The purpose of life

Loved the simplicity with which harb wrote this under the blog 'Can we change our Destiny ?" There is a fascinating discussion going on there that you should visit. "As for the purpose of life, imagine yourself to be a part of a flowing river, rather an indistinguishable part. Pushed by and flowing with the [...]

Faith, Prayer, Mythology,

🙂 says :"i am surprised that you put mythology above PRAYER and FAITH !" faith, prayer, mythology gods and goddesses are all ways to keep going beyond your sense of the individual self - they enable you to break out of the prison of individuality, the prison of the mind, and allow something much deeper [...]

Are Ghosts and Spirits real ?: Filming in the presence of Anthny Minghella’s Spirit

Koizen asked : you have opinions of Astrophysicist, gods, spirituality...why not Ghosts... spirits ? Koizen, I actually do not disbelieve in ghosts or spirits, nor do i subscribe to the fear factor associated with ghosts. I believe we live in the constant 'presence' of consciousness of all beings and thought, including our own consciousness too. [...]