So who cares about them anyway ?

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Sometime ago I posted a picture of these families on the Blog. Yesterday I landed back in Mumbai and realized they had dissapeared overnight. Herded out of the city like cattle.

They were families that emigrated into Mumbai from Bihar. As labourers to build the very highways and flyovers that they built their homes under. Homes ? A few clothes strung up under plastic sheet scavanged form the garbage dumps. If that.
And after they were no longer needed, they just stayed on. Thousands of migrant labour looking for more work in the City Of Dreams.
But now they were becoming a burden on the city. A traffic menace. An eye sore to the thousands of Banker, VC’s and foreign investors that arrive in Mumbai, cheque books loaded, to invest in the New Indian Economy.
Of course the roads need to be cleared of the slums. Of course the highways need cheap labour to build them. Of course we have to put our best foot forward to our foreign saviours.
Of course the new slums breed discontent. Of course, like any other refugee camps in the world, they breed crime. Of course these people have no hope in the New Indian Economy.
So get rid of them. For they will provoke people to wonder about the social cost of the New Indian Economy. And who needs that ? Certainly not while Corporations are booking heavy profits. Certainly not while the Indian Economy has become a world wide buzz word.
Who cares about these masses anyway ? There’s plenty of time to think about them after we all get rich. We are compassionate people, certainly, but in good time.

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  1. This is very true and it applies to me too , somehow i am not able to share someone else’s grief ,I dont know why but I am not , even though the other person is having a difficult life I am not able to share his pain , I mean i do sympathise with them and feel bad about them but as this is not happening with me I become my normal very quickly maybe cause this is the way we are bought up to be as selfish as possible……………..i dont know why??????????
    what is this race all about, where will it lead ?
    And still i say i am much more compassionate than other people………i atleast think of them when i am with myself , others dont even do that cause they are never alone (or with themself).

  2. Hi Shekhar,
    I read on that this film has been completed,
    is this true ?
    if so when will it be released ??

  3. You are right – who cares? But if one person cares and does something i.e. takes action, then that is how change and development takes place. Your picture, your thoughts, your website and this sharing will lead to thought, an idea, an exchange, and hopefully action. thank you Shekhar.

  4. Shekhar, curiosity about your career brought me to your site. Quite something. I have always been interested in the movie concepts you have been toying with over the years (the ones I know of, that is :-)). One that piqued my interest a few years ago was “The 7’O Clock War.” Awesome, and quite prescient–I am certain reality shows will cross that final barrier. “Paani” is of even greater significance. Humankind pretends that by not thinking of some possibilities, those possibilities may somehow cease to exist. Water wars are inevitable–water politics will shape the world in the not-so-distant future. One article that will certainly inform your views on this and similar topics is “The Weeds Shall Inherit the Earth” by David Quammen ( I hope it stuns you as much as it did me. I am looking forward to “Paani.” Thanks.

  5. This is really amazing..the topic you have choosen is really good,an issue which we tend to overlook in our society generally.When are you coming out with this movie?..cannot wait to watch it!

  6. What have you done for them? posted their pictures on your site, for inviting comments and then answering them, a nice chat topic hmmm..!!!
    You have other works to do,like spiritual realization ( apart from making films). We all have, we all know.
    M presenting the most cynical and may be most hostile view. Think deep down, you want an oscar, you have to work towards it,and u also have to find an answer that why are u sent on earth; so this leaves with little or no time for them. That’s True yaar, its with everyone.
    U might ban me from posting any more comment ever.
    People like Bapu, Mother Teresa, SunderLal Bahuguna, Nelson Mandela et all, they are a different they are SELFLESS.
    We are not Sir. Show this apathy through your Mass Media Productions, may be you can generate some healthy public opinion about it, but NO, it wont happen.
    ull ban me.

  7. Buddha, is not anywhere else, if its not within you and me and us all. This era is the era of Karmyoga, and one can realize Bodhisatta, via finding and cherishing the essence of the Gautama, in something like that picture of yours. May be at the end of the journey one undertakes to alleviate someone’s pains , lies Self Realization.

  8. I watched oleanna, Williams H Macy is brilliant and so is the female actor, but its quite complex and i couldn’t understand the concept before reading various reviews on it.
    This is my first movie of Mr. Mamet ( spellings may be wrong)…!!
    and my jo b sucks .. all they care about is NUMBERS. sell sell sell.. tht’s what my Regional Manager shouts (even on fone) .. at the end of the day, when i have my food , m satisfied. ‘coz ive earned it … !!! ..

  9. I THINK I AM GOOD AT JUST TALKING AND NOT SALES TALKING …Lets wait N watch… Its my third errr… fourth day … I was supposed to sell 12, on an average of three per day, ive sold just 8. There are old guys who find it absurd, I mean when i explain to customer the differences between each model, they make faces. I dont care. I have a different wya to approch things, i just need some time to generate awarness about my Store. As of now .. customers are walking in and asking for bikes and we are giving … no effort from our ( my side).. sales grove is someting ive to set in without unwillingly … !!! Lets Wait n Watch..Ba Bye Sir. m in office ( bandra)

  10. Sold two more, a guy may a year or two older to me ( a lawyer ) came and swiped his credit cards, for 101826 INR and booked the bike, and everyone just emabarked upon a mission to make him FEEL GOOD, give him the number he wanted. I didn’t felt particularly good about it.
    Anyways, i had to keep emotions out of it, i fear that i may not become immune to them ( and everything else) if i stay some longer in this system. Any Advice?

  11. six sod yesterday, three today…but the system is pathetic..its only me who comes, and the house keeping guy… ive to attend the calls, entertain the visitors. give them finance options, and what not…and people come in swarms, ask for test rides and just every other information, and there is no petrol in bikes, at times, i take the petrol from my bike and fill the test ride bikes, at times i give my bke for test rides…That souds wierd..yes, ‘coz i dunno the process, which one of my subordinate knows, and is not comingto the offce since two days…Ive made it a point that now, whenever he returns ill ask him about all these things, and act accordingly…What is lacking is Discipline and Commitment. They are not bike lovers, for them its just a job, and not anything else. For me it WAS passion, and yes JOB too; but is the balance shifting to the wrong side. I GUESS NOT.
    Well, so for so good.

  12. 70 bikes in a month, highest in the history of that place, and i QUIT after that … M happy now … shall keep u informed …

  13. Hey, Thanks Sir!
    Finally (by the grace of God)i am doing something that i love…let the things take final shape, i shall inform you. Godwilling everything will be clear in 10 days or so.
    Take Care,

  14. Hey I am Sorry for being late!
    But things are in progressive mood, ive got my team; gelling, like minded individuals, a cameraman, a soundman, a lightman! They all are fabulous and have done good work! I am working towards getting my work, the stuff ive written, copyrighted. Ive enrolled my self in the Film Writers Association, and i am working towards fixing the economic part!
    I shall definitely keep you informed and will trouble you for tips and guidance! Yes! i am also about to begin a blog, kindda daily diary, for just anything and everything, but esp. for this project of mine! Well, its a documentary, on something very close to the topic of this post!
    Wish me luck Sir!
    Lets see whats happens !
    Take care.

  15. IT SHATTERED … economics …
    I am giving auditions now …
    will tellya if nething works …
    TC sir!

  16. Sorry m late as ever … !!
    They gave me half of my salary after two months … its better now … its like 3 – 4 auditions per day … and m searching for a job in this field itself, working as a manager somewhere is not gonna help me … !!!
    Will let ya know, if something works !!!
    Take care

  17. Hi…’sup…hope ur fine, saw ur interview on NDTV…m in delhi…teaching english and nothing else, dad wanted me to leave mumbai, as nothing was working (he thought), i got manipulated (there’s a reason). M planning to appear in NID’s entrance examination, the fee is affordable, unlike Whistling woods international (i got selected there last year, when i quit MBA, bt it charges exhorbitant fee – RS. 13,00000 for 2 years)…neways …
    Yeah ! i watched ur interview, and i think that the reason why India film industry is not able to carve out a niche for itself, despite of the right time, rapid growth and technological breakthroughs, is the journey between the words SAID and DONE. The situation is similar to that of a young artist trying to make his mark, and despite of all the talent and opportunities – which the rapidly grwoing Entertainment Market has to offer, he/she has to struggle ( inorder to reach to the right place (time is more often than not always right) to exploit the resources).
    Neways .. but it was good to hear that you are in India, and also that “PAANI” now has strong chances to be made.
    One thing more i’ud like to tell you that YOU ARE WRONG IN THINKING THAT NO ONE ENVIES YOU, THERE’S ONE ATLEAST.
    Take Care,
    Wish you all the best, and a RESOUNDING SUCCESS for ELIZABETH (II) Well, i also liked the logic you gave, defending the film, by calling it a story, and not a historical chronicle.

  18. Well, i think that these Comments, get posted automatically ( i mean there’s a program, which posts them, may be without you reading them).
    Oaky !!! temme is it fine to enroll in any film institute.

  19. i exceed the age limit for the admissions at NID by 2 months and one week. As the criteria is that one must not be more than 27 years of age by 1st june 2008.
    Any ways, m planning to appear for Asian Academy Of Film and Television, they have a one year PG course in Cinema, and also a two year course MA in Cinema.
    I know you are busy promoting THE GOLDEN AGE. Wish you luck Sir! Take care!

  20. Hi ! heard about GATEWAY TO HOLLYWOOD….a reality show by Ashok Amritraj. I ain’t got no passport yet, but will try to get it made and submit my entry!
    Went to AIIMS today for an eye checkup, they say my cornea is thin, cant go for lasik.
    Take care.

  21. Hope You are doing gr8. Finally got through and at present studying Film making at Mindscren Film Institute, Chennai, started by Mr. Rajeev Menon, couple of years back! Gr8 place to learn, experiment and grow! Rajeev takes classes whenever he’s free! I’ll specialise in Camera and Direction!

  22. Hi Shekar,
    Didn’t realize I posted my comment on “Paani” on the wrong article. But, I guess, they both go to you. Thanks!

  23. Dude, whatever you guys do, don’t enter asian academy of film and television. It is one of the most cleverly structured and advertised film schools in delhi but with no actual substance to it. AAFT requires only to suck money and teach very less. don’t I repeat again, waste your time in Noida when you could easily study in Mumbai which offers greater exposure to the real Bollywood people. AAFT is fake and if you’re smart, you know Bombay is the right place. AAFT is one of the worst and emotionally damaging school you could get into. trust me. many have fallen because of it. aaft sucks! and God burn these AAFT corporate rats in hell.

  24. Hi,
    I dont know if this is the right place to talk 2 u…but i know no other way..I got a mail by some one named Tunali who said that you are making a film on college life etc. and you are conducting auditions 4 dat.Is dat correct?Coz she was asking people to mail their pics to her. So just 2 b on the safe side i’d like 2 kno if its true…thanx

  25. Hello sir, hope u remember me. M back again, this time with a NEWS. I got through ftii entrance examinations and now m pursuing 2 yr diploma in acting. Ive joimed its been two months. Well, this was from my side. I hope u r doing real fine. Take Care Sir, amit kumar vashisth.

  26. ftii is gr8 … back at home for deepawali … m sure u have something in mind for the festival .. all the best sir … take care …

  27. Peparing for final production (first year) … itll be a play (experimental) ..lets c … Belated Merry Christmas … and Very Very Happy New Year in Advance … 🙂 … May God bless u with the best 🙂 … Take care 🙂 bye 🙂

  28. Hi,

    after a long long time indeed, a lot must have happened with you , as it surely has happened with me & the world over..after finishing my training in acting @ FTII, pune…I came back to Mumbai, its been a year now, well i got engaged; among other things … :), she’s an actress too …:).

    apart from other work like short films, corporate films & few TVCs ( u know, just to keep the fire in house) something pretty interesting is going on, right from my second year in the Institute…I m doing this Musical Play called … Yahoo – the karishma of Shammi Kapoor… here i act as Shammi Saheb & narrate his story with song & dance sequences … 🙂 … I love this one … lol …
    &..the “talaash” for good characters is going on … i guess life is all about this…Ek Lambi Talaash…!

    kal raat TV par Bandit Queen dekhi…wonderful Cinema…I seriously was moved to tears…Industry has lost many great performers …. Mr. Nirmal Pandey … was one among them…fine actors…!

    I wud like to describe (present)Mumbai, in few lines by Bashir Badr Saheb…

    Koi haath bhi na milayega; jo galey milogey tapaak se !
    Ye naye mizaaj ka shehar hai; zaraa faasley se mila karo !!

    Best Wishes & Regards,

    amit kumar vashisth
    actor in/for/at life.

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