Friday 28th April, 2006

It's 3 AM in central London - dark and quiet except for the odd car and the hum of generators huddled round the outside of Westminster Cathedral. But here, inside, light is flooding in through the windows as though it was midday ... And in the minds of the 150 or so people here it [...]


Justin Pollard is a Historian, author, documentary film maker, friend, advisor, and the one friend you would pick to be shipwrecked with. He is a store house of knowledge and researcher and advisor on both Elizabeth and Golden age. He is with me on the shoot all the time, and has agreed to contribute regularily [...]

Not History

Golden Age, like Elizabeth, is an interpretation of historical characters and events to tell a story that hopefuly becomes relevant to our lives and times today.. it is not a 'historical' in that sense. I remember running into much criticism over historical liberties in Elizabeth, especially about her Virginity. In our interpretation of that film,' [...]

A Directors Prayer

If I am not struggling, is there no creative process ? If I am not exploring, is there no discovery ? and is it discovery I am looking for or is the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow just another deeper, more profound, more relevant question ? If I am not in [...]


I tend to get very philosophical when I shoot. Not sure if it denial, where I am trying to ward of any pressures of schedules, budgets or day to day practical problems. All of which feel like bees swarming around my head... ... and I am cocooning myself into a world completely of my own [...]

The first day

I walked out of Four Feathers scarred. I am still trying to work out what went wrong, and one day will write about it. But it led me to running away from saying yes to a film. So the first day of the shoot carried a great burden for me.. .. and for others. It [...]

Tittilating ?

Kellie asked me if "Elizabeth lives vicariously through Bess, and would that be tittilating. And who was the heroine of the film". Kellie, the film is mainly about Elizabeth and her journey, It is about her journey from apiring to be divine to Divinity. The moral question the film deals with is whether Divinity is [...]