Civil War in Iraq

The Coalition of the Willing has finally reached it’s objectives in Iraq. It’s taken me a long time to figure out the logic behind the invasion of Iraq. It’s simple really. It’s what colonists have been doing for two centuries.

It’s just too simplistic to assume that they got it wrong about the weapons of mass destruction. It is just too far out to see this as a great Christian Fundamentalist/Right Wing assertiveness in the US. I do not believe that the strategists in the US got it wrong. And since the strategists in the US are advised by the strategists in the UK, who are some of the best in the world, it is highly unlikely that they did not predict this mess that they have pushed Iraq into.
No, they WANTED this mess. They wanted Iraq to go into civil war that it would take generations to recover from. Because from Iraq, the civil war will flow to neighbouring Iran. And outward to every Arab country. It will destabilize the whole region. While the West’s leaders keep up the mantra of “Democracy in the Arab world is good for the security of the West”, they do not mean that at all.
For as long as the Arab states are destabilized, no one goverment can take extreme or confident measures over their greatest natural resource : OIL. No Arab goverment will be allowed to be totally sovereign, unless it agrees to be a puppet of the Western economic interests.
You only have to look at the history of Coloniozation to understand how the Colonists have worked over the last two centuries. Divide and rule is the most simplistic way fo describing the colonists philosphy, but it does define it if one was looking for simple keywords . It’s what the Colonists did in India, in Africa, in the Balkans. Everywhere they left societies in turmoil. Encouraged turmoil.
The Arab people must recognize this. They must realize the larger game plan, and work togetherto build their Nations in the interests of their own people. That is what the colonists fear the most. They fear the loss of control over the world’s natural resources and the worlds markets. Their economies are becoming increasing bloated and their population’s demographics are veering towards a severe shortages in work force. It’s like the old slave trade, where huge planatations could only be worked through a ruthless slave trade.
The West is now looking out for ‘Slave Economies’. They need them to survive at the hugely unfair and bloated wealth levels they have got used to.

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  1. Well expressed Shakharji…today I was having a similar conversation with my daughter. The words that resonate most with me is “divide and conquer”. How many actually step back and take this view? The thing is, how does the word get around to the people who need it most so that such an event would not be repeated again? Who among us has what it takes to stand their ground and unite together regardless of the outside interferences?…and just TRUST!
    My Dad used to talk on end about such matters…and yes he also agreed it’s the OIL. He had also recognized the pattern of destruction you speak of.
    Prayers for a solution,

  2. Dear Shekhar
    A very interesting theory, indeed. You may be right. But please also don’t forget how d’d foolish and egotistic certain Americans currently in power are — the kind of dudes who take their friends for quail can’t be all that smart or good in the decision-making arena, no matter how fine the analysts are supposed to be. Thank goodness we have term limits.
    Love, Heather

  3. The irony of all this is that the slave economies themselves fell apart when technology made them redundant – leaving huge numbers of people without jobs – like the negroes of the US.
    The slave economies you allude to are themselves a by-product of a society increasingly dependant upon those “liberating” technologies like computers – so who is enslaved ?

  4. I think damaging colonization processes have been going on for much longer than 200 years. Only it’s fashionable to blame America and Europe for the world’s problems and then to try to seek for solutions from Europe and America.

  5. Shakir – I am overwhelmed watching the news – and the devastation in Mumbai. I am thinking of you and your extended family: I hope they are all safe. Take care. Much affection. b

  6. yes shekhar sir i agree to an extent to what you are saying.but during the war after the war i tied break facts down to define motives of america.there was one question in did the americans suck up to the constant change of motives for iraq war and when you speak of colonization intent and exploitation of oil you are trying to define their are we right in generalizuing the mentality of the people in west with government having been around the world and seen more of life than me would have a broader perspective of things but i think we should be weary of labelling countries.

  7. hi,
    I completely agree with your views on American colonization of Iraq. They indeed wanted the mess. I am a naturalized American originally from India and do value what American people are most open minded (at least 50%) and welcoming to other nationalities as compared to any other nations in the world.
    Another point in case, British colonization was the quite beneficial to India, in fact without the British, we would have been a divided country ruled by princely states constantly at wars and no democracy. The British did give India the best gifts “Democracy and Constitution and schooling system, infrastructure such as railways” and may be all the wealth that they plundered can be looked upon as “consultation fee” if it may be. And the fruits of British rule have been visible now that we are a global economic force all because of our educational system inherited from the British.

  8. dear shekhar,
    the simple fact that nothing has changed for 200 years,calls for change….
    in our way of thinking.
    stop blaming, stop dividing in good and bad, but show with your films the way forward.
    and i would like to work with you…..

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