The loot of Colonization

"An estimated 1.64 million Chinese relics are owned by foreign museums. Even more than that are owned by private collectors. A great number were looted, stolen and smuggled out of China between the 1860s and 1949 when the country was subjected to colonial invasion and civil wars. Because of the difficulties on the way to [...]

Who do Blogs really belong to ?

When I first started to blog, I saw it as a way to express myself. I enjoyed putting thoughts down first thing in the morning. And then as the blog caught on, it was like relating to a whole universe of people with diverse thoughts. I then discovered that people like to express themselves back [...]

Ganga, The Girl Child

NImi is a partition baby in the truest sense. She was born in a train carrying refugees from Pakistan to India. Many did not make it. Nimi almost did not. Not because of the savagery of those times. But because of a savagery that exists even now. In abundance. Because Nimi was bundled up in [...]

Humility, simplicity

he sat here in all humility in extreme simplicity and changed the world his empty 'chair' a symbol now of the lack of leadership Mohan Das Karamchand Gandhi's room at the Sabarmati Ashram in Ahmedabad. Visited today by my daughter Kaveri and myself. To pay our respects and homage.

We must be responsible bloggers

We are exploring very sensitive issues on our blog and I do not put any form of editorial control except for obscenity, or very personal and direct insulting behavior towards another member of our community. However we live in very sensitive times and I do not see why this blog should become the same mind [...]