My Guru

My Guru died

My Guru died,
Not in an ashram
nestled in Himalayas,
nor in the house
of a rich patron
He died on the street
next to the garbage dump
across the street from my house.
On the same spot
where he begged for years,
his leprosy finally eating
into his vital organs
He never spoke
except with his fierce eyes
that challenged me to look at him,
at his decaying face,
not with pity
nor with charity
not even with compassion
But with the knowing
that his rotting body was mine
and mine was his,
and all that separated us
was chance
A chance,
less significant
than a speck of dust

67 thoughts on “My Guru

  1. Shekhar u have emotionally touched mankind. ur journey from a professional to an intellectual with slowly unfolding personality really uplifts the humanity. Pl. include the message of GURU as it will create an emotional cord and unveil the gap between different segment of society. A PATH TRAVERSED BY EVERYONE BUT FEW CAR TO MAKE IT COMFORTABLE FOR OTHERS.


  2. a flow of emotions about how we forget the things that made us the one who made us wealthy grow old with no enough penny.. a retrival to the things we found after long and then having excuse that it wasn’t us..but something in conscious says it was me…n its him in me living longer n longer with each pass of knowledge he ever bestowed.

  3. Very touching, true poetic account of someone U revered, sentimental to a calm sadness, sad,

    very sad, also how at different junctures U have withstood spectacles heart wrenching, a huge

    emotional strength that is. May You be able to overcome all sadness of yr life!

  4. No words ; feel of that untold ach, my respect .
    Many unexpressed emotions, on this day unique lesson, & many thanks for the share.Thanks to all Gurus !
    Today one more got added in my list of very special Revered Gure! Stay Blessed !

  5. To comment on this, is not so easy…very profound…for me just one read is not sufficient.These are some feelings beyond words.I feel, to understand the actual depth,I must have the same heart, same intensity of feeling…..the way you have express this truth. Many of us experience this, but very few acknowledge.God bless you Shekhar ji.

  6. Shekhar ji
    I’m touched… .While reading , many thoughts were coming. And one was I must translate this in hindi…so I tried…

    “मेरे गुरु”
    एक असहाय पीढ़ा से परिपूर्ण मेरे गुरू,
    जिनका न ही कोई आश्रम था हिमालय की कन्दराओं में…
    ….न ही पहुंच थी किसी रईस के घर,
    आज इस नश्वर शरीर को त्याग कर मोक्ष पा गया।
    वही ताह उम्र, खुद से जंग करते हुए,
    भिक्षा के सहारे ,….ज़िन्दगी काटी है।
    मेरे मकान के उस पार,..वहीं, हाँ वहीं !
    उसी कूढ़े के ढेर के पास।
    उनका तिल-तिल करके सिमटता,
    कोढ़ से घिरा शरीर।
    वेदना और व्यथा का ढ़ेर हो गया था।
    पर वो निशब्द , घूरती भयानक आँखें और वो गल्ता चेहरा!
    मुझेे चुनौती देता था ।
    जिसमें न दया थी ,और न ही करूणा।
    अन्तर रहा बस ज़रा सा, ज़रा सा …कण भर का।
    जो बता गया कि वो कोढ़ से घिरा था और मैं उससे परे।

  7. Charansparsh!

    Very profound and touching!
    There will be no darkness in my life,
    When there is the ray of light of your blessings.
    On this auspicious day of Guru Purnima.

  8. धन्यवाद सुरभि जी।

  9. सुरभिजी ने शेखरजी के अहसास को हिंदी मे इतने सटीकता से रूपांतरित करके चार चाँद लगा दिए है. अभिनन्दन आप दोनों का।

  10. Shekhar the wordings emanated from you really seem to be touching yr heart towards humanity.
    This shows yr love for mankind and indicates that incase wish to toe the spirtual line the divine power will standby you.

  11. You may not know this Shekhar Sir but the fact is that you have been my “Guru” from quite a long time. Your profound and deep philosophy has played a role in evolving me in life. Your thoughts and philosophy have imbibed me with depth and creativity!

    Happy Guru Purnima Shekhar Sir 🙏😊

    Forever your disciple,
    Avijeet Das

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