The economics of consumerism

I always wondered the logic of President Obama’s economic stimulus package. It was based on restoring confidence. And confidence (whether Obama meant that or not) is measured by the people consuming more. Every Christmas, for example, the economy is measured by the amount people spend in stores. And this is becoming a measure of economic resurgence all over the world, In India for example, the increasing number of automobiles sold is touted as measure of an economy that is surging ahead.
But isn’t excessive consumerism the one basic problem facing the planet ? And the fundamental problem with the US economy is also that it’s model has to be driven by increasing consumerism (aside from trade in military hardware) that cannot be accelerated beyond a certain point ? How then can ‘consumer confidence’ be a measure or a long term solution of the fundamental problems facing us. How does it help that China and the US have become co- dependant on each other, fundamentally doing the same things. Driving each others consumerism
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  1. and you know shekhar and HOBO, there are legal cases against God instead of System. The person who has filed the suite against the god has the opnion that god alone is responsible for creating floods, earthquakes, tsunami etc (thanks to that gentleman who has excluded war from the list) and further he also says god is also responsible for giving death to the people interms of accidents, diseases, born physical limitations etc and further he adds that thus how god becomes responsible for wastages of natural resources (human and other materail). I appreciate that the judiciary has listened to him but the problem they are facing is to whome they should send the warrant..almighty is invisible..sorry for the deviation.. 🙂
    The real problem is we all now know the reason for diabetes (reason for diabetes is attraction of sugar and eating excessive sugar than your body requirement) but have we really taken any steps.. no..instead we superimpose restriction of sugar on nondiabetics, as a prevention, to which these nondiabetics listens with weak ears. And for diabetics we suggests ‘sugar free sugar’..instead working on their ‘attraction of sugar’ otherwise to these diabetics we suggest to change(downgrade) the life style.
    upgradation(change everybodys body structure) or downgradation(change the life style) of one mans life or few men life is not going to stop diabetes. whatever you decide to adopt that should happen universally..
    thanks and take care..subodh

  2. There is no going back now.
    untill we stop letting companies like apple and sony decide how we want to enjoy music.

  3. Economy is at its worst, Let it be Beverly Hills or Palo Alto or Bay Area
    Pls be careful until 2012 maybe 2013
    May I remind what was said in 11-20-2007, 09:11 PM
    Last edited; 11-20-2007 at 09:15 PM.
    USA heading for Major Slow Down – Reality
    What went wrong this Year ?
    This X-MAS will be snow cold…
    Stores trying to sell but not enough buyers,
    some are planning close or move to different countries.
    Don’t be surprised by this.
    Its meant that way, the law of nature.
    Major companies are researching outside USA to increase business and cut costs.

  4. Hello Shekhar:
    If we are trying to stop the ever faster turning wheel of consumerism a myriad of problems will occur, none of which are desirable. By giving capitalism our nod we have created our own waterloo, our own inescapable destiny. The only thing that may have been wrong with President Obama’s stimulus package was its size. It may have been too small. If we are trying to stop this economic wheel altogether there will be a collapse of epic and apocalyptic proportions. Deliberately slowing it down in the face of a depression requires a new calibration of our societies’ willingness to suffer and to accept daring and radical concepts all of which have unpleasant companions, such as massive unemployment, the closing of businesses on a scale hitherto unheard of, homelessness caused by the loss of homes of the middle class with their equity going up in smoke. At the end of that bitter road would be anarchy.
    “The story of stuff” is brilliantly made and shows us the consequences of the insanity of consumerism gone out of control. What it does not show is a remedy, one that walks the fine line of what is doable and sustainable, one that takes the perilous condition of our planet into account and the need to avoid a cataclysm and at the same time to survive without throwing all the sophisticated mechanisms of a modern world economy into disarray.
    New philosophies in the face of our planet’s desperate problems will have to come into play, the leaders of societies must show courage and audacity to silence the apostles of deception in their midst. I dare say that Barack Obama represents our best hope, still. To snipe at him from the fringes of the right and yes, the left by unsavory ideologues trying to drive home their pathetically narrow agendas will detract from the need to start a new, radically altered thinking process.
    I wouldn’t dare wager how all this will end and the optimist in me has a hard time to drown out the urging whispers of the pessimist.
    Best regards.

  5. Hi,
    my previous comment should be considered only for threat of global warming, green house emmision and our present fast life style and comsumption of natural resources,raw food for preparing fast food industry etc
    thanks and take care..subodh

  6. Stimulus was given to restore confidence in the business circle, specially to investors and bankers.
    After few days, they just started calling ‘confidence’ for short; therefore confusing the world with ‘consumer confidence’.
    ‘Consumer confidence’ is measured in US by tracking 500 odd households spending and that periodically peaks twice a year, once in summer and once as you rightly mentioned in holiday season (thanksgiving to Xmas).
    ‘Consumer confidence’ however has not picked up due to high unemployment in US. real unemployment in US is in high-teens and not 9.9%. Reason: people who are out of work for more than 12 months or people not approaching for assistance are not accounted for.

  7. From the ‘economics of consumerism’ to the ‘economics of happiness’ – isn’t that what the world really should be economizing about? Could anybody have imagined that a little Himalayan kingdom would blaze the trail on measures of true progress? [Old write-up but] worth a read:
    Sure, Bhutan may not have the latest and greatest in the world, but there is something to learn, and lessons to imbibe from their leadership’s views on progress and development and metrics for such. And that is integrating into economic planning and policy, measures that REALLY MATTER to people and the planet. And sure enough, countries are looking at this more seriously today than ever before.
    As the ‘story of stuff’ is being told in rest of the world, Bhutan stands firm and tall, cautiously welcoming winds of change…yet rooted and grounded by their belief systems, cultural and spiritual values (which will hopefully not suck them into the abyss of excessive consumerism and degenerate its society to an over-consumptive one). After all, unless you get outside the circle, you can’t appreciate how beautifully round (or broken! as the case may be) your own circle is. And for Bhutan it certainly is a delicate balance between the dark side of capitalism and brighter side of protectionism.
    If all this spin around economics is spinning your head, just sit back and listen to this. And then get back up to assess YOUR ‘gross consumption’ and ‘gross happiness’ 🙂

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  9. @Horst Vollmann
    Dear Mr. Vollmann,
    I was perhaps the best Obama supporter in India. Posting his praises in every possible forum, in spite of getting flak from many independents. But I think the man has serious knowledge problem on many fronts including economics.
    Obama’s stimulus package was a natural succession to Paulson’s bank bailout, it was never construed in a way that would help ordinary american.
    He promised to take action against banks, who wont pass the benefits to SMB’s (what we call SME in India). They have n’t and He is yet take any action.
    All these stimuli has done is to restore faith in high prices of stock and commodity market. So Manhattan will be happy with Obama but not Michigan or even Illinois.
    His healthcare bill is not even 1% of what he used to say in his election speeches, it won’t even be implemented in totality in next 10 years.
    Horst, it is good to know that you are still optimistic about Obama, but mine and I dare say most of US middle classes patience has ran out.
    Greatest hope for US and rest of the world is that people are turning away from big banks and doing small savings.

  10. Well, his usage of the famous phrase – “putting lipstick on a pig” – against Palin now come back to haunt Obama. That is exactly what he is doing. But he is still one of the better and well-intended leaders that the US has seen in a while.
    And there is only so much he can do with this crippled system that is masquerading as a democracy. The deep contempt of the racist and primitive right-wing is fueled by their paranoia and animal-like survival instincts..which will continue to paralyze any “real” changes attempted by the progressives and sophisticated sections of this society.
    All said and done, at the end of the day, the solution, if any, to all this, is to increase the sattva qualities in the collective consciousness. When the pure sattva rises, all solutions – and the strength to implement them – come automatically to one’s mind. The alcoholic, drug-addicted, lust-driven and meat-eating people do not have the clarity or integrity to put 2 and 2 expecting huge, far-sighted changes is delving into fantasy.
    That is why in the golden ages of India, the Brahmins – known for their highly sattvic qualities and disciplined, selfless lifestyles – were leading the society. You need to focus power and control on such a group of advanced souls. All this democracy, communism and recent pseudo-intellectual feel-good hogwash are only fuel for the fire. Capitalism, when in the hands of a deluded lot, will obvioulsy become a great expression of human greed.

  11. Hello Shuvankar,
    we could argue back and forth until our keyboards become chafed. To assert that B.O. has deficits in understanding the intricacies of economics is assigning him the intellectual status of G.W. Bush. Had the obstructionist machinery of the Republican Party not been running in high gear trying to dilute and sabotage every legislative proposal this new President presented – rendering them unrecognizable from their original meaning – these proposals would indeed have helped the ordinary American. His choices were limited, he had to act quickly and accept compromises that he knew would diminish his standing with the scrutiny of history.
    The party of No has helped to transmute the original concept of a healthcare bill into a washed down version filled with compromises and concessions. Yet it beats no bill in spades.
    Time will be the final arbiter of Barack Obama’s legacy. I think there has been a vicious campaign against this President from the day he first set foot in the Oval Office, a campaign off innuendo, lies and fear-mongering, all in the knowledge that the gullibility of large segments of the U.S. population will take the bait. The midterm election may very well tip the scale in favor of those forces and it will be back to deja vu. Sad, no doubt about it.

  12. Has anyone noticed the vulgar public claims coming out from the IPL camp on $4.13B valuation,and them beating recession. Another conglomerate of greedy capitalists milking the Indian mind now and how.
    The Indian mind too has gravitated into the morass of overconsumption much faster than one would have ever imagined.

  13. “The alcoholic, drug-addicted, lust-driven and meat-eating people do not have the clarity or integrity to put 2 and 2 together”

    It is counter productive to insult anyone in this issue. You think these people are stupid because they don’t agree with your ideals. How people conduct their lives cannot be judged upon, for this is subjective and has produced most wars. It is how the earth is being treated as an end result which we should be concerned with. Rich, powerful people have always been part of the World. We have to work within those bounds. Things like population control, technology that makes more efficient use of our resources and education are our best tools.

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