The Unexpressed Inner Child ..

It’s late at night.

I should sleep. But there are days where even as a director you are completely involved more in mundane administrative stuff. Nothing has emerged from you today that is deeply honest. Deeply creative. Because everything that even tries to arise from within you, immediately hits a wall of judgment. Is it good ? Is it bad? And in this exhausting conversation with doubt, judgment gets the better of instinct. And like a child that has been told off for being naughty, instinct quietly retreats into a corner and sulks. Judgment, like a school master bloated with prejudice, wins again. Doubt rules triumphant. Once again it has caged you in its claws. Once again you are consigned to being mundane. To being normal.

Once again you have been unable to express your inner voice.

Do this too often and you will stop hearing the screams of anguish from your inner child. Beware though. If that child looses its innocence. It will turn from pure creative instinct into pure anger. And then even Doubt will not be able to withstand it’s venting. Beware the demonic quality of the unexpressed inner child.

12 thoughts on “The Unexpressed Inner Child ..

  1. That’s the very reason to express your inner child, let it bloom to the fullest, nurture it through your dreams and cherish the fruits of patience. Thank you.

  2. Is it ok for the inner voice to be socially, morally unruly in the name of creativity?

    Yes, some (very few) guys have been like that and blazed a new trail.

  3. The inner child always expresses itself ..!We have been conditioned enough to neglect,ignore it!!We tag this behavior as “Reason”,”Logic”etc. and deceive us conveniently.The “doubt”,”judgement” etc are the diluted versions of these tags.The inner child is always innocent,transparent,sane !How can it lose its innocence which is very inherent….?Anguish is a transplanted entity generated by “me”!!

  4. Pranaam Shekhar ji

    As always inspiring and so well-written words.
    If we are locked into a pattern of thinking and responding, our creativity gets blocked. And yes, we miss the magic of the moment. To be innocent… simple and trusting like a child, not judgmental.
    A piece of good writing indeed! Thank you for sharing with us.


  5. It is very true. Being imprisoned in doubt hampers creativity. But having patience helps. We went to let our ideas flow like a river, but sometimes it hits an obstacle somewhere. It is a frustrating feeling. I liked reading about it.


    Abhijit Pandit

  6. I know what you mean. How about posting what you are referring to as “I am thinking aloud…”. Hopefully that would trigger a creative discussion and help all of us clear the doubts around the subject matter?

    I recently read Shah Rukh say he won’t comment on religious or political matters. Therefore I understand it is a tight rope to walk.

    In the last seven lines of your post, you suggest being mundane and normal is something you don’t desire. Shekhar, many a times one just wants to do mundane tasks. Creative tasks drain a lot of energy, hence to take a break, and recharge the creative batteries, one welcomes mundane tasks. And no reason for the inner child to become angry. Tell the inner child to grow up and accept that today was mundane, but tomorrow is another day.

  7. Dear Shekhar,

    I have been reading your recent thoughts , and I found your writing both inspiring and comforting, I feel I can relate, with some kind of resonance.

    I discovered your blog and website because I actually wanted to write a simple message of thanks to you!

    On Sunday 13th and Monday 14th of this month I had the absolute pleasure of being part of your cast and team , shooting for’ ‘WIlLL”. I was cast as a market dancer.

    Over the two days I was working, the whole atmosphere was something I found really quite beautiful, expressive and humbling.I felt I was free to just be who I am and was respected and appreciated for it, to me a great working environment.

    I have worked on various Film projects, travelled to India and have lived in the middle east, experiences I greatly value. After working on ”WILLI” I can definitely say I felt very uplifted, after the long cold days, and grateful to say the least.

    A few words of appreciation, with much gratitude.

    Wave Marie

  8. Thank you. That is true.

    As a little child within us weeps for creative expression, so, we should listen to it always.

  9. Shekhar told stop chasing your fear
    I told why? If I turn like Latur farmers
    Without saving grains?
    Shekhar told what if earthquake sallows all your food?
    I told, you are pessimist.
    He told live today, go see the beautiful sea
    Hold hands of your beloved, learn the art from sun
    Burning in beauty, how seductress red merges into sea.

    Lured at shekhar’s words, I looked at the flee
    Found wanton boys Killing it for their sport
    And what about we? Live unprotected and glee

    Shekhar told stop chasing your fear
    Hear the temples bells dear
    But shekhar Allah and Krishna are not friends
    I fear, if any bomb sound is near

    No no shekhar don’t ask me not to fear
    I live in 21st century dear, I am a woman
    rapes I fear, you and there is no Krishna my dear
    in family I am wife my dear, slavery is expected to adhere

    shekhar shekar nothing matters to me anymore here
    I am just known I am Durgesh Nandini here

  10. True…if we ignore our intuition long enough, our higher self/intuition, stops communicating with us…and all that’s left is a venomous ego…we shouldn’t push ourselves to that extreme…. Beautifully written article…🙃

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