The Blog, or the end of all Institutional Power, and the rise of true democracy. Your voice is finally more important than your vote !!

Freedom of speech ? Freedom of expression ?
What lies. What an absolute load of bollocks.

Words. Just pieces of paper that make up our Constitution. Those mean nothing. For the Constitution was about the rights of the Individual. And when was the last time an individual in India had any power unless he or she sold her soul to an Institution. Be it a Political Body, a Governmental Body, or a Corporation, A Newspaper, a TV channel.
When was the last time anyone listened to YOU ? When was the last time anyone was allowed to listen to YOU ?
Remember when u woke up screaming cause’ nobody would listen ? When something bothered you or
when something made you desperately want to express yourself ?
Well, now you can. The Internet is here. It is the most democratic medium ever created by technology. And every attempt to control it by any government and Corporation anywhere in the world has been, and is doomed to be, a failure.
The Internet does not recognize any boundary that a State, a religion or a Corporation desperately defines to keep itself in Power. It allows you to free your mind from the chains of all Propaganda.
It’s a revolution, and it’s already here.
The Internet is bubbling with such free voices. They are called Blogs. And the Corporations and the Governments and all Religious Bigots are terrified. The TV Channels are terrified. The Newspapers are terrified. For they are about to loose the one thing that gives them their Power.
The Power over your mind. The Power over the collective mind.
These Blogs are run by millions of individuals or groups of individuals all over the world. They are expressing their individual voices. And they are being heard. Anyone can go on to their Blog and agree or disagree. Anyone.
So go on. Start your own Blog. Make your voice heard. Scream ! On the Internet.
Come to
This is a Blog started by Deepak Chopra and myself.
We are tired of the World Media being dominated by the West. We believe that in the coming new world, our culture, the Asian Culture is going to be the most significant. But we see our culture being sidelined by a very partisan and colonial Western Media.
Time to change that.
Time to change the world.
Come to our Blog. Agree with us. Disagree with us. Tell us we are wrong. Say anything you want. As long as you do not get personal or vicious. In that case you will not get a voice. We have a panel of Bloggers. Each talking about what they are interested in from all over the world. All of them South Asian. If you want to be on the panel. Write to us.
Or start your own Blog. Have fun while you change the World !!
Shekhar Kapur

6 thoughts on “The Blog, or the end of all Institutional Power, and the rise of true democracy. Your voice is finally more important than your vote !!

  1. Hi Shekhar,
    Cool ! A noble thought/cause indeed, “to change the world to make it a better place”
    But Sorry I got to disagree with this post of yours.
    “Blogosphere is not the most democratic medium of all”. It took me a while to understand this but I believe that is the case.
    Blogosphere is generally thought of as a distributed intelligence and universal machine. But the dynamics or incentives of the blogosphere are not to tell truth but to gain credibility. This credibility might be from telling the truth but most of the cases it by consensus or agreement.
    “The blogosphere is not the ultimate truth-telling mechanism, it isn’t the ultimate form of decentralized intelligence. Cognitive bias and costless filtering make it inevitable that blogs create echo chambers, not truth finders. ”
    They are just that echo chambers and hyperpolarized at that.
    Read this for a succinct explanation
    “Memos & Economics of Blogosphere”
    And this for a detailed explanation
    “The Future of Free Speech”
    Quotes from there
    “…Here on planet earth even if writers correct their errors, readers pick and choose which versions to believe and continue to battle the arcane details long after everyone else has lost interest, clinging to their own version of reality as if it is a life raft. The “transparency” of the blogosphere is as clear as orange juice with pulp. Nobody gets stuff “right.” They just get stuff. Errors are sustained forever. The “collective mind” is schizophrenic. The blogosphere demystifies the craft of journalism all right and turns it into an endless self-referential loop of The Osbornes.
    What an nice bizarro blogosphere it is indeed when you just dismiss fully half of it as “moonbats” in order to believe that you have achieved a pure and real set of facts. I’d like to go there. It sounds soothing. What’s the URL?
    In Sullivan’s blogosphere, credibility is granted once everyone (who’s anyone) agrees.”
    But I must laud your effort in bringing a change in the world.
    Well on the thoughts of wanting to be on the panel. Hmm !! Let me think, if I check out it is all the big & famous on the list and they having a very vast & wider(political , social dialogues [I am not good (or the best) at any of these things] dialouges. I should stick on my blog and generate and perptrate conversations about technology ( & creation of silicon valley [& thus enormous value] in India) [Now thats my idea of bringing a change to the world ๐Ÿ™‚ ]

  2. Hi Shekhar,
    Yes, blogosphere might be democratic in the sense that its exactly like the democrarcy we encounter in the real world; its _not_ truly democratic.
    None of the poeple look at “their” truth, not at the truth as a whole, nor as logical conclusion of thoughts. The world everyone of us looks at is the way we want to percieve it. Maybe blogs help us to put our minds and thoughts to the scrutiny of other intelligentsia, but if you may have noticed this phenomenon or not, but most blogs do have this conjecture in their description “this is how i look at the world/ this is my blog so Im entitled to have my own opinions though they might be wrong”.
    This blog maybe a place to propagate “my” world-view, not necessarily a well-informed world-view and because of the additional privilege of being anonymous, im not sure the opinions will necessarily be well-ionformed, mostly half-baked.
    Blog has the potential, but whats more is needed is well-informed posts; not just a conclusion based on a single experience.
    Democracy is a paradox in itself, because it propagates the positives as well as the negatives equally well.

  3. I kinda disagree.
    You can’t change the world.
    a) A Blog is too disorganized for that.
    b) A Blog’s too subjective for that.
    c) Heck, the world’s to big to care.
    not meaning to sound like a wet blanket.
    Blogging is a personal experience.
    Enjoy it! ๐Ÿ™‚ Happy Blogging!

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