Quantum Chips, an intuitive, creative computer ?

Bristol University announced they have developed a chip that works not electromagnetically but through light (did I get that right ?), so it’s not only much much faster but also one that works on the principles of Quantum Physics. Where particles can be at several places at the same time.

Now am I getting this right ? Are we talking about a computer that can live with principles of Uncertainty and Chaos, and deduce results that are defined from there ? Is this the beginning of HAL out of 2001 Space Odyssey ? The applications possible with this chip are mind boggling.

A camera that can intuitively sense your ‘eye’ over time and frame pictures exactly as you would like them, but once you feed in all the masters (say Renoir) it could see your pics with the ‘eye’ of Renoir. Make everyone into a master photographer.

A Robot of course. But more essentially :

a. Medical diagnosis by a computer not really needing a doctor, so taking medical services to where they are needed most.
b. teaching without teachers
c. Intuitive Robots reaching outer edges of Space, saying ” Houston , we have a problem’
d. Chips designed to learn their own structures and continuously exploring their own ‘quantum, structure and exploring the micro meaning of the universe,

and to me the best : A computer that can write a creative script for a film that does not need to sleep, or take weekends off. And whom I could have hours of discussions and arguments with,

I could go and so could you, but have I got it completely wrong ?

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  1. Dear Shekhar,
    No! It would not create any replacement of human beings, with time many variants of computing structures will come! Just like the radio has changed, TV is changing, chips would change too. Lack of real creativity and pursuit of commercial goals has hampering research though!
    Now a bit can store just 2 outcome, 0 or 1, hence you might have of 8-bot, 16-bit,32,64 bit computing, we have to use up that many bits to store are complex results. With binary even 2 is 10,4 is 100, 8 is 1000 so on! Just like traffic lights more states, you want to have; more lights you need to add. Now consider if you had one light, that would emit different coloured lights then one light would be sufficient! Wouldn’t ot?
    With quantum bits (qubits) it is possible to store many more states digitally. A photon walk driven qubit would do just that. It would change simple if-then-else logical & programming constructs, what-happens-when constructs. Still it will do pre-defined-scenarios, and can not recreate reality but only do faster simulation.
    We will be forever bounded to our imagination, state-of-the-art technology will remain forever an euphemism.

  2. The present caste division has definitely turned racist and their is nothing spiritual behind it.
    One could figure this out by how majority of the Punjabis(or Marathis) have a superiority complex and reflect it in their behavior with the factory labour from Bihar.

    Today I spoke to a jamadar who was sweeping the main road at a busy hour of 10 in the morning and told him that he could come early so that people walking/cycling/scootering at that time be benefited by his work of labour rather than re-engulfing them by the cloud of dust due to his sweeping at this time.

    After I said what I had to say as above, the jamadar reacted very furiously. One reason of his behavior – he might be over-worked or under payed. But the other that I could sense out was his non-acceptance (due to n no. of reasons) of the kind of work he was doing.

    It is another sensitive case of looking at what the caste/work-division system was meant for and what it has now turned into. It may have worked fine at some time when the people were limited and the life in general was revolving around simplicity of it. The caste based division of working life is not possible in a corrupted society. It is actually a by product of a broadly evolved society.

  3. I may also add here that caste oriented working system is actually a by product of a broadly evolved society and not the other way round.

  4. How is the author of this blog tongue-tied about the CWG in comparison to frenzied excitement displayed during the Beijing Olympics?

    Is Suresh Kalmadi from a low caste? How about Mayawati and Lalu Prasad? What about those pathetic losers Sheila Dikshit and Rahul Gandhi? It’s true, today’s India is screwed at all levels. Please vote for UPA once again to finish the game.

  5. Voting for UPA does not make any difference , Brahma

    EVM fraud means electrions don’t matter Raul Vinci ‘s usurption of power is on cards along with his mom , Antonai Maino will follow the tradition of his undemocratic granma Maimoona Begum – alias Indira ‘Gandhi’.

    India has been ripe for a cultural revolution for a long time – it may have to happen by other means.

    An Avtar is on the horizon.

  6. Rudra,

    Yep, an “out-of-the-box” solution will present itself. These insecure pseudo-secularists/pseudo-intellectuals worship any fair-skinned non-indians like gods, as a result of which a less-than-mediocre and lack-lustre italian waitress is able to rule this ancient land.
    These pseudos are the virus that is preventing the cohesion of the Vedic ways. Armed with insecurity and a half-baked intellect, you can see these idiots day after day controlling the indian media and making a circus act of the Hindu ways.

    The following videos give a good idea of what continues to go on in India that is never shown in mainstream media (An invasion through conversion):

  7. Hi dude…

    feels nice to comment on the evergreen youthful blog after a long time!…

    It certainly is beginning of HAL!

    But as in the story, HAL goes speechless when it is asked the ultimately question, our future HAL will also fail to answer it.
    ( its in some other story of Clark i guess which spans over thousands of years and several advanced versions of HAL like computer where protagonist keeps asking the same Q to Super computer of his era and machine fails to answer it…)

    Technological advancements are nothing but ways to make life more SOPHISTICATED and nothing more!…But with this quantum leap we are embarking on a new journey of complex computing which will slowly start helping us dealing with our psychological problems too!

    So rather than fantasizing about future evolved societies or cribbing about lost knowledge, we must invest our energies in present to create a platform for future generations to create Evolved Societies!

    We must consciously use these scientific tools to bridge the gap between poor and rich…Diminishing of this gap will be the beginning of an Evolved Society…because the mass aim of any society then will be focused on psychological hence spiritual development…
    Then and only then MASS EVOLUTION will be a fact!….until then at mass level POWER game will keep ruining peace of any society in the world!…

    On personal level we must find our own meditative techniques and progress on the spiritual path while being part of the process of creating evolved societies at social level! Both are complimentary to each other…( in short- try to achieve spiritual progress at personal and social level)

    The obvious question rises is that ‘ how to achieve this in this power hungry world? Why capitalistic attitude of business hence political community would let it happen?’

    The answer is simple ‘ it is already happening with out their knowledge’… Science is based on logic and all the scientific advancements are blindly accepted irrespective of religion or cast because they are directed to Sophistication!

    The answer we all want doesn’t have a question! We can not ask the ultimate question because until there is an answer to question, logic remains! Experience is beyond logic…beyond words…beyond grasp of science!

    Science is a tool and not the answer! Lets use it wisely!



  8. Hello Kedar,

    The parallel development of the individual and the society at a spiritual level , that you talk about is not happening because of three reasons :

    1) Bigotry of Science: science is not progressing in a free and evolved way. scientific establishments are like the Church. everything is ‘peer reviewed’ before the work is accepted. Many developments that could put an end to all human misery have been Suppressed ! This has been going before the the 20th century.

    Power is localised to some powerful banking families globally , who control and conduct many political operations – we witness one such branch of underground mafia clan , ruling and imposing themselves on India – it is right in front of your eyes , if you can see it .

    Some of the ‘scientific’ developments have been hushed up – developments that validate our own ancient Vedic understanding of the universe.

    An artificial divide between ‘Science’ and ‘Spiritual’ has been created , when in reality , science has validated and proved many ‘spiritual’ truths.

    Also , the truth about the cosmological order and the nature of soul travel – has been scientifically explained in vedic scriptures.

    The Only way the integration of spiritual and scientific is going to happen is when Vedic way of life and Vedic technology is adopted or re-discovered by many painful learning experiences and ‘Research’ – if allowed to progress naturally.

    2) Economic Activity : The obsession with economic ‘progress’ is devaluing the real purpose and content of Human Life. Economic progress is not anything at all. To predicate human life by this ‘Secular’ appoach and drumming it up and drilling it into people’s minds is causing people to think this is the only Goal of Human Life. It is NOT.

    Poverty and Richness has always been the norm in any society – however much you may try , the very nature of the creation and soul tendencies implies , some people will have better chances and better resources than others – How can you ever establish equality in an unequal world ?

    However , if we consider that Earth is giving severything for Free , one has to wonder where does the concept of ‘Debt’ come from ?

    ‘Nothing is Free’ has to go. In the Vedic way of life , ‘Everything is a Gift from Nature to be shared in Joy’ – a kind of Spiritual Communism !

    3) Lack of Spiritual Knowledge : Without this , everything people and societies do , is devoid of direction. Politics without ‘Values’ , ‘Secular’ ways of life. All lead to consumption and destruction of life.

    We have an evolved concept which we forsaked. it is called ‘ Dharma’.

    If we can shange from ‘ Rule of Law’ to ‘Rule of Dharma’ , that would align Politics with Spiritual Knowledge.

  9. Very interesting point of view, facts and thoughts.( Kedar, Rudra)
    Individuals are developing apart of the society, maybe we are a part of it, feel it,but never so deeply connected to it like to our inner selves. We exist parallel, and based on logic they develop parallel too( individual and society). Not every human is trying to develop himself/herself at a spiritual level like you do.
    I agree with you Kedar, science is a tool .We will find answers, but the last(question/ answer) has to be answered by ourselves.

  10. @ Rudra… All the three points mentioned by you are facts of today’s world we are living in…But I am looking at the same thing with different point of view which is based on facts too…

    1. It is true that scientific evolution when it is directly related to over all progress of human race is suppressed…simple example : Oil as energy source!…it is very easy adapt different energy sources apart from oil to run existing technology and machinery in the entire world but business and political community will not let it happen over night…
    My observation is that the same business and political community is now slowly moving towards ‘Free Scientific Evolution’…process is slow but it has started…

    2. the obsession of economic growth is reducing at faster rate than before…now all over the world more and more people are getting obsessed with ‘Good Life’ rather than ‘Rich Life’….which is a fascinating thing to happen…New world is emerging!

    And because of this the norm of poverty and richness will vanish…But does it mean there will be equilibrium at social level? Of course not!… There will be ‘Hierarchy’ in every aspect of social life but not based on Economic condition simply because we are moving towards ‘Economy of Abundance’…!…(Economy of abundance is still a dream but slowly business community along with aware working class professionals is trying to evolve to that stage which will uplift entire human race to different level…major factor in this is ENERGY SOURCE! we will reach there…the very shift from ‘ richness to goodness or well being is the beginning of that!)

    3. And third most important point is ‘Lack of Spiritual knowledge’: The changes i am noticing which i mentioned in 2nd and 3rd point are forcing people to be spiritually more aware all over the world!…

    all said and done, situation at present is not very promising…i am stating subtle changes i am noticing around the world…they might succeed they might not…i hope people all over the world will slowly and consciously come together to create Evolved Society or else brutal destruction is the obvious choice left!…

    In this chaos one thing will never change and that is “Any human being’s natural right to exercise his own will to move ahead on spiritual path’!…

    @Janita…yes…there is no alternative to experience!



    PS: Dude…this right side bottom corner pic is CUTE!…recently saw TOY STORY 3…and felt as if u r a character from that world…hahahaha…ultra cute!
    ( though still missing the old look of the site…but change is inevitable i guess!)

  11. Brahma,

    You wrote :

    “These insecure pseudo-secularists/pseudo-intellectuals worship any fair-skinned non-indians like gods, as a result of which a less-than-mediocre and lack-lustre italian waitress is able to rule this ancient land.”

    Absolutely correct. But this dumb and lack-lustre italian waitress , is not just being propped up by shameless secularists. The Danger is that she is propped up by the Vatican and the KGB in the past.

    She is a direct implant of the Opus Dei – a secret militant Church mafia group – what we have in India is the rule by a Secret Cabal , an Octopus-like Global conspiracy- in which Indian politicians are willing partners. What we are seeing is not too different from the East India COmpany of 19th century. Only this time , they are bold and brazen.

    People should read this excellent analysis by Subramanian Swamy of JP http://www.janataparty.org/sonia.html

    Manmohan Singh is an American implant. A formet World Bank and IMF guy , who has no personality , no Moral Authority – The PM never stood for an Election – a Nominated Chaap from Rajya Sabha – who entered the Parliament via the back door – like his co-conspirator , Antonia Maino ( Sonia ‘m Gandhi’).

    People of India should know this. India is already in the hands of a Global Mafia .

  12. Rudra,

    That is an interesting link. If it is really based on facts, which it very well could be, as is the reality of the President of India with her early days of embezzling money from poor women through fraudulent banking schemes (Pratibha Mahila Sahakari Bank http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pratibha_Mahila_Sahakari_Bank) is a shame for all those indians who elected this rogue government under the facade of secularism.
    Which is why they are doing everything they can to keep Modi from coming to power..because if that happens, their time will be up. Things have to get really bad to wake up these lazy pseudo “hindus” before they start getting better.

  13. Brahma ,

    Antonia Maino , Italian citizen , who never gave up Italian citizenship , is better off being in her own cuntry. I have nothing against a poor waitress working hard and dreaming big – and sucking up to a rich and naive and spoilt son of an Indian PM ( Maimopnna Begum or ‘Indira’, at that time ). She did well.

    But there are many pending court cases against her – for Lying to Indian parliament and people , Lying about status of citizenship , Lying about education and most importantly , involved in a Conspiracy to Murder her own husband – Rajiv ‘Idiot’ Gandhi.

    Anyway , It is not about individuals . The Rabbit hole goes deep. It reaches certain global mafia groups.

    And what Election are you talking about , Brahma ? No one elected her. There is so much Fraud in the Electoral process that EVMs have been totally hacked. No one knows who is elected anymore.

    And now we have a NUID scheme that is both devious and dubious in its real intent.

    Indian Democracy has been compromised – so what do you think is bound to happen in such a situation ?

    Pseudo Hindus waking up ? Things have been bad for 300 years now. And continue to be getting worse. Real Independence is yet to happen in ‘India’.

    What is due is not ‘Independence’ but ‘ Reestablishment’ of Vedic Order on the entire Planet. Not the New World Order in which India plays second fiddle to an Anglo Saxon Global enterprise , hand in glove with the Chinese Dragon.


  14. On this Vijayadasami Day ,

    I hope children of Bharat – the only culture and country where the divine is recognised and worshipped as a feminine principle in absolute terms , remind themselves , the words of one Bharat’s best children ,the sage Aurobindo :

    India of the ages is not dead nor has she spoken her last creative word; she lives and has still something to do for herself and the human peoples. And that which must seek now to awake is not an anglicised oriental people, docile pupil of the West and doomed to repeat the cycle of the occident’s success and failure, but still the ancient immemorable Shakti recovering her deepest self, lifting her head higher towards the supreme source of light and strength and turning to discover the complete meaning and a vaster form of her Dharma.

    India, the ancient Mother, is indeed striving to be reborn, striving with agony and tears, but she strives in vain. What ails her, she who is after all so vast and might be so strong? There is surely some enormous defect, something vital is wanting in us, nor is it difficult to lay our finger on the spot. We have all things else, but we are empty of strength, void of energy. We have abandoned Shakti and are therefore abandoned by Shakti. The Mother is not in our hearts, in our brains, in our arms.

    If India is to survive, she must be made young again. Rushing and billowing streams of energy must be poured into her; her soul must become, as it was in the old times, like the surges, vast, puissant, calm or turbulent at will, an ocean of action or of force.

    Many of us, utterly overcome by Tamas, the dark and heavy demon of inertia, are saying nowadays that it is impossible, that India is decayed, bloodless and lifeless, too weak ever to recover; that our race is doomed to extinction. It is a foolish and idle saying. No man or nation need be weak unless he chooses, no man or nation need perish unless he deliberately chooses extinction.

    For what is a nation? What is our mother-country? It is not a piece of earth, nor a figure of speech, nor a fiction of the mind. It is a mighty Shakti, composed of the Shaktis of all the millions of units that make up the nation, just as Bhawani Mahisha Mardini sprang into being from the Shakti of all the millions of gods assembled in one mass of force and welded into unity. The Shakti we call India, Bhawani Bharati, is the living unity of the Shaktis of three hundred million people,[3] but she is inactive, imprisoned in the magic circle of Tamas, the self-indulgent inertia and ignorance of her sons….

    While others look upon their country as an inert piece of matter—a few meadows and fields, forests and hills and rivers—I look upon my country as the Mother. I adore Her, I worship Her as the Mother. What would a son do if a demon sat on his mother’s breast and started sucking her blood?… I know I have the strength to deliver this fallen race. It is not physical strength—I am not going to fight with sword or gun—but the strength of knowledge…

    Ever since the birth of the Congress, those who have been in the leadership of this great National Movement have persistently denied the general public in the country the right of determining what shall and what shall not be said or done on their behalf and in their name. The delegates have been gathered from all parts of the country, not to deliberate upon public matters, but simply to lend their support to the decisions that had already been arrived at by secret conclaves of half a dozen men.

    The leaders can only deserve reverence by acting in the spirit of the chief servants of their country and not in the spirit of masters and dictators.

    Politics is the work of the Kshatriya and it is the virtues of the Kshatriya we must develop if we are to be morally fit for freedom.

    We reiterate with all the emphasis we can command that the Kshatriya of old must again take his rightful position in our social polity to discharge the first and foremost duty of defending its interests. The brain is impotent without the right arm of strength.

    Let us remember Aurobindo, the greatest Literary and Intellectual Genius of the 20th Century , who was belittled by Gandhi and Co. and above all a true Child of Bhavani Bharat.

  15. He who sees a country or its progress in isolation and not as a part of the whole global culture knows nothing. He/she should come out of their wells. It is now time to be a cosmic man. Even if a country be like a fruit of this cosmological tree, it must not forget that it owes its existence to all the other and equally vital parts of that tree tree. No stem, no branches, no branches, no twigs, no twigs no leaves, no leaves no flowers, no flowers no fruit.

  16. He who knows nothing and regurgitates some third rate philosophical non-sense mostly borrowed from an inferior civilization’s interpretation of the original Esoteric teaching and can only interpret the Esotric truth in a form of self glorified and abstract ‘ universalism’ , is a stupid of the highest order.

    Without a knowledge of the original Tree of Life or the Tree of knowledge – without understanding that the cosmological tree – root and branch is in its contracted form , along with the esoteric teaching – whose original scope is totally rooted and founded in the Vedic Civilization , the ignoramus who bangs on about some high sounding but dubious philosophy , knows nothing and is a Dangerous Stupid.

    Truth cannot be denied nor be cloaked and constricted into some manufactured ideas.

    Truth is simple – it is what was , what is and what will be.

    Truth is Fire. The Stupid who messes with it , will burn in multiple ways.

  17. I fully agree with your last three lines. As to the rest your words “regurgitates, third rate, non-sense, inferior, stupid, ignoramus, dubious, dangerous stupid” speak volumes of your vedic knowledge.

  18. Harb, how did Rama see Ravana? He was beyond the state of intellectual paralysis, which is the state that the indian pseudos are currently in punch drunk with maya to worship all that is glamorous on the outside. You assumed that the country is being looked at in isolation.


    “Anyway , It is not about individuals . The Rabbit hole goes deep….”

    Of course. The only cure, if there really is a prablem, is to get people established in their own deep selves which will remove their insecurities and brown-sahib slave mentality of worshipping all that is externally glam. Now lets guess which set of beliefs is the most potent to get this done..hmm, its probably what we call Hinduism because that is the only religion, if you wanna call it that, which will reverse the flow of mind. All these other religions, including certain organized branches of Hinduism and the recent abrahamic religions, are low-level mind-control mechanisms working on the primitive brain..they condition you to believe that there is some external God called X, and propagate divisiveness by calling non-believers of X as heathens, unsaved souls, kaafirs and all that special stuff.
    But these know-it-all convent-educated pseudos with their misguided sense of do-goodership cannot see the depth of things.

  19. From Rudra’s above link:

    “After her marriage to Rajiv, the Soviet connection with the Mainos was fortified and nurtured by generous financial help through commissions and kick-backs on every Indo—Soviet trade deal and defence purchases. According to the respected Swiss magazine, Schweitzer Illustrate [November 1991 issue; see Annexure-10 (PROOF: http://www.janataparty.org/annexures/ann10p43.html)] Rajiv Gandhi had about $2 billion in numbered Swiss bank accounts—which Sonia inherited upon his assassination.”

    “After Sonia married Rajiv, she and her Italian family aided by friend and Snam Progetti’s New Delhi resident Ottavio Quattrocchi, went about minting money with scant regard for Indian laws and treasures. Within a few years the Mainos rose from utter poverty to become billionaires [see Annexure-14].”

    People need to read that link written by an Harvard Economics Professor.

  20. @Rudra and Bramhastra…

    @Gandhi family owns congress…they feel it is their party!…which is sadly the case…!…so money is not an issue for them…power is!
    this is true for every other big or small party…First they use party funds as their own then they use funds issued by cabinets as their own…it is hard earned money of common man!…

    @If Sonia is so corrupt and those who have proof of it should go to court of law…( I would suggest them to go to Allahabad to register an FIR! 🙂 )…

    @Over all economic growth is the solution of this problem!…No religion can solve social problems…Religious or spiritually aware leader can!…Power game must turn into Progress game!

    It is impossible to adapt Vedic ways of life…It is very much possible to adapt Vedic teachings at individual and then at social level…

    @ No matter how hard Mediocrity tries but can not surpass Excellence! It might win for some time but not always…!

    @ And why are we forgetting RAJANIKANT? … If death can have near RAJNIKANT experience then we must think seriously to consult him about these serious issues!



  21. The greatness of Chanakya – is his deep and insightful Knowledge of the Political , Social , Economic and Spiritual problems facing Bharat , 2400 years ago. , having worked out the solution , convinced a resolute set of people , inspiring them to a sense of Duty and Actually implementing and over-seeing the complete success of his project.

    I think Vivekananda , Aurobindo , Sardar Patel – all failed in acting on their sermons . They all Brilliantly analysed and identified the issues of Civilization and Social strife , beyond the surface.But stopped short of acting on the solution they’d worked out .

    Bharat is crying out for a Second Chanakya, to oversee and workout in a dynamic and adaptive manner , the solution fo this age.

    We are beset by the same problems as during the times of Chanakya – only worse – Dynastic poliltics and Corrupt Kings ( Nanda dynasty then , many political dynasties now ). Bharat was faced with invasion by Alexander , the Greedy and Violent Despot trying to live the Myth of World Conquerer.

    So is present day Bharat – faced with the Threat of Overt Invasion by the China-Pak nexus and the Reality of Covert Invasion by planted Foriegn Agents, posing as ‘Politicians’ in Broad daylight , making a mockery of Indian people and Indian Democracy.

    The time is come for Nara and Narayana to incarnate yet again.

  22. “@If Sonia is so corrupt and those who have proof of it should go to court of law…( I would suggest them to go to Allahabad to register an FIR! )…”

    Your naivette can be overlooked. Sonia has become the dictator of India. She can frame and torture Hindu holy people (Malegaon and Sankaracharya), openly deny the existence of Lord Ram in court and try to destroy ancient artifacts (Ram Sethu) that can prove His existence (around 10,000 BC and not 9 million years ago as some deluded fools keep mentioning), bend over backwards for Kashmiri terrorists, keep mum while Tamils get annihilated in Sri Lanka to avenge her husband’s death, get away with $2 billion and counting from bribes in Bofors and other scandals, polarize the community for vote-banks while taking the pseudo wannabe Hindus for granted, cook up conspiracies and deface great genuine leaders like Narendra Modi, persistently try to destabilise opposition governments in states, keep a puppet in the PMs office until her semi-retard son can take over the reins and continue to protect their Swiss bank accounts while further destroying the ancient legacy of India..and so on.

    Of course she is not alone, she has the blessings of waste products like Manish Tiwari and Teesta Setalvaad, of wannabe clowns like Mahesh Bhat, NDTV Pranab Roy, Barkha Dutt and so many from the media, and of course from the minority communities, many of whom will even vote for a pig if it runs under an anti-hindu banner.

    So your advice for a common man to go and file a FIR against her seems to be quite well thought out “Dude”.

  23. Rudra,

    India is the heart of the world, literally. A mountain in Tamil Nadu is the literal spiritual heart vortex of the world as confirmed by our enlightened masters. The high energy fields in India are a product of milleniums of harvesting the most advanced and god-realized souls on the planet. Of course, the land is now tainted by low level souls reincarnating from the animal kingdom, other countries and probably other planes we dont know of. This is of course happening at a global level as well. Hence the decline in the standards of every stream of society, be it spirituality, music, science, arts or whatever..the majority is mediocre.
    The great equalizer you speak of may come in any form to reset the cycle to order. It’s not about good or bad, its just a logical necessity.

  24. @Bramhastra

    Dude, sarcastic humor is quite difficult to understand…but I dont blame you…when one is in hard core nationalist mode of thinking to the extent of being fanatic it becomes hard even to SMILE at times!…

    i had gone through similar phase…it was worse with me…i was ACTIVE socially…( if you too are enlighten us)…

    i was hard core rightist…i used to sing NAMASTE SADA VASTSALE MATRUBHUMI with out fail every evening…( i love the words and it is still my favorite PRARTHANA…at times more than Vande Mataram)

    i was hardcore MUSLIM hater! I was actively involved in spreading hatred against that religion!!!

    To cut the long story short…it all ended one day…why and how is not the point here….

    i am not well versed with languages..nor i am well informed about political theories…but you will be surprised to know the amount of first hand information i have about ground level politics of all parties!

    and from that information i assure you that SONIA can not do much harm to BHARAT…CONGRESS is divided from within…It is not her who is running it…It is the image of GANDHI GHARANA(family) which has hold on naive Indians that most of the other leaders in the party are letting them rule the party!…

    India is evolving in pockets…we need to unite it…individuals are taking great efforts for economic growth while government is just acting as commission agents…Lets force them to act for us and progress towards better future rather than engaging ourselves in mindless religious debate…

    Knowledge is weapon! Information is the base of it! Infrastructure to spread and access it is the need of the hour!…

    Let the next news about QUANTUM chips come from IIT or some other Indian technical institute and not from Bristol University…!

    Lets indulge in Karma Yoga because,

    Na He Dyanen Sadrusham Pavitramihi Vidyate|
    Tatswayam yogsansidh`ha Kalenatmani Vindate|

    ( Rough translation: There is no purer thing in this universe than DYAN(knowledge) ( here its spiritual)…KARMAYOGI person gets to merge with it at right time!)

  25. Even a single personality burning away in the fire of self-inquiry is a powerful movement. Are you willing to give up your story? Who are you without your story?

  26. Kedar ,

    If you read today’s news , an ex IIT alumnus has been named the head of National Science Foundation – of USA.

    It is a shame that intellectuality in India does not encompass true Originality ( in Politics or in Science). we don’t use our brain power to solve Indian problems but the problems of USA or Europe. There are many stories of Brilliant scienitsts from India making it big in USA or Europe – helping them become that much more advanced in technology , but they are not to be blamed.

    By stifling intellectual capital in the name of ‘Reservations’ , Indian politicians are working against the interests of India – I can tell you this from personal experience , as even though I was born a ‘Kshatriya’ , some of my family is classified as ‘ Backward Class’..by the Caste Schedule !

    You are wrong about Sonia ( real name Antonia Maino , Italian citizen). She is not being propped up by Gandhi Gharana , but by foriegn Intelligence Agencies. It is one of their Most Successful COVERT ‘ Political Operation’.

    Read about it in the link I posted earlier . Dr. Subramaniam Swamy of JP , Professor of Economics , Harvard has done some Brilliant Analysis . He is also running some PIL cases in the Supreme Court. http://www.janataparty.org/sonia.html

    Indians should know this.

  27. fabulous debate…good information…will comment soon…going out…ASUR in me is dragging me towards SOMRAS!…hahaha…cheers!

  28. Kedar, ASUR must be taken care of in these turbulent times lol, I dont allow ASUR to drag me, before he even has the chance to do so I put a Patiala Shahi in his head and lol, the next moment he is fast asleep…

  29. @kedar and Harb, maybe I don ´t understand a thing… I don speak hindi, I like this website and I find the first input by you kedar who translated something. First step to understand a person is the language and the meaning of it. That is honesty.
    One of the most important things to me is the right to express thoughts, without prejudiced.
    Na He Dyanen Sadrusham Pavitramihi Vidyate|
    Tatswayam yogsansidh`ha Kalenatmani Vindate|

    ( Rough translation: There is no purer thing in this universe than DYAN(knowledge) ( here its spiritual)…KARMAYOGI person gets to merge with it at right time!)
    To me these words have a meaning. That´s the reason why i wrote thanks for the translation.

  30. Kedar,

    It is politics after all. You cannot find an absolutist solution, nor can you expect saints to run either party. Unless you have supernatural powers, you have to be practical and deal with the facts on the ground. That said, the only efficient and genuine way to unite India is through the rebirth of unity consciousness through the Vedic ways..a Vedasthan, a purified and minimalist form of Hindusthan. The baisc premise you have to base your philosophy on in that real Hinduism only preaches acceptance and unity because it persistently expounds the truth that divinity is in all beings. So, you will not find any other religion that does this. Most other religions are only spreading fanaticism and hatred by copyrighting some crap ideas of God.
    Armed with this wisdom, you work with the facts on the ground. The BJP and the saffron brigade are the only realistic catalyst to bring momentum to such an idea. Corruption runs everywhere in India..if you can name one person who hasn’t bribed or taken a bribe..so even though there are human beings working through human nature in the BJP, they are far lesser of the “evils”. You have to use relativity many a times to make real change. You can’t just give up and say..oh they are all the same. THEY ARE NOT!!
    And, this is much wider in scope than “nationalism”. The first step is for all Hindus to unite.

  31. @Janita…thank you…It is a SHLOKA from BHAGVAT GEETA…

    also ASUR= Evil and SOMRAS= Liquor!!! Actually SOM means DIVINE or GODLY…RAS means Liquid…So SOMRAS= Liquid which gives you divine pleasure! 🙂 …


    Dharmagrantha sab jala chuki hai, Jisake andar ki jawala,
    Mandir, Masjid, Giraje, sab ko tod chuka jo matwala,
    Pandit, momin, padariyon ke fandon ko jo kaat chuka,
    kar sakati hai aaj usi ka swagat meri MADHUSHALA|

    – Harivanshrai Bachhan


    He who has burnt all scriptures with his inner fire,
    Has broken temples, mosques and churches with carefree abandon,
    And has cut the nooses of pandits, mullahs and priests —
    Only he is welcome in my tavern.

    (Great Mr. Harivanshrai Bachhan [father of Superstar Amitabh Bachhan] has used ‘TAVERN’ as symbol to depict ‘Abode of Eternal peace’…there are many interpretations…in short its about LIFE and DEATH and Eternal peace… 🙂 )

    I am reading link posted by you about Sonia Gandhi… its too long…yes yes reading…but before that,

    well the whole point of discussion is how our lives are going to change with invent of new technology…it is going to change drastically…and i feel, from all over the world, groups are evolving faster than ever who are more concerned about PROGRESS(Spiritual) than POWER!…These groups consciously and unconsciously are adapting best from all Religions…As i said ‘GOOD LIFE’ is becoming core of many people’s life. these are the people who are exposed to liberal markets…because of their economic growth they are able to concentrate on basic fundamentals like ‘Eternal peace or Eternal unrest’ :)… Few decades back west realized that psychological problems of affluent class have no permanent solution in drugs(medicine) or psychiatry…And then percentage of western world waking up to Spiritual exploration raised enormously…At the same time east was busy getting RICH!…Eastern world was always exposed to Spiritual knowledge so they were taking it for granted…Today many easterners too have realized that mere information can not give them eternal peace…it is necessary to adapt certain kind of life style to achieve that…

    So it is pointless to force VEDIC life style on people…It was an ancient life style…Aware class is indirectly adapting Vedic teachings while keeping their faiths intact while living modern life…The very contention of orthodox minds especially Eastern theorist is that ‘The whole concept of Modern Life and its spread is a diseases for mankind…for everything is nothing but an Illusion…MAYA…!’… This is an old theory…I myself feel that the program called society has gone berserk…It is beyond correction…

    But in my recent meditative trance i felt that Destruction though an inevitable phase in Life Cycle has many faces…e.g. the way we observe people meeting DEATH in different ways..like that any society or community or nation or planet or stars or galaxies or a simple THOUGHT can end in N number of different ways…The current life cycle which we all are collectively experiencing is too going to END…But it is in our hands to let it end peacefully or in brutal destructive way!…

    And I have chosen a PEACEFUL end!

    India as country is part of this game…We must get above the religion,cast,creed politics and concentrate on economic growth…

  32. @Bramhastra,

    While your points are valid solution is absurd…Let BJP grow on the basis of party of HINDUS working for betterment of India…But the hidden agenda of that party is to have HINDU nation…where will crores of Muslims go? where will Christians go? Where will Buddhists( and they are humongous in number because most of schedule cast people think they are Buddhists! Strange! or am i wrong? )…This theocratic attitude of saffron brigade is dangerous for over all progress of the nation.

    I have never voted congress…I used to vote BJP…but I am now voting a CANDIDATE!…for me it starts with me…Better candidate in my constituency will get my valuable vote…this way i will apply your relativity idea to bring change…I am strongly against PARTY politics!…let parties grow because they generate good will through their work…let them not grow because they have certain religious or secular agenda! Because politics based on Religion is fatal! Spiritually aware leader in politics is all welcome! On the other hand Secularist politics of congress is nothing but vote bank politics! That too is fatal and has proved so! Our pathetically slow progress is the very proof of it! Mediocre influx in every sector of society is a proof of failed Congress ideology…

    Lets keep our individual faiths at HOME! Out side home lets concentrate on Economic growth! Growth which is based on scientific evolution helping us to lead sophisticated life! After all what Mr. Modi is doing? He is all for development…but what kind of development? are his decisions helping to adapt people of Gujarat Vedic Life Style?!!! Of course not!…He opened up gates of Gujarat for Industrialists who are busy day and night producing Modern Day amenities! My problem is any leader is capable of doing that and that is what is his job which he is not doing!…there is no need of riots to gain faith of people!…

    How about dissolving reservations based on Religion and cast? And forming them on the basis of Economic condition of an individual?…

    How about Uniform Civil Code?

    BJP if wants to regain its lost glory must take up UNIFORM CIVIL CODE as their sole agenda! Secularists ki fat jayegi! But do they really want it?

  33. @ Rudra…

    The link of JANATA PARTY is fabulous…but it is not shocking…Sonia Gandhi may be consciously involved in Anti National activities but the core of all this is to gain POWER through MONEY!…

    The sad part of the whole thing if its true is that this kind of attitude and behavior greatly affects over all ‘growth and progress’ of any society…

    Many politicians from all parties today have links with foreign intelligence and mafia for personal monetary and power gain!

    How this can stop?- AWARENESS!

    How awareness can spread?- Through technology!

    How can technology spread?- Economic growth!

    Answer is here in this debate…I got to know about point of view of Dr. Subramanian Swamy about Sonia Gandhi based on certain facts collected by him, only because we are connected through NET!…

    I will spread the link every where…on my social network sites and emails…

    Why?…i don’t hate Sonia nor do i hate congress…I hate people taking advantage of their power seat to exploit people…

    Post similar links of any member of any party and i will be the first one to spread them as per my abilities…

    Imagine the day when whole India will be connected through Net and efficiently using it for business as well as daily acitivies? Even common man from village! Imagine what reaction these politicians would get when they will go to give speech in their respective constituencies which currently are in worst economic conditions! Why they talk about urban developments at length while their own constituencies dont have water to drink?! answer is simple! Fedual mentality! keep people illiterate and they will follow you! This is changing! After all Nature though dangerous is not cruel!



  34. Kedar,

    No none is suggesting that ‘Vedic lifestyle’ be forced upon people ! I think you are mistaking the ‘Vedic ‘ civilization , it’s ethos , its values for a more semetic , abrahamic ‘ lifestyle’ – which is characterised everywhere by ‘forcing’ themselves upon unwitting and unwilling populations, disrupting their cultures and traditions and most importantly , their lives.

    You are missing the import and purport of what is being suggested , when one talks of a return to Vedic ways of living , and honouring and recognising the Vedic civilizational heritage and identity of Bharat , one is automatically referring to something global , humane , something divine and something in-line with Nature.

    Rishi- Krishi Vidhan – which is what Vedic Civilization is all about , is all about honouring Life – so where is the question of ‘imposing’ something ? the Vedic ways are a form of Spiritual Communism – where we respect all life equally – not just Human Life.

    As I said in a previous post , Technology and science are not progressing in a Free manner . As a Researcher and a Scientist , I can vouch for it , first hand.

    Economic progress is only a part of the story – we are questioning the paradigm itself – Vedic Civilization , and ‘Rule of Dharma’ if and when established , will ‘Normalise’ all institutions and align people with themselves !

    This solution is not just for India – though , it is the place from where the wave has to Originate., yet again.

  35. The current confusion about Indian Identity- as to what constitutes ‘Indian ness’ is a result of 300 years of Slavery , Brutality by the British and Obfuscation and Hijacking of Indian ‘History’ by the Brit Empire’s ‘Indologists’ – who by the way , till today remain Europeans or Americans , who know nothing of the experience of Politheism or Pluralism which characterises Indian experience.

    the vedic Civilizational sense of History has been time and again validated – from the Saraswati River basin by Remote Sensing Satellites ,to Rama Sethu , to Ayodhya recently !

    But the Historians and the students of wrong History , have invested their lives into adopting discredited theories of 19th century Indologists , and fight the cause on the wrong side .

    Perhaps Indians are the only people who are so far removed from their own Identity , that , when confronted or when shown their own Grand and Leonine Identity , they shirk and withdraw and hide in embarassment almost – they they or thier forefathers were the Originators of a Global Pastoral Empire before known History.

    It is like the Jailed Prisoner who Cowers in darkness , even when the prison is lifted open..having been accustomed to the Darkness , the Light Hurts.

    The Comforts of Darkness are cherished and held onto only by Worms and Dependent Slaves.

  36. Ruda
    history is called history because it is past.You are living now. Why can you feel free and independent(a lot of bitterness in your words towards the little rest of the world).Pluarism(=diversity of views) and Polytheism,belief of multiple deities is a word which was given the name in Europe.The English language word “polytheism” is attested from the 17th century, loaned from French polythéisme, which had been in use since 1580. In post-classical Latin, the term is polytheismus. The word is attested later than atheism but earlier than theism.

    It ultimately derives from the Greek adjective ???????? (from ????? “many” and ???? “god”), in the meaning “of or belonging to many gods” found in Aeschylus (Suppliant Women 424), or “believing in many gods” in Procopius (Historia Arcana 13).
    In reality it does not matter where words come from because the idea of something is born not only in one head. Never experienced :got an idea and after a while someone else is talking about your idea without having talked about it or written.
    India is the only place till now i have found on earth where diversity is normal(accept as a friend), where people are connected to each other, to the environment and have the skill, ability, faculty,feature, property to live together, to change and to find solutions for there own problems ( caused by others too).

    A kind of honouring life-or like kedar wrote “Spiritual Communism – where we respect all life equally “.

  37. india’s strength has always been its diversity. vedic ways is the way forward but only as past inspiration. new civilational ideas need to be explored. we actually have many such ideas ready, but no leader to build the confidence. let it come from any which way but the wave of change must originate soon. humans must understand the value of life.

  38. Rudra…

    I guess we both are suggesting the same thing..the difference is that i am calling it ‘Good life’…and you are calling it ‘vedic’…

    The point of forcing some ideology or thought or way of life comes in when this whole thing comes on political platform…who is going to take the initiative? Individual? well there are individuals who are already doing that…and in my observation they are spread across the globe and are not only Hindus but also Muslims.Christians and many other religions…They are going back to basics of LIFE while keeping faith in their religion…Hindus have advantage in this case because ours is more mature religion…simply because it does not rely on any one book or any one deity or any one belief system…
    But that doesnt mean people from other religions dont stand a chance…after all at the core they too are equally evolved!

    And unknowingly all these people from different faiths have surprisingly adapted similar life style! So Vedic teachings are already at work…

    Vedic teachings are universal and dont give a defined path for anyone to follow and adapt those teaching in his life…So sects formed..Different people created, formulated, practiced their own path…

    So i wonder how we can adapt it…

    so the most significant question to you is:

    What is the pertinent way to adapt VEDIC way of life in today’s modern world?

  39. Kedar ,

    Now , that is the most relevant , vital question that needs to be asked and answered. How that question is going to be answered , will detail the epic of the current times. There are two sociological concepts that define the Vedic way of life : ‘Spiritual Communism’ and ‘ Rishi-Krishi Vidhan’. If these can be achieved , it will be a great start.

    ‘Rishi-Krishi Vidhan’ :

    ‘Rishi’ part of this Vedic Paradigm is Spiritual Living based on Spiritual Education and transofrming generations into ‘Rishis’ or Aware beings based on Higher Knowledge and living a Sustainable life , working with Nature , within the constraints imposed by Nature on communities., in a spirit of Sharing , Self Control and High Technology .

    ‘Krishi’ – is Agro- economy based living – based on a sense of Sharing , where there is no concept of ‘Debt’ , no Central Banking System to impose arbitrary ‘Debt’ and ‘Interest Rates’ on Governments and People.

    Spiritual Communism is about Equality of All Life – not just Human Life. This equality is recognised in Spirit not in anything else. Recognise External inequalities in social institutions , while holding to the Inner Equality , as a matter of experience.

    This is the difficult bit.

    How does one recognise or achieve ‘ Spiritual Communism ‘ in a Society or Community ?

    I’m busy now but will write ont his subject later.

  40. “Let BJP grow on the basis of party of HINDUS working for betterment of India…But the hidden agenda of that party is to have HINDU nation…where will crores of Muslims go? where will Christians go?”

    If you really think the BJP is less secular than the Congress, or that the Congress is really concerned about the well-being of the minorities, you are probably not paying enough attention. The Congress is a diseased party with no honour for low castes, minorities or anything pro-people. It is solely operating on the singular mission of milking Indians out of their tax money to fill the Swiss bank accounts of the top brass, and keeping that top brass safe above the law. The BJP and RSS are hardly the rigid fanatic parties that the media has painted them to be. The RSS is one of the most selfless, compassionate and genuine party of social-workers in the world. Of course they have misgiving about the fanatics from other religions..it is only natural given the history of India.

    “What is the pertinent way to adapt VEDIC way of life in today’s modern world?”

    The whole idea of Hindutva is inclusivity. Why do you need specific labelled religions like Islam and Christianity that create divisions? Except for a few exceptions like cow-slaughter, reincarnation and polytheism, there are very few differences with Hindutva. But it may be reasonable to remove the polytheism from Hindutva and crystallize it towards nirguna advaita to create the “Spiritual Communism”, though i am appalled by the word “Communism” since it brings the picture of Chinese Maoists and Brinda Karat.
    The whole idea of Hindutva is to remove these petty religions that create hatred and division among people, and put them under One umbrella of unity consciousness. I believe that Jesus was an enlightened being. But what the majority of the Christians do not know is the mystery of where Jesus was during his Lost Years (from age 12 to 30). It is growingly believed, and validated by greats such as Paramhansa Yogananda, that Jesus spent a good time of that in India learning Buddhism and Hinduism, and after he was illuminated, he went back to preach it. But this has been conveniently erased from the Christian scriptures by the Vatican, just like other original teachings such as reincarnation, vegetarianism and so on. Their main goal is fear-mongering by telling people they have only one life, and its eternal hell if they dont accept their copyrighted versioins of God. They can use this fear for war, profit, slavery, and so many things as history is witness to.

    So, it is your duty to cure the people afflicted by the disease of these low-level religions that preach lies. Do not give in to the pseudo-secularist mentality of procrastination and denial. Like in psychology, India needs to face these hard truths buried in the closet.

    On a pragmatic level, one way is to enforce a lifestyle (and not just academic/material) criteria for political leaders. They have to be true Brahmins and Kshatriyas, not genetically, but in how they live their lives. Revisit the rules for these castes from the Vedic times. Once you have high-level sattvic people on the top, it will automatically bring the necessary changes down to the common people. It’s quite simple. You can see the direct effects of having leaders like Mayawati and Lalu Prasad, and on the other hands someone like Modi (he gave up everything and lived in the Himalayas with sadhus during his early years). Though you think that Modi’s only goal is industrializing Gujarat, i think he has taken a very balanced approach.

  41. Dear Brahmastra ,


    you sentence ” i am appalled by the word “Communism” since it brings the picture of Chinese Maoists and Brinda Karat”…made me laugh till it hurt !

    Well guys , I came up with that phrase ‘ Spiritual Communism’ – for two reasons : The Dumb SLeepy , Habituated , Pseudo Intellectuals of the JNU type , are more akin to have sharper ears and eyes when they see this word ‘Communism’. Since they are so Closed minded – I see this as an entry point to wean the Mc Aulean ‘Intellectuals’ by peddling the Vedic Living as ‘ Spiritual Communism’.

    I think it will work. It is not entirely wrong – since the class less society the Pinkos try to achieve , using their ‘ Hack Hack’ method of destructive logic , will and can only be achieved in Spiritual Equality.

    Vedic way of life is universal since it is the very definition of Spirit Soul – it has to appeal to the Stupids, Atheists , Communists, Pseudo Intellectuals , Real Intellectuals , Bhaktas , Gnanis and Yogis. As for the peddlers of destructive , hate-based , exclusive religions , Dharma should sort them out – Kshatra Dharma.

    Your observations on Church are very true. In the interest of peace and to stop rampant conversions of ‘Tribals’ , There is a strong case for creating an Indian Church – that accepts all paths as true and that Jesus ‘s story is the Mythology of a self sacrificing Bhikku – who learnt the basics from Nalanda , India.

  42. Dear Shekhar, I’m visiting your blog after a long time and am both happy and sad to see things here. You are still writing wonderful posts, but the comments section is completely taken over by single minded communal bigots such as brahmastra. You claim that this blog is means of self expression and journey towards unknown. Looking at comments section, what kind of journey is this now? Your blog is now no better than rediff/you tube message boards which are filled with north south, hindu-musilm hate comments. I fail to understand what kind of comments you are allowing here under the pretext of freedom of expression for everybody.
    Do you really think these half minded, hungry for real human blood people such brahmastra will ever improve?
    I would rather see this blog closed than somebody of your intellect and prestige getting rolled over by these evil jokers of new age.
    And brahmastra, yes, my friend, you really really suck. Thanks and regards

  43. @Bramha…@Rudra

    🙂 yeah smiling me too!…

    well Bramha…i have ridiculed BJP as well as Congress!

    your views are quite radical but fanatic…

    more later…but was absolute fun visiting the blog after a long time…

    thank you Shekhar (dude) 🙂

    thank you all…

    see ya soon…


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