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  1. Dear Shekhar,
    This reminded me of the amazing creativity that has gone into our construction. I was reading an article sometime back about the ‘proof’ that we all were created by a creator. It said that the probability that we were just created by random chemical reactions and natural selection is similar to a windstorm blowing though a junk yard and creating a Boeing 747 out of that.
    Maybe by your words you want to see/acknowledge that creativity of the creator. A couple of months back I visited the ‘Bodies’ exhibition which details every single part of our body. It is nothing short of magic to see how a miniscule zygote grows into the entire human body, and the intelligent brain. And after seeing this, we can have nothing but love and reverence for the power that created us.
    Himanshu – NY

  2. a star that shatters
    from a cosmic collision
    a billion bits of matter
    for a brilliant revelation
    of a cosmic purpose
    sparkling nuggets
    sprinkled in the skies
    dispeling darkness
    with its angelic light

  3. To let my heart cry like an
    innocent child
    and wait for him to wipe away my tears…
    To abandon all the chogas that i wear ….

  4. What if god doesn’t come by to put you together again?
    What if you just lie there waiting
    Your mind in a million pieces
    Disbelieving every belief you’ve believed
    Deconstructing every construction of life lived
    And wait for a putting together
    And those around are just looking at you
    And saying
    ‘Poor thing. She’s gone to a million pieces’.

  5. You got the point, GJ. Madness, chaos and deconstruction at every moment is where it is at. T decosnstruct your self every moment and then allow yourself rebuilt again in an unknown way. And the moment you know it, then deconstruct yourself again. Shekhar

  6. That is so very terrifying shekhar. Its complete chaos. Did you read my intent post? That’s just how scared I am.

  7. Shekhar, I think you did not find my words deserving enough to knock your ears. Fine. May, be you are so above all of us.

  8. Vacha, If i thought i was above you, I would nto be writing this blog. This blog is my path to self discovery too. I read every comment sent with care and learn from it too. Shekhar

  9. Hello there. My friend asked me to contact you because he is not online. He would like to know why there are 2 minutes missing from the Bandit Queen dvd. He claims the movie is supposed to be 121 min as opposed to 119 min, and feels there is something important missing. He has been harassing me to find this version online but I could not. Is this version in fact available? Please let me know.

  10. Christian, I am not aware of the cut scenes in Bandit Queen unless it is a copy made in India rather than overseas. In India the film was heavily censored. On way to know that is to look at the opening written words in the front of the film. If the films begins with some lines from an ancient Hindu text, then it is nto a censored version. Shekhar

  11. i keep killing myself….in the hope..may be i learn how to live…again..once again

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