Dangerous developments in the Middle east

As the popular rebellion of the Libyan people is being crushed by Qaddafi, and the world discusses the possibility of a ‘no fly zone’ or any other support to the rebellion by the people, a dangerous development took place yesterday as Saudi forces (with support from the UAE) went into Bahrain to quell another uprising there.

Is it the fear of a rebellion in their own nations driving this ? Or is the uprising in Bahrain not a popular one ? It seems more likely that the first is true, though I am getting mixed messages on my twitter a/c from both sides. If the first is true there are lines being drawn within the Middle East with Monarchy supporting each other to stop this uprising for a more democratic form of government. That’s dangerous.

But the most dangerous issue is if the democratic uprisings in the Arab world are subverted into a Sunni/ Shia conflict.? Colonial powers over the last couple of centuries have thrived on such divisions to protect their own military and commercial interests.

What is also very noticeable is that the reaction from Western powers has been surprisingly muted. Is it because of the the US bases in Bahrain and Oil interests in Saudi ? I cannot believe that Saudi army would have gone into Bahrain without extensive consultation with the US. That and a fear of Iran would drive the Western Powers to take sides in a potential conflict between Shia and Sunni. That would lead to a world wide disaster.

And as the the US, UK and European governments move to freeze the personal assets of the Monarch’s/Dictators, we must ask the question why people Hosni Mubarak and Qaddafi were encouraged in the first place to park such disproportionate assets in these countries ? There is no sense in suddenly finding high moral ground and freezing assets when for decades these very countries have been encouraging the dictators.

Dubious and double morals I am afraid.

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  1. Anglo-American colonial powers dont wanna directly involve themselves in this part of the world and make them fight among themselves ……remember DIVIDE n RULE….old strategy. MENA is the critical region to gain global supremacy and repeated attempts have been made in the past ( read afghanistan, iraq and next possible iran)….i believe western powers will play it passively this time and make them fight among themselves and take mileage thru global shadow organisations such UN & NATO to take control as peace keepers.

    This is a covert operation by CIA and MI6, which may lead to the next WW. Views are personal.

  2. It’s all about doing the bare minimum to appear as if you’re on the right side of history. Dick Cheney’s defense of Mubarak was perhaps the most revealing in all of this.

    But what do you have to say about the progressive nature of these movements? The social and religious programming is quite strong in the young men who’ve taken to the streets. I find highly disingenuous media claims that we’ll see a flowering of democratic and human rights in these places.

    While I’ve got your attention… I’m writing from the Fiji Islands. We’ll be hosting for the first time 3 bollywood productions. While it’s great to finally be included in the bollywood song and dance, there is a neglected history here which is ripe for a storyteller as yourself.

    Thank you.

  3. How refreshing it would have been if the U.S. for a change had sided with the people instead of propping up dictators as they unfailingly have done in the past. Now the whole western world is grappling with the dilemma to have to insert itself in an Arab uprising that includes oil-producing nations and threatens to engulf Saudi Arabia, the nation with the biggest oil reserves on the planet. You can bet that the alarm bells are ringing in Washington, Berlin, Paris and London. A destabilized Middle East could have catastrophic consequences on account of oil prices rising to levels that no longer can be sustained by economic realities.

    While Qaddafi is slaughtering his people the west is debating in endless sessions whether a no fly zone decision violates the sovereignty of Libya. How absurd can this all get? Quite a few countries import oil from Libya. What if Qaddafi stays in power and lashes out at those who helped in the effort to bring him down? Every move by the west, no matter in which direction, can now be the wrong one and can cause economic disasters on the home front. Decisions will no longer be made on moral grounds, which makes me wonder if they ever have. Whatever the choices are, they will be calculus driven . The bravery of the rebels will only be praised by a sensation-hungry media, the power centers of the large world economies will display at best a muted enthusiasm for those who are now risking their lives to purge themselves of oppressive regimes.

    There is definitely room for a Sunni/Shia confrontation. Iran with its large Shia contingent may very well want to assist Bahrain which in turn could draw other powers into the conflict, all in the name of protecting interests. It seems that freezing assets or imposing sanctions have not stopped a Mugabe, a Qaddafi or any of the other thieves from financing their criminal regimes.

    I believe countries, looked upon as political entities, have no morals only national interests. It will be and always has been up to the individual to demonstrate the traits to draw the demarcation line between right and wrong. We will always be left gnashing our teeth in anger over the injustices we have so little power to influence.

  4. Non stop 24 hours every 15 minute was the earthquake in Sendai !
    How the loved, near ones felt
    Imagine !!!
    Standing barefoot on snow and the nature was its worst …

    Why ?
    Because we people have yet learn to be human.
    To Care
    To be Concerned

    Japan needs everyone
    Now is the time

  5. No one is a victim here, and nobody wins or loses. It is all balanced out in some way or the other. If Iran is successful in its ambition, there will be a fanatic Islamic caliphate in the middle east that will polarize all the moderate civilians. Do you think the Americans/Europeans don’t know that? What would you have them do given the current situation?

  6. I wonder if a USW is possible, and we all it’s citizens. By USW, I mean a United States of the world. We already have USA, the united lingusitic states of India, and the European union. I am not talking about world domination, but world governance. It could certainly become a reality if we are attacked by aliens. But should we wait for the aliens?

    Then, the double standards you refer in your posting will not much room to exist. There will still be crime, but won`t it make the world more equal?

  7. “Dubious and double morals I am afraid…”
    I agree.
    It would be a great day for the globe when nations learn to not only be civilised in their dealings with other nations, they support or oppose other governments on the basis of value rather than wrongly perceived national interests or personal whims.

  8. Whats true for business is true for the business of Politics too unfortunately, as much as we may hate it….:)

  9. Hiya Shekhar
    LONGgggggggggggggg Time, but Im here again……..Howz U? Okie okie I know i gotta hear on my own what u said eh heh!!
    Something triggered me here

    UN a Joke? In standing up for ‘Tibet’ it’s freedom, it keeps shut, but imposes etc etc on Libya because they can see oil in coke bottles? Wowiee Im scratching my head!!

    Do I understand that to get attention of UN is to take up arms? Am I confused? FuzeDdd LmaO!!

    I feel they are themselves Dictators of a high order, commiting crimes behind such positions…advanced criminals they are!!

  10. With faltering economy what is best way to gain
    Sell arms to countries by creating war (business of war)
    suck oil, next best thing to coke manufacturing eh heh
    colonial policy again…divide and rule
    now use the frozen assets of gaddafi to do business for self purpose…sell arms, create war, creatr conflicts and behave like a monkey between two cats fighting, i think the libyans will eventaully forget what they wanted? Peace or destruction (Thanks to UN)
    suprisingly UN never looked into civil war in Sri lanka
    funnily never stood up for democratic aspirations for people of tibet, Myanmar (burma) now people of bahrain, yemen, to top it with cherries, permitting saudi to send troops to bahrain.
    The role of arab league, is pathetic, as always kissing west butts!! Shame!
    What if blacks in USA get up and demand a separate homeland in the South and start protesting violently, would USA government tolerate it?
    Do the people in bengazi really know what they want? can they really handle the country? Who will eventually? THE WEST!!! Royally show them the right path while fantastically exploit their need and supply by putting their feet and personal interest in each aspect.
    Why did the frozen assets not be focused on rebuilding the city of bengazi??? providing opportunities etc instead of using those very frozen assets to supply arms????? Do they really care for human rights and humanity…wait let me have my share of laugh eeks!!
    Why doesnt the world especially the arab world, learn from the recent IRAQ war? Shows they are dictators of low order, can’t think beyond without saluting the west…who is to be blamed but them…they are not able to rise up
    Despitse Gaddafi being seen as a notorious character, he was the only Arab leader i saw who could raise a ‘middle finger’ to the west and express in honesty what they are actually!!

  11. Shekhar ,

    Middle -East is now a de-facto trash bowl of the west , and a giant landfill site for their discardable weaponry. The Tomahawks ( all of 120 or so ) fired from US and UK ships parked in the Med , are of the older generation and waiting to be discarded – they have found an excuse to literally , fire them into their chosen landfill site ( what a fun way to get rid of your old , ready to dump weaponry !)

    Media imagery is being used to drum up a case for this latest intervension. The western Alliance , which is responsible for 2 Million civilian deaths in Iraq , is still eager to act the ‘big boy’ on world stage.

    Having creating Taliban through its vassal ISI , having armed Pakistan whose only purpose is to contain India from ever considering punishing the West , especially Britian for their Genocide and Loot in the subcontinent , having armed and funded Saddam Hussein , Gaddafi , Sauds , Wahabs , Mubarrak – the list gfoes on and on – the West is the creator and sustainer of Chaos and keeping the Earth in a constant state of War.

    America and Europe have made sure that there is a constant state of confilct by promoting and arming Dictators and other Fascist scum in the first place and after a couple of decades , find an excuse to dump their weaponry .

    It has become a game – of the armchair variety. I wonder how it would have been if a Non-Western Alliance of powers , would have warmed the NATO to keep to ‘ Northern Atlantic’ , bombed a couple of American and British warships into oblivion and driven them out of the Madeteranian , and then also made sure Gaddafi be warned not to attack civilians ?

    It is time , the West is contained and pinned down , so as to ensurte they don’t start wars for fun . Also , an alternate Global Alliance is neccessary to do the right thing.

    A new UN resolution penalising countries that Arm despots , dictators and armies is more relevant than remedial measures. While Gaddafi is a culprit along with other dictators , the West is a biiger monster that needs to be tamed for the good of the world peace.

  12. Shekhar ,

    I also wanted to point out – from a more objective viewpoint – the Earth , which is a sacred space for all souls to evolve and actualise their potential , has been hijacked by exclusive philosopies and cultures .

    The West , while it is to blame for much of the bloodshed in the last 200 years , Islam also bears equal sin for colouring the Earth in blood and gore , especially of non-combatants and innocents.

    While there have been wars and wars all through history , Islam and Roman Empire ( and its derivative , Crusading Christianity) have a special accomplishment of having inflicted untold suffering and Genocide of non-combatants and innocents.

    In a way it is Karma – Middle East which deviated from the Esoteric Teaching first , is now home to some of the worst Despots , Closed Societies and Religious Fascists . While , in the West there is great Hypocrisy under the facade of civilization and Christian Values .

    Reminds me of Mahatma Gandhi’s response to a Journalist in London ” Mr. Gaandi , what do you think of the Western Civilization ? “..Gandhi answered ” It would be a Good Idea “.

    Esoteric Teaching needs to reach all corners of the world and the Earth needs a break from violent philosophies and materialist empires. Only an Esoteric Empire can be the solution. Will the Earth have it ? – remains to be seen.

  13. Russia,India,China,Brazil,Germany
    These abstained from voting on the issue of using Force.
    The state of affairs that is accumulating over a period of time…means more is needed

    Having a joint military organisation of four major economies of the world, should make a league ‘RBCI’ and send army/support to make the west feel they simply cannot make a fool of the world and get away with mass murder/looting/game playing/media propaganda/ etc, History has proven that these very people who speak on basis of humanity and human rights have a core of butchery and tyranny, in their genes and attitude!

    Colonisation and tyranny is no more accepted by the world, they should mind their own business, and not be destructive under a psuedo banner ‘democracy’
    It’s high time our countries realised that only words hold no meaning, the very literate and well behaved ‘SO’ called cultured society of the west do not understand courteous language but the language of ‘WAR’

    Thay certainly have no inherent rights to interefere in affiars of other countries, I wonder who gave them the authority to do so? WE the entire world are responsible.
    Todi bacha hai hai!!!
    Todi bacha hai hai!!!
    Hai! Hai!

    There is a price to pay for ‘freedom’ it does not mean to get under a lecherous dictator ‘west’

    The people want freedom, it never comes easy, both ways theres a price to pay!

    Just crying and shouting for freedom does not bring freedom, but planning and strategy, bengazi was not prepared, it seems an outer push from somewhere, the weak events unfolded, confirm this, that they are/were not prepared, the hue and cry just started like epidemic, when it started in Tunisia and Egypt.
    We must understand Tunisia and Egypt, are advanced mentally and infrastructure wise, they knew what they wanted.

  14. They had no prepared strategy
    no leaders to lead them
    no knowledge of warfare
    are they prepared to handle freedom from Gaddafi?
    are they prepared to let go of their own assets to the west?
    Their present leaders, are those defected from gaddfi regime itself, where is something new with revolutionary ideas?
    see the confusion?
    They still be under dictatorship but of an advanced kind which they never thought or prepared for!
    Im laughing out here, West must have been waiting for such an opportunity or who knows created such an opportunity.
    They are opportunists we cannot forget!

    They became powerful on our looted wealth, colonisation, I see no greatness of a country in this manner!

  15. Now They say US is short term in front of this coalition!
    Next the responsibility is going to fall on UK and France,
    This shift of responsibility is dangerous, they are throwing the ball in each others court so that no one can point a finger on one and hook the fish.
    Behind the scenes they are togeher, this is a tricky pattern of management, to divert and delegate responsibility on different shoulders.
    I believe Libyan oil is finer compared to Saudi oil, the technology for oil that is to be distributed to UK and France, is all prepared for LIbyan oil only, even if saudi says it can cover up, deep down there they know it is going to be difficult, hence more the reason for bloodshed by the west.

  16. Mr ShekHar,

    I came across your website and I am surprised at some of the comments like from DQ and Rudra. Apparently these are some of the reasons the West (US) keeps showing up in the East’s Backyard.

    I will lay out a very true and realistic combination of words here, and it should be posted everywhere and required reading for “All” Islamic’s in the Middle East.

    First – the US (we will call it the West), have people like myself. We have children and raise them, go to decent schools, and we eat well. We have the “breadbasket” and food is fairly available and cheap. We also supply a good quantity of the worlds food supply. I have seen states here that are bigger than 2 countries in Europe of nothing but corn or wheat for example. We are a wealthy nation with abundant resources.

    Back to the important IN WWII, the US came to save the world and stop Germany, if we didnt, there would not have been many Muslims left by now and we would all be speaking German ( of who was left). Funny how many forget that little fact of history.

    The US is like the “police of the world”. We have nuclear weapons (invented them in fact), with more than any other country since WWII, have not used, “Not a One”. Now take Ahmadinejad, who basically states, Israelis should be killed, more or less, and says this publicly. The West takes note.

    The “West” have houses, electric, running water, etc.. I have been to the Middle East (No I am not military) and seen many a town or village, that have no or minimal electric, or heat, or modern toilets, etc.. And live like it was 400 years ago. Many not well educated but “all”, deeply religious. Many have sharia law, and do not tolerate other cultures well. Woman wrapped up in burka’s etc…
    So then some Islamic fundamentalists fly a few planes into buildings here in the US. What did you think we were going to do? Japan bombed Pearl Harbor, we dropped 2 Atomic weapons on them and killed back 10 fold. “Lesson Learned” (read that again).

    So now the West, having had NY and the Pentagon struck looks to find the problem and stop it from happening. We go to Afghanistan & eventually Iraq. I dont care if it was a lame excuse to get Saddam or what have you, it is a basic principal.

    “Not all Islamics are terrorists but why is it all terrorists are Islamic fundamentalists?”
    Even our own home grown terrorists like Timothy McVeigh and the Oklahoma City bombing. Guess what, we caught him, tried him, and killed him. End…of…story.


    What the “East” doesnt understand is that, we (the West) are the “big guy on the block”, the “police of the world” so to speak. Much of the East fights over religious belief and land (most desert terrain too) while living like it is the 10th century. The West does not want war, but, when the fanatics want to cause turmoil, or war guess what? We get involved. Dont want us in Iraq, or elsewhere ? POLICE YOUR OWN AND WE WONT HAVE TOO.

    That being said, here is the scary fact, AND THIS NEEDS TO SINK IN.

    We have more technological weapons, nuclear weapon delivery devices, from boats, aircraft, land based, satellite based. Dozens of submarines 20 miles off your coasts with nuclear weaponry that can destroy the East in less than 30 minutes to where no living bacteria survives much less people….and we dont use it. (Read that again)

    …now if a Middle Eastern country were to do something stupid, and endanger the lives of people, (especially the West) what do you think will happen? And statements like suicide bombers make most of the West say, well, if they have no regard for themselves, or innocents, then we would have to retaliate to eliminate “All of that culture to be sure we get all of the fundamentalists”, and unfortunately the good with the bad.

    …how to stop this from happening ?, RAISE YOUR STANDARD OF LIVING, POLICE YOUR SELVES, ACCEPT OTHER CULTURES, CHANGE YOURS TO NOT BE OPPRESIVE, OPEN THE CLOSED FUNDAMENTALISTS MIND. Otherwise, if a war between Islamics and the West took place, I can guarantee you, the East, and much of the rest of the world, would lose. (Read that again).

    I am not a right wing fanatical nut, just one of the billions of Westerner’s that are fair and just and open, who live a hard working life, (but will not sit idly by while the East continues on its violent path or crusade for religious beliefs causing turmoil)….Or bomb a US ship like Rudra said.

    …”The Big Sherriff in the West is watching”…..”And he is saying to play nice or else”

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