searching in the spaces
between our words,
speaking words
that have meaning
only in silence

16 thoughts on “words

  1. beyond words
    spaces fill the void
    beyond chaos is calm
    in silence is symphony
    in the harmony of spaces
    the mind transcends
    in the symphony of silence
    the soul triumphs

  2. Do you know how it is?
    in the middle of the night?
    When you can hear nothing
    And therefore everything?
    Like being blind Shekhar,
    and therefore seeing so much more?
    Like a sailboat lost in the dark at sea
    Like that Shekhar I am silent
    hoping hoping someone will find me
    And all that I see

  3. Do we think in words? Or are thoughts a pre-word world? When we became aware of our thoughts, it seems our thoughts are somewhat wordized, but the time when we are going about our daily lives, it seems thoughts (and phenomena) happen too instantaneously to allow wordization. It seems it is a pre-word level soup which when crystallizes forms words (or before vocalization, wordized thoughts).
    Words are presursors then of objects, feelings and ideas (and indeed the entire universal dance for nothing can exist without a word attributed to it!) and are thus the first step to phenomena. Words bring the inside out.
    Just my take on words Shekhar.

  4. words are the painters paint
    helping to create what energies
    are needed to be expressed
    the strokes have spaces between the lifting of the brush and the meeting of the canvas
    what lies between
    is also the silence
    …the most powerful part of the expression

  5. Taal (a Beat)
    Can be music, only
    With the specific
    Intervals of silence
    Between them.
    Without a silence !?
    It is mere a sound
    And not the music then…

  6. To GJ: Interesting. But what is it about, loneliness or realization? You ideas kind of got lost after the first six line. Or I am not getting it right.

  7. Manas — I think realisation is a lonely place. You reach a place of growing where you stop being able to grow with someone. You must go that journey alone. It’s a necessary part of the evolution of the soul.
    In fact i think that’s why i think most evolved people just can’t stay married, unless it’s out of a sense of why break up something that’s plodding along.
    Spiritual journeys are all about knowing and never knowing if what one knows is right.
    At least thats what i think

  8. Om repeated often
    brings you closer to God
    So, why does it seem to some
    Love means less when I say it more?

  9. A knowing smile
    the eyes of beauty told
    Pleasing to the heart
    hope was never sold
    to vagaries of the day
    when silence speaks behold!

  10. I fear words
    The spirit within me is more real
    Than the me this world think it knows
    I live in a realm of aura, of Energy and power
    I live where creation and destruction starts with words
    I fear
    lies,slander and gossip
    words squandered without worth
    opinions discarded like a lost penny
    I run away and hide from this lure
    To keep the value of my words
    Away from the rust,the blood and guilt
    And allow the power of universe use mine
    The spirit within me is more real
    Than the me this world think it knows
    Oh I would rather live in fear
    Than Losing the fear and thus myself

  11. Your poems, thoughts are so deep full of love,silence – restless silence.
    silence is good, but at times words
    need their place… hope you find all
    that you long for in silence or words
    as you like it..
    Take care

  12. Why word love is discussed more
    and felt less…
    People who write about love…
    actually are the ones who are deprived of it
    people look for love…
    but are they loving and forgiving themselfs first?
    they say love needs to be given…
    fine but does love overflows in you so that
    you can give?
    and people talk about love…
    and will continue to talk about it for ages!

  13. Pranaam Shekhar ji
    Words : Beautiful and so profound !! Love you !
    Silence !!!
    In that space between our words,
    it’s where we find ourselves.
    When the mind is quiet,
    when there are no thoughts
    and no words to be said,
    we can hear our own heart talking to us.
    We can hear our own soul.
    The Infinite is expressed through Silence…
    Lots of Love & Regards

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