Britney Spears

So Britney Spears shaved her head in public. She tatooed herself in public. She exposed herself without panties in public. And the Media is ga ga over the falling of a great American Icon. Yet it is the creation of the Icon that is the hysteria, not the falling of one .... What is it [...]

The British Empire

The British Goverment, apparently is looking to make the study of the history of the 'British Empire' compulsory in schools. I suggest they change the name of the course to the "History of British Colonization' and Ruthless Exploitation". Or " The mess we left behind". History always has had different points of view. All the [...]

Putin blasts the US

Just 2 days ago I had blogged about the US indulging in another arms race that will provoke Russia, and how the US now has to take cognizance of other world powers in the international power equation. Putin has made a similar statement yesterday at the Security Forum in Munich : Here are extracts from [...]

The Power to vote by not voting !

There is a way to make yourself heard even by voting against ALL the canditates.. I have been made aware of this by Navin's comment under the Lonely Planet Blog. The 'Conduct of Election Rules 1961 act, Section 49(O)' of the Indian Manual of Election Law states that " "If an elector ..... decided not [...]


Just as we are getting used to the Digital Age, we are about to be overwhelmed by the 'Nano Age'. Often wondered how that will affect me as a story teller/film director. I look at a Camera, which is really a passive recording device that 'reads' light as refelected by the observed object. Nano technology [...]

Saddam’s Death Sentence

Tony Blair, the British prme Minister said he was against executing Saddam Hussain. Because he against Capital Punishment. I don't get it. He sent his troops to Iraq to kill Saddam Hussain ! I do not think anyone can deny that Saddam Hussain is responsible for horrendous crmes against his own people. Though in all [...]

Skinny Models – which one ?

Madrid's Fashion Week, the Pasarela Cibeles, announced last week it was banning models with a Body Mass Index, or height to weight ratio, below 18. A 5-foot-9 (175-centimeter) model weighing 125 pounds (57 kilograms) would have a BMI of 18. I agree, and hopefully the same rules will be applied to those that do not [...]

Kill count

Terrorists killed more than 14,500 people in 11,000 attacks across the globe last year, the U.S. State Department said in its annual report on terrorism. Wait a minute ! I have read some very reliable statistics that say that in Iraq alone 100,000 civilians have died. So how does one define terrorism ? How do [...]