that is essential to our existense

  22. Hello Shekhar,
    I live in USA and am a big fan of your movies. I have seen Elizabeth (I) at least 10 times and am totally mesmerized by that movie. I am eagerly waiting for the release of Elizabeth-Golden Age now.
    I am writing this note with a request. I am not sure if you get enough time to see TV shows like Sare ga ma challange 2007 sponsored by Zee TV. Anyway, there is contestant on that show named Poonam Jatau. She is just an amazing singer who has crossed BIG hurdles in her personal life to reach at this spot. You are a very accomplished person and know many key people in Mumbai film Industry. Please help her out by recommending her to a music director like A R Rehman. If you can suggest me another way to contact A R Rehman ji, I will do it. Please, please help her.
    I have no connections with her. I just saw her singing and since she has no one to support her, I have decided to help her. My reasoins to help her are purely humanatarian.
    Thanks very much.

  23. Being eighteen years old I think I can call myself a part of the next generation. Im in a medical college in India and nothing over here seems to match with what Mr.Kapur is describing. Pain, torture, anxiety and emotions are all a syncitial part of the human species and anything being as herculean as changing our emotional status is at least a hundred years of evolution away. No matter how much we develop into a race dependent on a non-biological source, we do have certain attachments of our own. It would be hardly a person in ten who would find it in himself to let a small kitten or puppy bleed to death in front of his eyes without doing anything about it and that single man, I believe, would have existed even before the Computer Age, only called as a pathological psychosomatic then. So although I do believe that times are changing(I mean in cultural terms. My mom would’nt be able to say ‘sexy’ in front of her mother like me even today!), humans as a whole are going to remain the same emotionally foolish, conceited and warm hearted people who they were since the Greek era and even before.

  24. So true Shekhar.Virtual reality has overtaken life’s reality.It is up to one to draw the line between living on cyberspace and living on good old earth.But this cyberworld can be constructive if we know to use it the right way and to interact with the right people.There do exist genuine people like you or me on this interface,who can touch our reality in a good way.In the end,it does not do to live with illusions and non-substantial elements,while forsaking the people around us.But if we can mould ourselves accordingly while knowing where our priorities lay,there is no harm in us being a part of and thriving in this virtual territory.

  25. Hello Shekhar,
    I have no idea if this is the right forum to talk about your latest movie “Elizabeth: the Golden Age”. But as I had mentioned in my earlier post above (see #23), I am a big fan of your work so I had been waiting for this movie. So, I went and saw this movie today.
    Well, in my opinion you have done a GREAT job in showing the “woman” side of Elizabeth. Cate has acted very well and has expressed the emotional lonliness of a woman so beautifully. This a queen who is fighting two parallel wars, one inside her heart and the other outside against Spain. I think the movie should have been titled as “Elizabeth: the Woman”. The present title gives the impression that movie will show England’s prosperty etc. etc. under her rule and that period actually follows the wining of Spanish armada. So the movie really does not show “the Golden Age” and hence falls short of movie critics’s expectations. But I would like to congratulate you for this movie because I understood what you were trying to show.

  26. Shekhar,
    The power of failure, and of touch. Recurring themes in my life, I see them reflected in your blogs. I’d say failure is the higher power, for it pushes you like nothing else can. As for the digital age, yes, it is empowering; but it’s also eroding in ways we don’t understand. Hard plastic isn’t a substitute for human touch and never will be. That is why I worry.

  27. Square water melons and genetically engineered food are samples that once in a while, life is created. Not a proof, but a plausibility.

  28. Dear Mr Kapur
    My life has really taken a transformation or should I say ‘tansmongrification'(from cartoon series calvin & hobbes) with this virtually real world ….. want to share some thoughts…
    I was in my growing years when this information ‘big bang’ happened.
    I could see world shrinking around me, things changing, people changing, language changing,networking norms changing and by the time I could comprehend what was happening, I was already a ‘Mutant’.
    A mutant who shows his emotions, feelings and expressions not through his face but through his fingers …as if the fingers have become a channel to communicate to the world around me, the world of ‘orkut friends’…facebook buddies….of online dates and second life…of innumerable avatars and fantasies….
    So true, what you said…
    It would be difficult to understand ‘real -life ‘ relationships, the real world outside that 14″ glowing monitor..
    The world of real people, love, touch,betrayl,fight or slaps …
    It would be really difficult for ‘US’ , this virtually connected new age generation ….
    And, when I sit and ponder about effects of this little rectangular gazette called computer on me ….. I get nostalgic and then nauseated…..
    Nostalgic about the childhood spent with friends playing cricket in the ground and on the road… nostalgic about reading dad’s long letters at boarding school and feeling homesick(letters which I still keep) , nostalgic about meeting the first date and taking as much as one whole month to know what she liked about me ( was damn slow man ! )….
    Nostalgic about gang of friends meeting together at evenings … about mony aunty and pappu uncle and the gifts from friends ….. about the letters I wrote to her….with fragrant pens and beautiful phrases…
    And then I think about life today…
    life at 11 in the night after a hard day’s work ….on the chair … under the lamp….
    in front of my laptop…
    Catching up with friends living at the next suburban train stopover 3 miles away but whon I have not met since I left college… e-mailing pappu uncle that I would not be able to attend his daughter’s wedding but would love to see the video instead if he sent me that….
    Texting my girlfrind….’a rose’…..
    Sending virtual pokes, hugs , smiles and gifts !!! to my buddies at facebook…
    Meeting some interesting woman somewhere claiming to be (but certainly not to be ) a blonde 25 year old model :)….
    Meeting my virtual friends on saturday’s for an event…a party to celebrate “the amazing guy’s birthday ” …. to chill out enjoy music and interesting conversation…venue: facebook..4 AM in the morning….
    And then reading dad’s 2 line mail( he cant write much on the computer)….and deleting it next moment……
    And then it occurs to me….
    Hey I am just 26 ….and the world around me has suddenly become so different…so unreal…
    Without borders….but with boundaries…without bondage…but addictive… without commitments..but with passwords….Without hands ..but with hugs…without faces…but with smiles…..without love ..but with lovers…without passion..but with S*@….
    A world I hate to be in…. A world I have to be in…
    A world where everyone belongs…a world where no-one belongs …
    A world so lively…A world so lonely…….
    A world at my desk…under the lamp…at 11 in the night ….
    So much for living ‘CONNECTED’…….
    For living in a world …..The new age world…..
    The virtual world….

  29. hey…the medium is just a tool…the same way money is…its really upto to you to be genuine or to give up the control to the tool….
    in the same way..blogs make it easier to share views…they do not reduce communication with loved ones…
    the virtual world…how very good is it to talk about..its not an alternative world though….after reading the first few comments it was so evident that everyone lives in their own world…their own interpretation of the world….there are a billion worlds in this planet…why hype the virtual world?

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    all. It is not a trade. Democrats seem to be trading the rights of the
    adult male for women, children and minorities. What is this simplistic
    marketing venue? Who made all this?
    Get a life Democrats, you should make the point that you are for human
    rights or not[url=]?[/url] You know, life liberty and the pursuit of happiness?
    That type of stuff. You fail if you take sides. You cannot be for human
    rights and for only one sex, race, or income level. And if you think
    that it is all enough it is mistake it is just start point.
    Do Democrats understand the human race? Make they thru American dream?
    What really American needs?
    What do you think about? Post here your reaction!
    I think it is all about our real life now and what is good you or me
    not exist we all together make decision who will be next[url=]…[/url]

  31. I feel that for people who have nobody nearby in their life this kind of life could be a solace.I also feel it helps people to live in their imaginary world where one cant do anything in their real world. I always wonder where this would lead to, is it healthy or depressive. I hope people realize your point of view and seek for the real touch of love.

  32. Yes, the phenomenal growth of social networking sites has got serious implication for the ways in which they will change the social behaviour of our youngsters. Already there are so many cases of kids sitting for hours together, getting into relationships based on networking etc.However this cannot replace the real world and may breed even more loneliness amongst youngsters and take them away from the soothing closeness of nature and presence and touch of loved ones.

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  34. Could hardly be created any better! Glancing this post reminds me of my ex room partner! He usually kept chatting about this. I will forward this blog to him. Pretty sure he will certainly have a first-class read! Many thanks for spreading.

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