Art or Commerce? Swarovski installation

Here is a short interview that I wanted to share that I did just before the opening of Sankalpa, the installation at the Swarovski Crystal Gallery.

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15 thoughts on “Art or Commerce? Swarovski installation

  1. “Money is a paper value created in mind”
    But we cannot ignore materialistic world but yes, we can ignore profits in large amount.
    And if we can’t ignore we should try our The Best to add more value towards the larger amount by making others smile.
    How ?
    It depends person-2-person.
    Smile is a profit, isnt it ?

  2. Good day Shekhar,
    Thanks for sharing the interview! It is already one thing to see the picture of the Swaroski installation, but it is even more interesting watching you talk about how you came to it and about your “phantomatic” πŸ™‚ experience of the place in the beginning.
    As to Art or Commerce?…….
    Interesting question. I would be tempted to say that it is a new dichotomy, alike the ones that you mentioned during the interview: male or female? night or day?
    It will generate a generous flow of ink and ideas but in the end what is essential is that the contradiction / relationship is there to inspire thought and move us forward. πŸ™‚
    PS: “The schizophrenia of the experience is what remains”… I love that phrase.

  3. would creative urge survive without a need to resolve..what happens after the urge has spent itself atleast momentarily? does it leave the artist satisfied? would the work of a satisfied artist speak and communicate?
    many artists/film makers including you seem find it more interesting to create a platform for inspiring the questions..not to resolve any for yourselves.

  4. Cohesion in conflict or contradiction is the beauty of this universe, every being in this universe is a contradiction to it’s own existance:0

  5. Could not agree more on your observation about the duality of our existence, in the conflicts, yet searching for the purpose or the meaning of life in those very contradictions and dualities.
    are these contradictions as contradicting as they appear in the surface? Even for the most obvious ones, like darkness & light, do we not have some form of continuum rather than dichotomy? If so, is the contradiction our own creation? Out of fear, out of the desire to confine or something like that. I wonder if it’s the nature of the mind to create conflict, get pleasure from dwelling in conflict and yet, make incessant attempts to resolve the conflict.

  6. I can’t get the link to warch the interview, can someone post (in website format) it so I can access the interview?
    Thank you,

  7. Definition of commerce varies for every individual. So far you had good time doing it…It is already a commercial and artistic success.

  8. hummm…

  9. The only permanent solution is the destruction of the mind. Until then, all the babblapalooza and mental gymnastics is fair to speak.

  10. Adding to what Deepak wrote…
    I think SOLVING one thing and moving on to the other is a definitely an idea…behind it when we started in the first place.. Isn’t ?? SO just flowing in the same place and not really resolving would be somewhat unfair to ourselves who create that ART but yes, an effort to resolve would be a better idea. It is just a simple case where the case evolves by adding more like in a court of law.. like a good movie resolving on it’s own or a RAGA, coming to an end starting with one taal and then ending with Jhaptaal and end.. Same with Symphony, starting with first movement and ends with 4th.

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