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Incredible Anish Kapoor at the Royal Academy. Art that has no meaning but is not meaningless

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The Anish Kapoor exhibition at the Royal Academy in London is stunning. Forced into you are altered realities and perspectives that you either accept or do what a lot of the (huge) crowd was doing to protect itself. Laughing and passing so called ‘witty comments’. Or some one was lecturing loudly on the meaning behind Anish Kapoor’s sculptures are. That when at the very front Anish has said categorically that they do not mean anything. But to not mean anything is not to say they are meaningless. It means that the artist is asking you NOT to search for meaning, but simply stop protecting yourself by being an observer. And allow the art to overwhelm you.
And that is what it did to me. I was thrown into a schizophrenic middle between feelings of infinity and yet struggling because I knew what I was looking at was finite. But when the observer in me dissolved, there was only the overwhelming desire to merge with the sculpture !! And how do you that without throwing yourself at the installation and destroying it ?? No wonder the guards were looking at me so suspiciously. I must have had that wild look in my eyes – without the dispassionate and gentle demeanor of the very British people. I had to leave before I became a wild child,
Anish said something I have always followed and said again and again. The most creative words I know are ” I don’t know” . If you know, then there is no yearning and no art. Because knowing is finite and false. Not knowing and yearning is infinite and the truth.
Yearning is Art.

Art or Commerce? Swarovski installation

Here is a short interview that I wanted to share that I did just before the opening of Sankalpa, the installation at the Swarovski Crystal Gallery.

Swarovski Installation : Sankalpa by Shekhar Kapur and David Adjaye

This is a picture of the installation that David Adjaye and I created based on the short film I made called Passage in Argentina. The still frame does not give a complete idea of the immersive experience of sound and moving picture that you get once you are in there. The idea is to sense the nature of illusion and of the deconstruction of linear time once in the maze of moving images from different points of view of the same film.
The installation uses ten screens of different luminosity and reflectivity including two screens made of thousands of tiny crystals. Seven projectors are creating reflections at various angles creating half and full images at the same time – and as you get lost in this sound and light show, you see yourself reflected in the image, as well as other visitors.
What you can’t make out quickly is where the other visitors are, and whether you are watching them real through clear glass, or their reflections through the film.
The people at the Swarovski Crystal Palace (where there are works by Dali and Picasso too !) went through a tough time not knowing what the installation would look like, while I kept assuring them I knew exactly what I was doing. The fact was that I did not, but was on an adventure of exploration and discovery !
Both David and I was were taken aback at what we created when we saw it finally as the video projectors were turned on. It took all our breaths away, and we realized the beauty of the art of light and reflection. Because we were creating illusion through that medium, it took hold of itself organically and developed a life of it’s own.