Ballroom Dancing in Beijing

So you thought China was alll about economic growth ? Early every morning at the beautiful gardens at the Temple of Heaven, these people come to learn and practice ballroom dancing. The wonderful thing is there are actually no class distinctions. One a retired fashion designer, one an ex- factory worker, one an internet entreprenuer, a bus driver too. One thing brings them together. The love of ballroom dancing.

60 thoughts on “Ballroom Dancing in Beijing

  1. Elizabeth The Goldenage…..Just Watched it in Reading(uk).It seems like, I just came out of a cinematic ritual. Shekar, Firstly I thought It is going to be too english for me, being an Indian, but Its great that I didn’t feel for a minute that this was a story of an english queen and engish history. An amazing eternal story of human conflicts, emotions and overall a great tribute to ELIZABETH. If Othello, Macbeth and Hamlet are great plays by Shakespeare then “The Goldenage” is a masterpiece by Shekhar Kapur, which not only depicts,the very important part of History but its more about conflicts and the inner emotions of Humans,who carry such a great responsibilty of the whole nation on their shoulders.
    It made me remember reading macbeth for the first time, which made me sleepless for few nights.I wish I could discuss this film more in my film class but unfortunately I m not a student anymore. One thing is for sure …I will cherish the poetic beauty of its’characters, frames, costumes and performances for a very long time.
    Congratulations for such a great film,which was not like my high school boring history class.
    And to me this is the most amazing and mature film of yours so far.I will wait for an oscar for this.
    People on the blog go and watch it guys.
    Thank you sir for making our wait worth while on this.
    Sanjay Malhotra

  2. Thank you for that story, I too have had an similar experience in Beijing at the grounds of the Beijing Foreign Language University. It was 7pm, and I came down from the flat of a friend I was staying with. Attracted by the sounds of loud music playing I followed it towards the children’s playground along the middle of the component … and to my surprise I found a whole bunch of people ballroom dancing… Yes, of all ages and seemingly without class distinctions; of course this is a university accomodation grounds so perhaps the ‘group’ is slightly more limited in its variety. But I share your joy, surprise and bemusement at finding such spontaneity and celebration of movement …
    Thank you for reminding me,
    cheers jinna

  3. “Kaante na ho tho gulab ka ehsaas na hoga”
    yehi hai zindagi…
    No failure is ever final nor is any success, “one can prove anything by statistics, but simply not the truth!”
    yu hi barr barr kar rahi hu…na janeh kyu…
    Aap laut kar na ayenge?
    Intezar hai!!
    Hugsss ek safar meh nikli thi…iss liye dur se dekhti rahi aapko…ki shayad…
    chaliye smile and have a cup of tea will you…

  4. I will have to wait for a long time till its India Release or DVD release!
    PS: there are other sources too…shhhhh….did i say Piracy…? no…i didn’t…i did…not! Actually CAM version is available…but no fun to watch CAM version…!

  5. hi shekherji,
    i listened u 2mrw in the cinemascapes conference and gled to know about ur views that the location is also a charecter.It also plays an important part in our films.
    well i wanted to talk to u but it couldn’t be possible for me to talk to u.
    I m an assistant director n have done work in tv only and now looking opportunities in movies. i want to meet u once if u dont mind.
    jyoti verma

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