Artificial Intelligence and Randomness

On a plane thinking of the future of AI .. Artificial Intelligence. What is AI? Machine learning ? If that’s all it is, then we are surrounded by AI. All of Google is one huge AI machine. It can deduce from Data that I put in what I might like .. what I might buy. It can deduce what I might do or want from what I tend do or want over time. Then mirror it against where I live, my age, my ethnic background and over time learn what I tend to do. What are my tendencies.

But that’s the difference. It can only predict my tendencies. But I pride myself in being individual. And if I am, then I can, if I chose to be, be completely random. Act completely randomly. But there is no computer that has the ability to predict randomness. Or be random

For all computers are built on linearity. Even billions of codes, trillions of them, cannot be random. Or predict randomness. Not unless I am so random so often that a computer will be able to predict my tendency to be random.

4 thoughts on “Artificial Intelligence and Randomness

  1. In pursuit of Innate Intelligence than Artificial intelligence..
    Innate Intelligence as in a gift from the Universe waiting to get unravelled..
    Life becomes useless if u leave this planet without opening this gift..
    Do reply if u have unravelled it..

  2. How do you live randomly in this globalised world is the question here?
    And If you know you are living randomly, is it really random?
    This again brings me to question, how can we create a random art then?

  3. Do you remember Sardar JI you met some 28 years back in New York 34th Street, next to Qazi moid sahab ?

  4. A book by Rajiv Malhotra is a must read. It explains why it is not so as mentioned above.

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