In Iraq, it’s already too late …

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While we argue about Cindy Sheehan’s campaign and President Bush’s political future. While the world argues the legality of the War and the real meaning of terrorism, or genocide etc., lets understand that for most Iraqi’s it’s already too late. For another complete generation, it’s all over.

Here is a letter to Cindy Sheehan I wrote on behalf of an Iraqi Mother:
Dear mother,
May your God Bless you, whoever that might be. And may your God forgive those that killed your son, as I beg and beg my God to forgive those that killed my child.
For I cannot. I never will.
…. an Iraqi mother.

3 thoughts on “In Iraq, it’s already too late …

  1. theres an old saying, what goes along comes along…
    iraq atrocities r coming back to US in form of Katrina and Rita but…..
    i wonder if i’ll ever live in a world which is devoid of sorrow…
    when we’ll have permanent solution for kashmir,palestine and food for hungry population in africa….
    it took cindy sheehan,loss of her son to realise the agony of millions of mothers who’ve lost her sons,where was she when bush was waging war…
    is it really possible for god,if he exists tht is, to forgive those who’ve committed such atrocities….. i wonder.

  2. i’ve liked everything about ur website, just the way i liked ur movies. it’s 1st time i’m disliking aomething. please just take it as my point of view and not criticism as i’m not the one to judge.
    i don’t approve of the photo of a little gal.. we know wars are bad, we know the atrocities, why do we need to show despair to kindle the burried feelings and arouse sympathy… ?
    when i surf ur site i pray that i don’t see this photo. it’s because i don’t understand why do people click other people’s grief? all those photos of terrorist attacks, wars, bloodshed… someone is sad and someone wanna make money out of it. i’m reffering to the media.
    i would be hurt if i was in there place…
    remember u wrote… what seperates us is chance. a chance less significant than speck of dust

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