Masoom and Naseeruddin Shah

I have so may questions from people that remember Masoom. It was my first film and get surprised that people remember it so much. I must start blogging about my experiences from it. I picked up though, the following extract from a recent interview with Naseeruddin Shah which evoked old memories of old times, old friends ….

The following extract is from ‘Times Now’ :
AG: I remember ‘Masoom’. I was a child when I was taken for the film. I still don’t know why I was taken to see ‘Masoom’ but….
NS: But for some reason everybody showed their children ‘Masoom’… to prepare the ground I guess.
AG: Maybe it was because of Jugal Hansraj?
NS: He was angelic. ‘Masoom’ in fact was after ‘Sparsh’. It was wonderful. I went into it with an attitude of great patronage because Shekhar Kapur at that time was nothing but a failed actor and boy friend of Shabana, you know… and I thought “oh poor Shekhar… he wants to make a movie and let’s help him out”.
But with the very first shot that was taken in that movie, I revised my opinion of Shekhar Kapur as a film maker and realised that I was in very safe hands and that this was going to be a very wonderful movie. I felt that from the very first shot that he did. There’s a shot of an envelope that’s the letter I received, and then there is a tracking shot of my hand with the envelope as I am walking down the office corridor and from that moment onwards ‘Masoom’ was a total joy. And there are very few movies which have been like that,
Thank you Naseer for those kind words.

52 thoughts on “Masoom and Naseeruddin Shah

  1. Dear Shekar
    Masoom was a brilliant move based on a brilliant novel which goes to establish that the core values and sentiments of human beings remain the same. It is certainly one of the movies which will find its place in any list of best movies which have ever been made on the Indian Celluloid.
    I recently saw a feature in Times Now on the movie and tend to more than agree with Naseer when he says “ At the cost of annoying Shekar I would say that Masoom is certainly his best ever movie .” What really boggles me is your ability to understand music and good poetry, the songs of the movie will live for ever . Do let us know more about the songs ……………………
    Keep going …………………………….
    With personal regards
    Manish Lamba

  2. Masoom was an amalgam of sheer brilliance – acting, music, direction, storyline. Very rarely does everything work to perfection, it did in this movie. I can never forget Shabana’s teary eyes in the song – Do naina, ek kahani…and the song (lyrics, track, singing) itself has such a haunting quality.

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