End of thought

a thought came a thought passed and I thought to observe that thought as a thought came a thought passed and I thought a thought that left a memory of thought and I thought of thought memories of billion thoughts and a thought came and a thought passed... the sun went down dream time came [...]

From self to no self

It's a yo yo. From flying free in the midst of exhilirating creativity, knowing that the being is going beyond the limitations of the self - the limitations of perceived and imprisoning sense of individuality, and knowing that all things take care of themselves, a knowing that lies beyond reason for there is a trust [...]

do not fear me

do not fear me for i have nothing to take from you my vast emptiness has no room for all the wealth in the world be fearless and reveal yourself to me for what you hide and protect and enclose in your illusion, your individuality, is the thinnest skin of your real being for beyond [...]