My Immense wealth I give to ..

my daughter on my Birthday,

My wealth lies more in the faliures of my life than my succeses. My wealth lies in people I have known and lost. My wealth lies in the pain and the heartache of living.

My wealth lies in the memories of those moments of love that were given to me. And given by me. But my wealth also lies in letting those joyous moments and people go.

My wealth lies in all those unfullfilled dreams. In all those longings that aroused my passions. My wealth lies in all the passions I have ever felt and expressed. And those not expressed.  My wealth lies in every moment of guilt that I carry for actions done or imagined. That burden too is my wealth.

My wealth lies in every breath that I have ever breathed. Each imbued with doubts and questions and hopes and dreams. And fears.

All this wealth I bequeath to you. For you to squander to the winds..


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  1. Hmmm … NICE – that feature on blocking malicious comments. Quite useful I am sure, but the language does’nt quite work in the spirit of the rest of the website. As a first time posting person one is very sorely brought down from a lofty emotional pedestal to the harsh realities of everyday life. Almost like being implicated for perjury. Recommend moderating it a wee bit.

  2. Hmmm … Who would’ve thought that someday I would be reading Shekhar Kapur’s personal thoughts, sitting at my home. That is a great blessing of the internet. That was a lovely poem Mr. Shekhar. I’ve loved almost all of your movies and now I admire the way you write. God bless you and your family.

  3. Shekhar,
    I don’t know if the sort of wealth you speak of can be bequeathed. It will remain yours. Your daughter will have to earn her own wealth.

  4. There is nothing so purely angelic as a father’s love for his daughter.
    In our love of our sons, there is a tinge of selfishness; in the love for our women, there is desire, but a daughter – she is special.
    I have googled around since my last post and realized that I am in the company of a special man. Someone who has been blessed with wisdom to go with his intelligence. It’s turned out to be a lucky ride…

  5. Hi Shekhar
    I wonder why don’t you make films on Ramayana, Mahabharat, Netaji in English. It would be immensely popular worldwide.
    Tapas of Sydney.

  6. Shekhar sir,
    YOU DID IT AGAIN…amazing thoughts
    Your way of looking towards life is just amazing…And thats what flows from your film which is your key to success…
    When she will be understable person she will really inspire…… achive more….
    God bless to your child…
    Rohan Jagatap

  7. I have been a great fan of you since Massoom. Frankly speaking even your acting was full of intensity and conviction. Your words and actions have always defied the world and proven a lone campaigner who achieved success. You have inspired many around you and still keep on dazing us with your talents.

  8. namaskar mr shekar,
    i had seen your interview on ndtv good times. you spoke on spirituality and your new found world on a program ‘one life to love’. i was moved by your thoughts.
    keep writing mr shekar. i like reading your posts. it keeps me alive.

  9. Hi Shekhar,
    It is always a great feeling to write on your blog. I am not so regular on your blog but whenever I feel too low or too motivated I just read your thoughts. I have become your fan and follower ever since I have been in touch. I love the way you go in deep of every thought which comes to your mind. I have also started observing and writing…may be too early for my age but would like to become someone like you :). I have written few lines.. of course inspired by your post…
    MY wealth lies in the regrets of my life…if I have them ever
    or my wealth lies in the beauties of life if I find it beautiful ever…
    so am I the wealthiest or as poor as I was yesterday?
    Hope you like it!!

  10. I’m a bit confused
    why would you want to burden a new life with all your baggage?
    how about passing on some joy? happiness? and most importantly some of your material wealth?
    what use is all this negativity? to you or your innocent daughter who will carry the burden of your collected sorrows?
    Why? Its a heavy tax she will pay all her life for something she dosent require

  11. i can only try to understand the “wealth of pain”…human beings are not perfect…once the things goes wrong only then one understand how it should be…but each and every decision u make no matter it is wrong or right brings experince which is important…i forget my happiess but i dont forget my pain….when i think deep i get confused…but i can say..pain is like wealth …a wealth which is worth only 2 u…..

  12. A beautiful piece ! Your writting is like john keats or john milton. Please make more movies to contribute your excellence in film making. The genius in you must continue like satyajit Ray, Mrinal Sen, Ritwick Ghatak and Stephen Spielberg. From your writtings it seems that you love your daughter very much. Hope she will turn out a genius like you. Sir, life is a tragedy. All great souls have to go thru it. You are no exception.

  13. Why is it that we allow the world of ‘What If’ to dwarf the world of ‘What is’? Why do we allow harmony, the biggest wealth we can wish for, to be subsumed by fears and slights(invariably imaginary)? Why in the Dickens(pun intended) do we let ghosts of the past (and sometimes even the future!!) scare away the angels in the present? Every child comes with her or his own destiny. While it doesn’t absolve us of our role as parents, knowing this may help us be a tad bit less relentless – on our parents, our children and our selves. We love the way we know how, the way we have seen our own parents do or not do- and that according to me, is really the only legacy we leave behind to our kids. Knowing that life isn’t so much about fulfilling dreams as it’s about dreaming them in technicolor. The journey is where the joy is, the destination is simply the end. Amen.

  14. More than two years gone since this was posted. I get to read this just today. Tears filled my eyes, dont know why. I used to tell myself I am so happy living a lonely life, yet on my birthday I would feel like a lost person missing things that I dont have in my life especially the love. At 5.45am to wake up on your birthday and writing this to your daughter touched my heart deeply.

  15. With all due respect to you, I miust say it’s really a hear touching entry and that is so true for a bond between and father and his daughter.

  16. Hi Shekhar
    It was nice to see you on a reality TV show today after a very long time and so I felt like visiting your website. Am feeling so good going through each of your thoughts. Must thank you for the WEALTH that I found on this site. God bless you.

  17. Hi Shekhar
    It was nice to see you on a reality TV show today after a very long time and so I felt like visiting your website. Am feeling so good going through each of your thoughts. Must thank you for the WEALTH that I found on this site. God bless you.

  18. @ sakshi,
    i know its too late to add inputs…. i am new to this beautiful place so its a fresh thought for me, though added in 2007!
    I too feel the same, I never told my Dad ‘i love you’ and niether did he. I think we feel it from the minute gestures that we exchange! There are hardly any birthday greetings or any such expressive ways but still like the poem from you Shekhar ‘Apanapan’ – ‘are you ok?’ over phone makes me feel it all… it seemes filmy (or like a dialogue from school Darama practise) to me to express my affection through words!
    It takes years for a child to understand how immensely parents love them… i understood after i turned 23 – 25 or so not before that… and all those years i was longing to hear it loud that i was being loved.
    Hope you would make your daughter get the feel of how much you care for her or love her or how close you hold her to your heart… and give her a feel that she is the belessed one to be your daughter
    wish you lots of love and peace…..

  19. I know this was posted a long time ago but the wisdom which is true for today will remain true for every generation. I found your words very wise and very appeasing. Thank you for sharing.

  20. shekhar sir i m a bigggggggggggggggg fan of ur i m 23 years old and i have seen all of ur movies my bigest wish ever in life i wana see u in front of me just one time in life and i wana work with you in ur supervisiobn plz sir plzzzzzzzzzzzzz sir think abt me basicaly i m from pakistan but now days i m in london i m studing in acting school here
    plz plz 4 god sake sir plz give me 1 chance i wana prove my self
    loveeeeeee you 2 much sir u r my dream man

  21. asalam o alaikum,,, and,,,, namastey ,,and,, sasreya kaal,, dear shekhar first of all many many love a lot for you, i pray i hope you will be fine and happy, i am muslim, i am from pakistan,and now i am in korea about 3 years.i don,t know about you and your self befor this month, i watch you on color tv,india,s got talent,then i want to see you more more and more, i beleve on love,i realy love you,and i want to see you face to face,this is my dream,i want talking with you,i am 29 years old ,i am a poor person but don,t need mony to you, don,t need work to you,, only talk to you , and see ..if i mistack in writing english ,please forgive me,i am weak in english,00821025917119,,this is my phon noumber,,sir please give me a miss call i stile waiting for you.

  22. shekhar sir salam ,namastey,i hop you will be fine, i am a big fan of you , you are my love man . and you are my dream man,i want to talk with you,and watch you face to face

  23. very nice thoughts on karma and for your effective and intellegent with great have ben unique …that can be you yes..Mr. Shekher heart best wishes for all for what you do better.

  24. dear shekar.i have recently read your article about your daughter. really the role of father in the life of a children is very important. i love my father too much. when i was far away from him i became very sad.sir i have seen you first in tvserial udaan. i love this serial too much. please if u know wheare the cd or dvd of udaan is sale, please write to me my email-id. for this i will be grateful for whole life. i will never forget to u for this kindness.bcoz i love too much this serial.

  25. hi Shekhar,
    Im going through a painful phase myself ( not been able to meet my daughter) some of the things you have said brought tears to my eyes. I can handle the pain of not being able to meet her( ext.painful), but the thought of she having to wait for so long to get a glimpse of me, god , that’s so painful.

  26. kaveri is very very lucky! to have a dad like u
    its purva janma punya.
    My wealth lies in every breath that I have ever breathed. Each imbued with doubts and questions and hopes and dreams. And fears.
    this line is realy touching my heart
    ur dad and best guru for kaveri
    may KAVERI blessed with tons and tons of luck.

  27. Shekhar, are you for real?? I would imagine not.. because reality is not so profound.. so sensitive.. so compassionate.. so impressible..& if you are but a fragment of my imagination, then the credit of your creation is mine..??
    Whether you are or aren’t, whatever you are, where ever you are, how ever you are – Continue to be..
    ..The wealth of these ambiguous thoughts, I squander to the winds..

  28. You are the most wealthiest man I have understood… Why don’t you give me a little of your wealth .0000000001 % of what you give to your daughter. Once in life I want to see you. I think of you from my School days…. I dream to meet you…

  29. Mr Kapur, how moving and typically iconoclastic! For what it is worth, I share what I wrote to my son, when I left him in Pune to join his college there….I know you will understand the feelings…..

    Journies for my son: I bequeth
    On the way to Pune to meet my buddies-of-life. Its raining like nobodys business, and I am wondering if I will ever reach….and if I do, will I ever come back.

    One can only venture forth and discover.

    There are stories to be told, heard, and created at every nook and corner of our lives.

    Life is not stopping anywhere I see, there’s a continuum. There’s both a compulsion and an inertia involved. Problem? Adjust. Move on.

    I guess that’s Bombay; but in a sense, its also life everywhere.

    As we find water logging at Sion and try to get into by lanes, the problems of the journey are starkly coming out. Anna had warned – problems here and Chembur. But brave or foolish, here we are, following cars galore as they cut through flooded lanes.

    Devang waits, Tanu waits. Its important to reach.

    Travelling between places. Journies as destinies. Destinations as love affairs.

    How life changes. Companions are now visitors, participants are observors, co-performers are cheer-leaders.

    Its the way of all lives. When new wings are given the wind to fly, and skies are shared. If you love life, you have to give a part of your world away.

    I learnt how to walk, beside all who chose to hold my hand. But I learnt to fly, when everyone had left the room. The bloody mess and the pain all around was nothing compared to the exhiliration of hurting and healing all on my own.

    It helped knowing there was the refuge of warm arms and unquestioning hearts just around the corner. But it was a choice. For all it counted, I was alone on the highway between places.

    And that’s what I wish to bequeath to my son. A love for the road and the lane and the path. A love for the rain and the hail and the storm. A love for heights and the flight and the edge. The courage to jump off, the passion for the attempt, a disregard for the end. The ability to burn. The desire for the fire, the wind and the earth. And a love for love itself…

    8th July 2009 bombay 7am

  30. luvd this one…tooo…wld have never thot of u as a sagi…more an earth sign..capri?
    ” my wealth also lies in letting those joyous moments and people go”
    letting people go, i think thats the tuffest thing we need to imbibe!
    and do so with grace!
    u rock!:)

  31. Why do you pre-suppose that your daughter may wish to sqaunder this “wealth” to the winds?

  32. what ever people say, but it’s the story of a father, who want to donate his love, memories, to his daughter.. Keep it up shekhar. You are inspiration for many…

  33. What i like the most is that, inspite of being a parent parting his long-acquired wisdom to his child, you are prepared for (in fact you almost know it for certain) that intentionally or not, she will end up squandering it all and learn her own lessons, her own way…its beautiful. i have a thing for enlightened parents! 🙂
    Of all the movies i have seen..and i have seen a decent lot, Masoom remains my favourite.

  34. Many Happy Returns of the Day,dear Kaveri!

    That’s a beautiful and very special bond between father and daughter. A Precious gift!



  35. Beautiful feelings , and the way passed on to the daughter is such a unique way only Shekhar Kapur can imagine this .As nice as your movies

  36. Shekar saab you made India proud and I am confident that your daughter will definitely make you proud as she grows up to a beautiful and talented girl.(I hope she has her mothers looks as she is also my fan).I hope you will publish more letters between a father and daughter.I wish her a great future and hope that she will grow up to be like her father.

  37. Dear Shekharji
    Parents are Precious gift given by god. A very special bond between father and daughter. God bless her.

  38. Pranaam Shekhar ji

    Your blog, it really helps me not feel so “alone” on my journey. This post touched my heart so deeply that I am writing again.
    Both parents in a family are highly-regarded and loved, no matter how strict, …, some kids are closer to one parent because of an unexplainable relationship.. No one in this world can love a girl more than her father. Father doesn’t say that he loves you..He shows you the love. Kaveri is very lucky ..everyone is not so.
    Amazing thoughts! Touching words from a father to his daughter. No, they were not failures, they are the force, you have never lost them, they all will remain with you forever. Shekhar ji you are such a fantastic father. Spend more and more time with her, she needs you. The wealth .. you can pay your daughter with a smile and by the immense love you always have for her. With such a wealth she will be truly ‘rich’- Kaveri will cherish these writings forever. Love you!

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