Open thread. Life and Death

Logic asks us to interpret everything in terms of a beginings and an ends. Since we interpret everything around us in terms of absolute existence in time and in space, we naturally assume beginings and ends. Yet quantum physics and the great spiritualists encourage us look at everything in terms of potential existence rather than absolute existence. The most abiding human emotions like faith and love are not based on beginigs and ends, but on concepts of eternity.
So here his the question. If there was no begining, how could there be an end ? If we were never born, how can we die ?

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  1. I was writng an answer to your question which my ego thought was very good,tidy,philosophical and enlightening.It almost ran into three paragraphs.But to my yet un-ascertainable surprise the super-ego had its way and I accidentally hit some switch on the keyboard which erased my comment altogather.
    Anyways, the three paragraphs each constituted the L/D aspects of the body,the mind and the spirit respectively.
    For now I’ll just let it be this way.

  2. Om Om Shekhar Ji,
    It is a very valid question asked by you. Our old ancient scriptures unfolds a lot about this. As different sorts of animate and inanimate beings emerge during the dream state and finish off there itself. In other words we can say that neither there is a beginning nor is end of these dream state animate and inanimate beings. This is all illusion. Similarly these wake-up state animate and inanimate beings exist and don’t exist as well. This is again illusion. As a magician who can show ‘The Taj’ anywhere in the world with his magic, though it is illusory. similarly this creation is the magic of that one super power, the magician of magicians. There is neither a beginning nor an end of it. Only that one super power, the magician was there and will remain there for ever. This description was about the reality.
    Now in the context of this world, so this world, though illusory, is the innovation of resolutions under taken by the individual souls (Individual souls are also due to the resolutions of that one super magician). Whatever living or non living objects seen in this world are there only when resolved. So if there are no resolution by an individual soul, the same is liberated from the clutches of illusion and merges back in to the magician, the supreme power or ‘Brahman’ as called in our scriptures, from where it was emerged when resolved.
    So to free ourself from the clutches of illusion is told as the only aim of human life in the scriptures.

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  4. Hello. I’m new here but I realy want to ask you…
    We’ve all gone through this phase in life, sometimes more often than others. But haven’t you ever asked yourself, “Why am I on this earth”? What am I here for? Exactly just what is your purpose in life?
    P.S. Sorry If wrong section!

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