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Wednesday, the 12th of July – Like a flame flickering in the wind, movement mesmerizes the eyes. No other director I know uses ‘movement’ like Shekhar does. The camera flows and glides throughout so many scenes giving the film a sense of the ‘playfulness’ of life.

When I asked Shekhar why he was so fond of movement, he smiled and said it was because of the ‘Bollywood influence’. I’m sure there’s an element of truth in that, but I also think Shekhar understands the ‘dance of life’ as well as the ‘dance of eternity’. This wisdom has become very apparent to me in the last two weeks.
The scene wherein the Queen faces her mortality as the Spanish Armada approaches, is one I will never forget. We watch the Queen decide to do something just in case she dies the following day. As she comes close to realizing her dream, the camera moves ever so gently around her like a soft, soft breeze…it was so peaceful, so moving, as if she had already begun her transcendence… this ability to breathe both mortality and immortality in the same breath illustrates Shekhar’s unique touch.

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