A hopeful view of experience: Paani

From Deepak R:

Bijapur,I have lived in this dusty town, fought many college debates on water crisis here,spent many days of my life fetching water and storing it away, taken out protests with the local authorities. In many ways this small historic town has remained unchanged since 100 years. People in reality do not expect water on demand. Supply once in 15days per house has been the norm for the last 60yrs.

The biggest room in most homes here is not to be found within four walls. It is most likely the water reservoir every home builds to store water. People do not waste water here. They know that every mug counts, I knew it. Inspite of the headline, the scarcity of this resource has however not brought the worst out yet. This place churns out the most engineers and doctors in the entire north karnataka, it educates more women than many other regions can dream of, has the only women’s university in that part of the country,it is the second largest region to grow grapes in South India, now also makes some of the finest wines from India. This historic town still grooms the humility and acceptance of Indian culture. The struggle is not a violent one. The silent will of the people to better their situation, that is the struggle. Which side of the struggle does Paani intend to capture. Will Paani speak to people of this town?

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  1. haneer Thaneer (1981) Tamil film directed by K. Balachander.

    Wikepedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thaneer_Thaneer
    “Thaneer Thaneer is a political drama and a universal human story. This is a film about greed, power and powerlessness. When a remote village faces severe water shortages, the inhabitants adopt all possible means to bring their problem to the attention of the authorities. But the process soon reveals the apathetic attitude of politicians, bureaucrats and the press alike. A convict wanted for the murder of a local landlord turns the villagers’ plight to his advantage and begins a co-operative scheme to transport water in a cart from a spring ten miles away”

  2. I am also in the last sem of Engineering, I too carry drinking water from a hand pump just a Kilometer from my house (room), but in summers only (Touch Wood).

    A single drop means a lot thase people also prevent the water from evaporation also. I know because i faced littile bit of it.

    Shurly, it will speak bcoz it will be the story of strugles of people, there life, there feelings, “THERE DUTY TOWARDS THE SOURCE OF LIFE PAANI”,


    IT CAN’T BE ENOUGH, there is a lot more pain for “PAANI”, i shall send a small file by repling to your website’s mail, “IT SHOWS WHAT YOU, WHAT WE CAN’T IMAGINE”. Yaad karke bhi aankhon mai aansu aa jate hai. GO THROUGH IT!

    YES……………….. You undoutedly knows better, but I have some some thoughts to share:-
    From what I read above PAANI can BE titled as-

    “PAANI……………a pain”

    “PAANI……………the life”

    “PAANI……………what it means?”

    “PAANI……………life’s silence”

    “PAANI……………in hands”

    “PAANI…………… for death”

    “PAANI…………….a drop to die”

    “PAANI……………a drop of life”

    All The Best.

    With Regards,

    Karan Raj Singh

  3. Sorry for the feedback I gave last time but its what I “learnt” and “observed”. It was on the base of my last 2 concepts I worked on and on the same concept 2 films were released because the same was in the mind of one more person and he “Mr. Yash Chopra” and the projects were named as “Veer Zara”. This was the second time my concept were devloped as a film. There can be a same thought in 2 diffrent minds.

    Thats why I wants to work in “PAANI”, behind the curtain.

    I have sent the mail by a reply option to the mail I recieved from your website. See the last 4 images of the file. It is about the two sides “The Best” AND “The Werst”.

    With My Best Regards,

    Karan Raj Singh

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