Dangerous Liaisons

Monday 10th July. 9.30 AM – ‘J’ Stage, Shepperton Studios. Power in Elizabethan England was concentrated in the hands of a very few families but this could be as dangerous for them as it was convenient.

Such was life for the Throckmortons and in today’s scene Bess received an unwelcome invitation from her cousin Francis. Francis, who we’ve met on previous blogs, was of course from the Catholic side of the family and at the centre of a conspiracy against the Queen (as Walsingham was well aware) so any connection to Bess could be potentially fatal. Being a catholic was not in itself a death-sentence, indeed there were many well-known ‘church-papists’ who followed the old faith but accepted the real-politik of the new age and swore allegiance to the Queen. But is this really what Francis Throckmorton wants?

One thought on “Dangerous Liaisons

  1. Danger Is
    Power in concentrated hands
    Such was life
    in today’s scene
    unwelcome invitation
    from the centre of a conspiracy
    So any connection
    could be potentially fatal
    Indeed, there were many known
    who followed, accepted the new age
    and swore allegiance

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