The nail biting

Thank you all for the great words of encouragement you have all sent to me. Now all I can do is sit and wait ! It’s frustrating as from a state of “How am I going to finish all of this in time” panic, now I have nothing to do but wait. The mind and body is so used to action and to being adrenaline induced. I wake up every morning with a start – and then do not know what t do !! Must get down to writing my next script. But the next 4 months will be spent in traveling and promoting the film. Cate, Geoffrey and Clive are busy filming , so I guess I will be doing most of the traveling ! Don’t mind it, but must must must lock down my next film.

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  1. Dear Shekhar
    On 30 Aug 2005, you wrote a short blog about work on Golden Age, that stated the historical premise for the film so simply, so starkly, that it was exciting to contemplate what the result would be. The blog is here:
    I saw Golden Age three times, and will get it on DVD. I liked it that much. Golden Age is well worth seeing. Except for the writing, the flaws are like the flaws in an emerald — they add to the mystery of its beauty. The acting is great. The cinematography was very fine, the color and visual quality was superb overall, the costumes and settings magnificent, the sound was great, but… the dialog is sometimes simply ludicrous. There were a few times when the writing was so silly or weak it was a distraction.
    If this were theatre, Golden Age would be getting raves. There is a luscious sketchy quality to your work that is easy to appreciate and is nicely supportive (in the sense of providing softly brilliant visual and narrative architectonics) of powerful, fluid acting like that of Blanchett, Owen, et al.
    But film is a medium you can work and rework to get closer to perfection, and, oh, how lovely it would have been to see a more spartan approach to many things, so the luscious bits would have popped even more and told a more powerful, integrated story on film.
    To show more clearly how bankrupt England was at this period in history, and how much of stretch it was that Elizabeth and her country should have succeeded at anything at all, given the odds they were up against, would have been valuable. That time of dark, heavy difficulties was the hidden force behind all the creativity that rose up in Elizabeth’s time in the arts, politics, religion, commerce and war. That’s what I was hoping to see in Golden Age. You prefigured it in the original Elizabeth, but it went mostly missing in Golden Age. I hope you’ll tell the end of the Elizabeth story.
    love, Heath

  2. Dear Shekhar; today, I had a nice surprise in my mailbox at home! A card from our friend, Cinda and pictures of you, Cate and Jeffrey Rush at the Toronto Film Festival! She even gave me the Elizabeth CD as a gift! : ) I am in heaven, now I can watch your film any time I want!! Thanks Cinda!!
    Shekhar, you look absolutely marvelous in the pictures! You are younger-looking than the picture in this blog.. : ) and handsome too, no disrespect to the Mrs…
    Cinda my friend, you have made my day a happy one; and one filled with appreciation and gratitude for your blessings, are well received!
    I extend to you and your husband and children; and to Shekhar and his wife and child; a wonderful appreciation for you all!

  3. Dear Shakher
    Hope you busy these days and doing some thing and waiting,,If you are in travel then that means you are doing some thing,,Travel means to get knowledge and pass the knowledge,,IF you cross the one country that means you pass the one life and wrote the one life book,,,anyway hope see your new creation soon,,
    yours sincerely
    hazeen hasrat

  4. Hey Shekhar-
    Saw Elizabeth – Golden age yesterday. Few things –
    1. I cant believe that an Indian director can make such a wonderful film. I havent seen the first part but want to see it now. The film is grand, larger than life and very very detailed. Great job.
    2. In the first 15 minutes of the film, I felt quite lost – as the movie seems to start as if its a continuation (Which it is!!). Hence, for someone who has not seen Elizabeth – I felt a little lost despite having a pretty good knowledge of the English history.
    Anyways, good job

  5. The media is all so gaga over you, Shekar, every time you put your head into an international project. But I’m still disappointed you have made very few Indian movies and you have done very few projects on the whole. A man of your caliber and creativity should have done more for the film industry than you have so far. In the end, I hope you do a project that is very Indian.

  6. Dear North,
    Thank you for the beautiful card and gift.
    Your little angel still sits beside where I lay down to sleep.
    Sending you loving healing prayers.
    My baby girl comes home next month for 2 and half weeks, for the holidays…anxious to see her!!!
    Luv ya,

  7. Hello Shekhar! Have you locked down your next film? Can you let us in on it? : ) Are you rested from all the touring for premieres? Are you happy with TGA as is, if not, what would you change if you could? All the best, to you and yours from me and mine..
    Hello Cinda! Glad you got the card/gift. I am enjoying looking at the pics of Shekhar, Cate Blanchett and Jeffrey Rush; I have Shekhars picture in a frame on my “fave books” shelf… I have watched Elizabeth twice already.. I just LOVE IT! Cate is majestic as the Queen Elizabeth, and I can barely wait until TGA is out on DVD. Lee comes home from college for the same, and I am counting the days… not easy being college-kid mom’s… we miss them so dearly!! Much love to you and yours, from me and mine.


  9. I see many posts were deleted? WEll, just coming by after a few months off the net; to say hello to you Shekhar, and hope to hear news from you soon; as to your next project.. have you locked it down??

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