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Friday the 14th of July – Today is my last day on set. What an amazing day to finish on — today Shekhar was definitely on fire. In only one shot, he captured what the whole film is about – a queen’s struggle in deciding whether to remain an ‘untouchable divine entity’ or to give in to her ‘human way of being’ and love and become attached to people just like everyone else.

Through the use of improvised dance and an interweaving steadicam, Shekhar captured the ‘true beauty of love’. He had everyone in tears as well as the cinematographer exclaiming on cut, “Now this is cinema!” What a great day. I leave London an inspired person, and one in awe — the talent and vision on this set is spellbinding. Thank you Shekhar for allowing me to be here. I feel very blessed.

5 thoughts on “Mel’s Blog – Love

  1. …..and thank you for you blog, it was very entertaining as well as incisive and I enjoyed it immensely.
    Have a safe trip home.
    Warmest wishes,

  2. “Thank you Shekhar for allowing me to be here. I feel very blessed.”
    Mel, my sentiments also, even though I live on the other side of the world and I’m just typing in words…I feel a connection to what’s happening there, surely, it’s the “magic” of the dance that reaches not only here online, I believe it transends across the universe.
    Beautiful experience!

  3. Hey Mel,
    Thanks for posting. I do enjoyed your insights on this production. Best of luck in the future.

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