Sex and the Guru

With the internet raging with people wanting to search for sex video’s of the hapless Swami Nityananda having sex with a famous Tamil actress, you have to ask what this is all about ? While people express outrage all over India through acts of violence against him and his property, others desperately want to voyeur into the wanting to look at the act.
Why ? Watching a Guru having sex with with an overweight actress who’s face you cannot see is pleasurable ? What drives us ?
It is not possible to have a Guru unless YOU worship him or her. So in effect YOU create the Guru, YOU set the rules, YOU decide what the Guru practices in his or her daily life. And then when the Guru does not conform to YOUR expectations, and finally having created him, YOU destroy him.
We need to know that there is something beyond the mundane existence of our lines. We are scared of death. We are desperately afraid of that which we cannot comprehend of course, but mostly that which we can. Like failure or self loathing. Like disease and loss. We can comprehend these things, but are so mortally afraid of OURSELVES that we look for people who can take responsibility for our lives. And the first person that is willing to come out and say ” That’s my problem, and I will look after it” becomes your Guru. Unfortunately that is what more and more people are understanding ‘Faith’ as.
So a Guru has had sex. Who decided that he/she must not ? The Guru or you ? The Guru said it of course, but almost certainly in response to a need in you that if someone had to be ‘PURE’, then they must not have ‘SEX”. Why is Purity and SEX so closely related ? Why are we so afraid of sex, so filled with guilt about it that at the slightest provocation we are willing to destroy and revile other people over it on the one hand, and use it as tools of humiliation, conquest and rape on the other hand. I know a lot of people are going to be upset when I equate puritanical attitudes on sex with rape, but the provocations are fundamentally the same.
Some will say that a Guru must be above the 5 senses realm. But hey, it’s like saying that if he suffers pain and feels it, and dies of a heart attack or has cavities and has to have a tooth extracted, then he is a mere mortal and cannot be a Guru either. Why just sex and not hunger ? Why does no one object to the sheer luxury and wealth that surround our most successful Guru’s? A Guru is a realized soul, they will say without the slightest understanding of that actually meaning. I am not sure I do, but I can certainly say that merely changing your clothes into expensive designer ‘Guru Fashion”, being able to give long lectures that appease and assuage your guilt and fears, and not having sex does not mean realization.
I do not deny the existence and possibility of beings that have come to experience their Universal Selves. Who are now existing constantly in a full experience of their lack of individuality. But what’s sex got to or not got do with that? What do we know about that state to be able to say it is sex less ?
As I said, more often than not, we create the Guru, we make the rules, we ask for behaviour patterns based on our own sense of guilt and morality. And finally we Crucify the Guru for being Mortal. I am sorry, but they were always mortal in any case, but immortal only in our creation. So much so that while everyone else just dies, a Guru ‘decides to leave his/her earthly body/
So do I, mate !

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  1. If people decide who is Guru They may be have the right to decide why He can’t be Guru.
    We accept And devotion is present as per vibes may be And we reject And destroy as per vibes may be.
    But the question is:
    Should we destroy or Should we protest without violence?

  2. Interesting observations. I personally believe that most human beings go through various stages of self-realisation, some express it more/better than others. That is where the beauty of life comes from, from a rich inner life. All that’s very well and can be used to help people in the way a parent guides a child. The trouble begins when people begin to worship their very human mentors.

  3. I dont care if a GURU has a personal life. Everyone does. The relationship between the GURU and his followers must be of Honesty. I appreciate Osho for that.

  4. I agree and subscribe to the essence of your post.Most acts of violence are reactions that spring out of one’s inability to rise above his/her own ego.People venerate a person and when that person behaves in a way different from people’s expectations, they are upset and enraged. Because that person’s act is a slap on their ego, saying “Hey, look what I have done your creation”.And people react in anger because their ego is hurt.
    Now,having blamed people, lets turn the camera to the person – the Godman.How did he get to make those people rever him firstly?What was the whole philosophy capsule that he used to win people? we need to examine that first.If he went on talking about Controlling desires,taming lust and other similar balderdash, and he fails to practise what he preached,then obviously he is being dishonest with his own self.We need to condemn that,firstly.Because thats double standards.Thats dishonesty.
    Probably people’s backlash has a fragment of that condemnation too.
    If on the other hand,a Godman comes out clean,preaching only about the natural phenomenon of human life and philosophy without double-talking ideology,then I dont think he would face any backlash.
    Its a two way game shekhar.Godmen play their role in portraying wrong images, which people collect and paint them in imaginately wrong colour even more.Its two way game.
    And regarding Guru… the moment one accepts or proclaims that he is a Guru, he ceases to be one.For his spirtual journey has given in to pride/ego and has come back to square one. The learning counter is reset to zero.
    Most of these godmen are just that.

  5. Hello Shekhar, With due respect to your views on the issue, I think your remarks are suffering from grave generalisation and somewhat overstatement.
    To consider an act objectionable and protesting against it is one thing, and expressing anger against it through violent means is quite another. We judge people in the light of principles they set for themselves. If the baba had been living a normal life and had not condemned the worldly (including sexual) desires that a common man aims to fulfil, and rather promoted the so-called sexual orientation of human nature, most of the sensible people would not have even considered this a news. For example, who would have reacted in such a way, had Osho done something similar? Your frustration is justified as long as you talk about sex being a taboo in our context. But, the above episode is more about deception, fraud and molestation. This baba wrote articles on suppressing sexual desires, promoted Brahmyacharya, and attracted people on the basis of such teachings. Once they were enslaved by him, he exploited them in several ways by taking advantage of his position. If my daughter or yours was a victim of such a guru who first impressed her with his divinely asexual philosophy and then molested her, would you not find it condemnable?

  6. When you preach others, you must follow. And never be sorry for your stand if you don’t feel guilt about it. And all of us know that mob don’t think. When we have the desire to raise in others eye, our fall will take place in others eye only. When society gives in genrous and blind way, society takes also in blind justice. And the sense of justice and feeling of being cheated varies with each individual…Its not about sex or guru, it is about mob’s anger;

  7. The problem here with Nithyanandha is not a Guru having mate. More Gurus have wife.The real problem is he teaching renunciation by not marrying and portraying himself as a bachelor who is not married and detached.The hypocrisy of him exhibiting himself as an example to be followed by not marrying. He could be open saying he loves to have sex.Its his attitude of portraying himself the other way and staying different which has hurt lots of people.Show what you are and nobody blames.Two for the purpose of earning money and living lavish is crime. Since you live in the cost of others. Say i marry i will have mistress.Say I will lead a life not away from human ecology and teach good ways and yogas. People who wish come to you and dont mind the rest.

  8. Every now and then we hear such scandals involving godmen. We elevate them to a godly status and when they give in to their basic urges we tend to bring them down from their pedestal. Aren’t these so called fallen saints human after all?

  9. I cannot under stand the reason that the media is giving a small sized box news when the a Christian Priest molest a women or even children. One example that has happened last month in south Tamil Nadu, but the media made sure that the name of the NGO is not leaked out.
    But, the news of this priest alone is given a standing ovation.
    India – a confused and surprise country 😉

  10. Most of the ancient sages were married and had children. Most of the modern age Godmen are frauds and they have not realized what they claim. They are merely parrots who can memmorize many things so that they can speak. JK and Osho’s teachings help these parrots a lot as these two Indian spiritual philosophers explored the complex ways of life and human psychology in a deepest manner and presented everything in a simple manner. 90% of contemporary preachers of Indian origin use their books as a source to present their own lectures and cheat with their followers.
    Few things are simple. If tomorrow Swami Ramdev is caught dying his hair to look younger than his actual age then ideally he has been duping the people on the name of Yoga. Not that Yoga gives any guarantee that people may look forever young and their hair will not leave blackness to opt greyness but a yoga teacher has to live in a natural way and he has to accept the natural aging process.
    This is a very simple criterion to judge any so-called philosopher/Guru/spiritual teacher or healer etc etc, who are enjoying the luxury on the basis of ordinary people’s misery and less knowledge, whether they take resort in artificial methods to look younger or not? If they take help of botox, hair dye, implants etc etc then they are simply fraudulant in nature and they should be exposed and abandoned.
    India is a country where we have the story of King Yayati. It is a well known fact that Yayati syndrom has never been accepted and appreciated in India.
    If a spiritual seeker has not accepted himself as he is then on what basis he can gather the courage to preach others about spirituality?
    Then Gandhi looks in a better position than so called modern saints. He experimented with so many things and made them public. He disclosed even his experiements with celibacy like he did with his fight with hunger for food and fasting etc. He did not keep people in darkness.
    He was not yet a attained or achieved Saint but certainly a Seeker. And we respect him for that openness.
    Problem is when people start accepting or following a certain preacher then they start defending everything of/about that preacher. Some preachers get attention on the basis of their lists of celebrity followers as if celebrities know more than the ordinary people as far as spirituality is concerned. They may help some people who are unable to help themselves but these helpers are not more than psycho analysts or people who are good in managing people’s emotional management. They are somewhere are like writers who write motivational articles and books and nothing more. Problem starts when they try to attach themselves with spirituality and claim big. That is the cheating with people.
    This is not that people make Gurus out of some people and then define the things for them. There is difference between Gurus and Gurus. Real Gurus have attained something and even if they do not advertise about it other people are bound to feel an attraction toward these Gurus. These real Gurus do not propagate false and wrong things. They understand the five senses in their real meanings.
    Modern most of the almost false Gurus advertise their Guruship.
    This is true that ego of ordinary people come into the picture. They can not accept that a certain person who is also suffering from 5 senses can be their Guru so a GURU should be above the sufferings of these 5 senses. Majority of Americans might have done what Bill Clinton did with Monica but they wanted that their President should not have done that. He should have been asexual in a highly sexually active civilization and era.
    East or West Sex haunts the man all the time. And then there is difference between the ways to follow sex in life. President Sarkozy will not be charged for wrong things as he married a woman and followed societal norms while ND Tiwari ignored this option (if he did what media has been accusing him of). If he was unable to transcend his sexual apetite then it could have been normal for him to marry after the death of his legal wife. A leader, who is claiming to lead the people, should show some better ways to live the life.
    Dont know much about Swami Nityananda’s history but if preached celibacy and all but lived opposite life then he becomes a hypocrite and that is not permissible with any spiritual seeker (if not yet a realized one). If he had guts and honesty he should have done it with the knowledge of people. He should have tested his honesty against people’s faith on him. He should have followed Krishna’s ways who prophesized the ways of love in life. Why to project a Raman Maharishi type image and secretly following other type of life? Whole Swami Nityananda episode can be a result of political clash in Tamilnadu but that is not the point. Matter is the honesty of Swami Nityananda. It is also not matter of people’s perception about him or any Guru. People may impose any kind of definitions on these Godmen and can create an false aura but fact remains with a Godman how he projects himself before people and before the mirror he might be having in his room or bathroom?

  11. What a taboo for a normal, human basic need !
    Do we ever question our own creation ?
    Why finger point ?
    Most blame others for own repressed desires !
    Known person is easy target …
    Pathetic is the thought …
    Very well said Shekhar
    Go Mate, spring is the season,
    Human of all seasons, all colors
    Let there be life
    Aum Namah Shivaya

  12. The morality of the followers and what they expect out of their Guru is their own problem. However, this guy Nithyananda is a full-fledged charlatan and dhongi. How did he get the title “Swami” which is the Hindu equivalent of the title “Saint”, and who gave him his holy attire? The lack of a central institutionalized religion in India is a double-edged sword, and such scams go completely uncheked.
    This guy cleverly crafted his guru image by authoring some fake experiences, learning some basic spiritual knowledge and packaged fear as a selling point. He starts his sales talks by building fear in the minds of the audience a la reincarnation and karma, followed by ridiculously expensive courses the next day. How the learned people fall for such open thiefs is baffling.
    The Guru can have all the sex he wants as long as he is living and teaching the ultimate non-dual wisdom which does not impart moral judgement. How can there be moral judgement when all is the work of nature. That is why it is best for the real gurus to not put up any holy facade.

  13. SHEKHAR,
    your thoughts which you have written about SEX,GURU & PURITY are MORE concerned with the society, GROUPS, PEOPLES… i think you are very CURIOUS FOR THE KNOWLEDGE of “IT”..BUT you are DISSATISFIED on the matters of SPIRITUALITY…
    your asking to peoples WILL NOT SATISFY YOUR OWN THOUGHTS on this SUBJECT…..

  14. Well said – about seekers wanting to elevate their Gurus to an impossible pedestal, then wanting to stomp on them when they invariably reveal their mortal flaws… However the problem exists on both sides: many of these gurus do much to elevate themselves to Godly status. For instance the constant harping on *enlightenment* and how the Guru was enlightened.. No real teacher ever talks about enlightenment and promising this for their disciples if they worship them. At best a teacher is just a messenger, a conduit for your own meditation and inner realizations. Most people I have met – even the most intellectually gifted ones – start out with the same understanding, but nearly all of them end up with Guru worship and guiled by the Guru into believing that instead of inner realization, they just need to listen to the Gurus words, do kriyas, worship him, pay him generously .. and they would reach his state of enlightenment 🙂 Some of them declare themselves of course at a higher state of enlightenment than anyone else can achieve ..
    This is a game – a dangerous game that both gurus and disciples play. Nothing suggests to me that that this game will change – it’s been played historically for thousands of years.
    One way to not fall into this trap is to listen to the Gurus – from a distance, not by involving themselves in their organization, read as much as possible, know how to sift the good from the bad, stop idolizing and concentrate on thinking. Unfortunately the clever gurus know that thinking will prevent worship, so almost universally they encourage their disciples to not think..

  15. SHEKHAR,
    your thoughts which you have written about SEX,GURU & PURITY are MORE concerned with the society, GROUPS, PEOPLES… i think you are very CURIOUS FOR THE KNOWLEDGE of “IT”..BUT you are DISSATISFIED on the matters of SPIRITUALITY…
    your asking to peoples WILL NOT SATISFY YOUR OWN THOUGHTS on this SUBJECT…..

  16. I am so confused by this post, what are you trying to say.
    I have always see Guru’s preaching and teaching every body about sins and the biggest is sex:)
    They claim they are over and above it all and also that they are immortal and when they will leave this mortal earth it’s by their own decision.
    Only true guru i think was and is Lord Krishn , very real, very human and very moral.
    Lived like one and died like one.
    So to all these so called Guru’s out there stop claiming things that not humanily possible and true.
    And to all the students/followers stop believing in this false reality.

  17. Shekar
    You are right, when you say, that we create the Guru, and then want them to behave in a particular way, based on our sense of guilt and morality. But then why does Guru has to preach Morality, or preach Brahmacharya , when he himself has not gone beyond that.
    Having Sex is not bad, but when you preach Celibacy to your students, you have to lead by an example. Then why become Guru, why let anyone touch your feet, and make you a Godman.
    Becoming Guru comes with heavy responsibility, Disciples identify with Guru, in order to lose their identity, and you have to guide the disciple by setting an example.
    Wisdom is free, but the wise is not. As long as he is living, he is not free of all past samskaras, they will still manifest, when the time is ripe. The Guru allowed these to manifest, giving proof that even after getting “Enlightened”, you are still bound by the needs of the body and mind. He has taught that no one can win over nature, and it is wise to live natural life, than to claim yourself to be wiseman.

  18. This is a perfect example of why we should not put an average human being on a padestal and expect them to be perfect. What we have here is nature taking its course, 2 consenting adults of opposite sex sharing intimate moments. This has been happening for centuries India. Why is this shocking to us? Is it because its all over the internet? Whats next, people making internet their Swami or Bhagwan? Why are we blaming the couple involved? WE are responsible for what and who we believe in. Burning pictures and destryoing ashrams will not make the past go away. And does Hinduism not teach us about non-voilence? The people who follow this Swami are just as guilty if they believe they have been betrayed in anyway by him. We may see that a person is more knowledgable, calm, kind, etc, but at the end of the day this person breaths, eats, and shits just like the rest of us! Why are we turning these people into GODS?

  19. The problem is tht most of these GOD?men r conmen wth malintentions who feed off d innocence/navet/ignorance/illiteracy/desperation of ppl. You cannot NOT practice wht u preach n get away with ways, more so whn u r a DOG ooops godman. Hell hath no fury like a ‘bhakt’ scorned. Then s/he deserves to be stripped off his garb in public, n be exposed. Which also serves as an imp lesson for other similar wolves to clean up their act n shut down shops. These so called godmen r the greatest criminals,worse than politicians, Infact even terrorists, for while we know d intentions of the other two, these are leeches in disguise, devil incarnates, who claim to be otherwise. These &@$%# (lack of enough vocabulory!), they exploit sentiments, faith, emotionally rape ppl, they are the ones who even instigate hatred n intolarance amongst ppl on d basis of religion..they should rot on earth-just to make sure-for who has seen hell! Amen.

  20. Perhaps we judge people based on their response to stimulus, as compared to ours. Another person wouldn’t be a guru if was not ‘superior’ in some visible manner, could perform feats that we ordinary ‘mortals’ are not able to. Guru/God we put our fearful selves in their mighty powerful hands, so we are assured of a safe, protected life. Same way as children look up to their parents I guess, expecting them to be perfect, as per their own norms or conditioning of what is ‘perfect’.

  21. Completely agree with you, but may be you need dig deeper into the reason why we think “sex is bad”.
    And look at how people ar commenting on this
    a) they see consipriacy in this. They ask why not a christian priest, why a hindu only is targeted?
    b) bramacharya – he has to be abov 5 sense, etc.
    c) Purity
    —- dont agree with any of these.
    The crux of the issue is Indian philosophy is flawed/too old & out of context, its time we recognise & correct it. Sex is not immoral, its merely mortal. However, integrity is much more serious biz. Clinton was impeached for lying under oath & not having sex with Monica.
    Swamiji issue is a small issue, the bigger issue is our philosphy asking people “to give up desires of all kind to attain salvation”. We want to be good for the next of the 7th life, we dont want to live this one.
    Giving up desires is as good as stopping living.
    If we give up living, what good things can come from us?

  22. just noticed your post has so many Q marks … and you have answers to most of those Qs too. redundant punctuation then, haan? .. but funny … hehehehe .. 🙂

  23. a complex matter through the projections of the split mind…
    calling for responsibility and alignment in what is we stand for …
    from the inside out…
    a necessity of spiritual guides to walk the talk while allowing for compassion for this “being human”…
    teaching us …
    to ascend…
    in the sacredness of unity…
    a great torment from time to time…
    when I would put my teachers in a pedestal… to be disappointed very deeply…
    shadows I needed to own …
    through a process of death and resurrection…
    so that what is real and timeless shines through …
    and in spirit…
    I do rise …

  24. Eh HEH ‘Shekhar’ I loved your final stunT ! ImaO
    I feel sorry for all those monks, priests, pundits, swamis, gurus, you name it..
    They first feel like gods in the ‘illusion’ that they or we create for them, and then helplessly as they r mere mortals, the realisation that nor we mere mortals nor they are capable of such dynamic positions, which I do not think exist at all.
    Are we common people trying to look upto them for things we can’t do, or expect them not to do what we do?
    There is no dirth of ‘Jokers’ and audience lol
    They have same organs, needs, desires etc etc…dont take them so high, nor fall so low ourselves…
    Just heard of some freek guru, who worked in a massage parlour…lajpat nagar delhi…n then as a hotel door watchman, suddenly to become a big guru, whoes toes wud be kissed by big shots ‘LOL’ and all he did behind it all was sex racket….
    Time to grow up folks…U ask for rubbish and theres no dirth of it…cant we do something better?

  25. Dear ‘???? ‘
    Guess its some south Indian language…I cannot read hence i paste….
    Allow me to say, its just not India that is confused, such confusion is ‘Global’
    name Australia, Usa, Uk, India anywhere….They are created and destroyed as per their actions etc…
    The fact remains that, why do we appoint such characters? Such Jokers?
    We are bigger ‘Nerds’ are we not?
    We cant look into ourselves with honesty hence, expect such parading idiots to make u see yourself?
    We are bigger Jokers…try to understand.
    Good Day

  26. Being a guru comes with a certain amount of responsibility towards the followers. Creating a false image or persona of a godman & then indulging in such acts is bound to cause anger & hurt people’s sentiments. Why did the swami need to be fake in the first place. By doing so he has broken people’s trust. Preach what you believe in & then let people follow you for what you are.
    I hope more people like these fake babas & gurus are exposed.

  27. Mr. Kapur
    I think, if one reads/hear or analyze, Lord Krishna’s song/HIS life, then one can get answers to these moral dilemmas. All answer are within you explore them…sense gratification has been classified as a hindrance to attain universal consciousness (a.k.a higher conscious mind)… Mr. Nityananda found ananda in kaama and should now follow householders life pattern… Having a sex with a woman at her will/desire has been equated to marriage (pisacha vivaha) in the philosophy of Dharma (he was preaching) …Now in spiritual realm, he has obligations to support (financially and socially) the woman he entered into sex pleasure with… Otherwise, this pattern which has been analyzed to corrupt social order will (and is prevalent to some extent) become order of the society…people should not resort to violence… but they can socially boycott him or snap their emotional attachment with Nityananda… this act will be more than enough for persons like him…

  28. This is yet another kind of ‘Terrorism’ against mankind…
    if we notice, it is again based on religion and our religious needs, hence, on these grounds, the eveil is done…
    It is a ‘Global Disease’ created by us Hee Haw!

  29. Hi Sir,what i feel is, Guru is a teacher of some knowledge,same as the guru is a teacher in our school.He or she has a personal life according to a certain extent. we r nobody to question any body on their personal matters…But when we are on a position ie a teacher,,guru,politician,wife husband,son daughter…etc it has its own restrictions if we cross that then we r responsible for answering the questions and we stand on immoral ground.once we are into any of the above said position we have to be according to that it all begins and ends with that.
    we can not say being a husband to wife who ever i sleep with is non of ur business..!! wife can not say i can spend as much as i want…
    childern can not say parents are no body to question when we like to come home or whom with we go, drunk or drive….
    the same way a guru is suppose to be a leader a messenger to preach how to live and get liberation..he is not suppose to say to have sex and ask for liberation …
    it will be just like u want to study MBA… and u r reading a thriller novel not know what is MBA…
    to do MBA we should be one with all the subjects…..
    i hope i understood ur blog to comment about it.
    tx for ur time Sir.

  30. hmmm, “self realization”, perhaps it means just what it says, when you realize what your “self” is doing, no opinion, no judgement, no anything…just witnessing and observing, being in a place of realizing what you are doing, whether its eating, sleeping, walking, sexing…whatever…
    i find myself saying to kids in class now…”do you know what you are doing?”
    its interesting, how they stop themselves and actually think about the question and in most cases would self adjust their behaviour without any other words from me…
    thank you Shekhar for this post, it is, once again, a topic that was visiting my thoughts…
    namaste in love,

  31. indeed nice blog..
    i think the word guru is used very casually and then such reactions. and before understanding any meaning of guru, we need to understand what is ‘Shishya’ the disciple
    thanks and take care..subodh

  32. Guru is to guide for significant,ambituous,and conceptual thoughts beyond mortal phenomenons.SEX is a natural phenomenon.It’s just some scandal,and a mere news! “Guru”-ism may be a trend.I have met many such,among which i met genuines as well as fakes.Bet on the blues,not all GURUS have the potential to prove as incarnates,saints or the prophesized.I saw Hussain ,comment.If u gotta link 2 him,i will be thankful.TAKE CAREZ.

  33. Good will come out of this expose. People will stop and think – the Dharma we overlook and transgress everyday in India now has a breathing space.
    The issue is not Sex. It is about insult to a long and hoary tradition – Sanyas. Saffron robes are not given to everyone since the ‘Sanyas Dharma’ is difficult.
    No one is forcing anyone to wear Orange robes – but to indulge in Sex while still a Sanyasi – is Adharma – in this case , we have Massive instant retribution from people.
    I wish people react the same way about Politicians or christian Missionaries or Muslim Gangs burning buses because a Muslim woman wrote an article.
    The issue is – India is disconnected with Dharma. Secularism is at best a dangerous vacuum , and at worst a playing ground for ADharmic forces.
    Dharma is the central principle of India.
    People , All we have to do is follow ‘Dharma’ – How simple is that ????
    Very Simple ! But no one can follow that ! Politicians cannot take care of people , Sanyasis cannot keep Brahmacharya and Householders cannot give charity these days !
    Sanyasa is not a joke !
    That is why our Rishis and Sages created a code of conduct !
    We have something called ‘ Dharma’ – precisely to take care of this sort of Fraud.
    If he cannot control Desire , he should not put on Orange robes – Nityananda has insulted India , Hinduism , and the sacred Sanyasa order – well , Sanyasa itself is like a Fire.
    Fire is never insulted.
    This is Good for India – it has made people THINK.

  34. Dear Shekhar,When you are practicing SANYAS, the very basic understanding must be SHAMAHA & DAMAHA, meaning abandoning experiences for the purpose of pleasure.
    Nityananda did what his mind or Manaha told him to do, i.e he has Raaga and Kaama as his mind’s salient propoerty. So if he want’s to have worldy pleasure he has a right to do, but he has no right to do what he calims to be doing.

  35. I have read a few books, from that what I conclude is the real gurus never infomrms or publishes his/her guruism. In the journey, when the discipile attains certain level, he/she realises every thing about the guru and guruism.
    It is said that the Gurus are ‘Sadhu’ a monk and
    just by wearing some attire some one can not become or called as monk.
    In India Mahabharat happened and we hardly tried to understand ‘Eaklvya'(who was never in direct physical contact/communication or lived with his guru ‘Dronacharya’) and ‘Arjuna’ (who was always in direct contact/communication or lived with his guru Krishna).
    In Ramayana, from Wanwas parva Laxman, and afterwards Hanuman,Sugreev et al spent some life with Ram, where as in the same wanvas parva, Bharat,Shatrughna, Ram’s three mothers, the king Janak et al did not speant life with Ram.
    Sita was extremely fortunate in wanvas parva she could gather experiences of both the situations.
    if are intereted whether you are in need of guru or not that can be verified by reading, using ancient scripts.
    about the present happenings and examples the law will take care of it..and such things happens cause those who are in powers/ruling (by ruling i do not mean who are elected or in opposition, in democracy everybody is ruler)need to ask themselves are you capable of delivering all the four Purushartha Dharma (getting and giving education), Artha (can you get money and help others), Kama (can you enjoy family life and can help other to get/give family life to others, to maintain first twos), Moksha (can you enjoy retired life to fix the bugs/loop holes which exists in the system).
    and till we become capable many will try such shortcuts.
    this is what I feel from the latest incidents.

  36. Whenever a criminal, political leader or guru is exposed through concrete evidence such as audio or video CD – the standard reaction from his friends, organization or followers is that he has been falsely ‘implicated’ by the people with vested interests. We have been witnessing such shameless and nauseating cover-ups for many years now. And ‘they’ think that soon we shall forget all and the business will come back as usual.
    Yes ! they are right to great extent. Last year both- Sant ‘?’ Asha Ram Bapu and his son were exposed on television channels after 3 kids ( who ‘allegedly’ witnessed some sex games in the ashram) mysteriously died. For few days the whole media took it and publisized it and it became a household debate.
    Now a year later – most of that is forgotten and the business is back as usual for Asha Ram Bapu and his son. He is again pulling crowds.
    Some of my friends suggested that recent exposure of Swami ‘?’ Nityananda is a ‘conspiracy’ to malign a very ‘austere’, enlightened and ‘saintly sage’. His organization people are also trying to rebuff this exposure as work of some jealous vested interest and ‘Anti Hindu’ Sun TV.
    Are they trying to suggest that exposing Nityananda is anti Hindu ? Does this fraud who had been proclaiming himself as reincarnation of Lord Shiva and enjoying all sort of luxurious comforts in the company of beautiful and sexy women, represents Hindus ?
    How sick the very thought is…
    My question is that who is going to benefit from this ‘so called vested’ exposure ?
    The truth is that for the innocent and most gullible – simple people – who blindly trusted this fraud as a very enlightened master and reincarnation of Lord Shiva , the past few nights have been most traumatic and painful. There own trust and faith is questioning their own sense of judgement and intelligence. Some of my very close friends – who are highly intelligent and successful in their life and business will no more be the same in future. They have been most generously opening their hearts and homes to everyone coming from India in saffron robes , with complete devotion and dedication. Their trust has been shattered most brutally.
    My request to my such friends is that please don’t take it on yourself. And please don’t try to protect your own ‘hurt ego’ by giving any further benefit of doubt to frauds like Nityananda. Human mind has unique ways to invent alibis and excuses.
    The real and true Guru dwells inside us. Ours ancestors and ancient rishis have left us all a very rich and experiential knowledge in many classical texts including Bhagvat Geeta. We need to cultivate the habit of reading and contemplating. Even if it appears little hard and boring initially, it saves us from many doubts and brings clarity to our thought process. In true Vedic tradition there is no mediator between God and us. We need to work our SELF for our SELF realization. The great Guru sitting deep inside us definitely shows us the path, when we start approaching it through contemplation and meditation.
    Verses like “Guru Gobind dono khade kiske lagoon pay- Balihaari Guru apne Govind diyo milay” were coined in different times by all sort of different people. Modern fake Gurus have already exploited and taken huge advantage of such simple and innocent verses. We no more need to believe such verses in present times.
    Fortunately Nityananda is not in politics, other wise his sex-escapades would have been very easily termed as ‘Political conspiracy to destabilize the country’ by his organization and followers.

  37. Sufis always teach by demonstration. There is no better way. So it always happens that when outsiders come to a Sufi Master, they are always puzzled — because they cannot understand what is happening. They don’t know the whole story. They only take the fragment that is in front of their eyes. It may be a demonstration. It may be something in which the disciples and the Master know what is going on.
    Gurdjieff used to do that. And outsiders were always puzzled. And there are hundreds of books written on Gurdjieff by outsiders. Naturally they are all against him, because they don’t know the whole story. It is only possible for art, insider to know the whole story.
    For example, if you had suddenly reached Gurdjieff, you might have been surprised. He might have been shouting — humiliating somebody, using abusive words. He was a past master in using abusive words. And when he was in a rage, he was really in a rage — it was as if he was going to murder.
    If you saw it, naturally you would wonder what kind of Master he was. He did not seem to be at all enlightened — because you have a certain idea about enlightenment: that the Master will be such and such. He should fulfil your expectation. But Masters don’t exist to fulfil your expectations. They have something else far more important to do than to go on fulfilling your expectations. They are not here for that kind of work. They are not asking for your respect or for any respectability. They are not bothered by public opinion; they are not asking for your vote. They are doing something which is immense, which is possible to understand only when you are an insider.
    The insider knows on whom Gurdjieff is throwing all kinds of abuse. He knows — or maybe in some moments he knows and in some moments he also misses. There are some moments when you will feel, ‘What kind of man is this? Why is he abusing me so hard? What have I don?’ You may have done a very small wrong, negligible, and he is being mad out of all proportion — as if you have committed a sin. Sometimes even the insider may miss. But the insider will be able to remember. Gurdjieff has said, ‘You have to be watchful. I will provoke you. I will provoke you in many ways, so that you can lose your watchfulness.’
    Now something is transpiring between Gurdjieff and his disciple. You as an outsider will miss it. He is not in rage. The rage is just acting, and the disciple is being provoked into being angry. If the disciple gets angry, he misses the point. He loses an opportunity. If the disciple remains calm and quiet, watchful; does not allow the content to change this consciousness; and does not try in any way to change Gurdjieff and his behaviour — that is consciousness trying to change the content…. The content is there — Gurdjieff is mad. So okay, Gurdjieff is mad. And one is there watching — neither the consciousness is affecting the content nor the content is affecting the consciousness. And you cannot deceive Gurdjieff — because a slight change in your consciousness and your whole behaviour changes. Your face changes, your aura changes, your energy pattern changes — you are no longer the same person.
    If the disciple can remain undisturbed, unperturbed, can remain as he was before Gurdjieff started going into this rage, he has taken one step into the inner journey. He has come closer to the Master.
    But it will be difficult for people who come from the outside. If you had gone to Gurdjieff…. It was a rare phenomenon. Every night he would invite all his disciples. The whole community would gather together. And there would be eating and drinking — so much that anybody from the outside would think that these people were just mad. What were they doing? And Gurdjieff would go on forcing people to eat and to drink. He would force people to drink so much alcohol that you would think that this was an epicurean phenomenon. What kind of religion was this? Just eat, drink, and be merry? And that too was going to extremes. And Gurdjieff was very insistent about going on drinking. He himself used to drink as much as a man could drink, but he was never drunk. That was the whole point. He would tell the disciple to drink.
    And there comes a point when you lose control. Immediately your reality comes up, surfaces. You can never see the real person unless he is drunk. People have repressed themselves so much that only alcohol can bring them up from their repressions. It was one of the greatest experiments ever done by any Master.
    In the East we know it has been done by tantricas down the ages, but Gurdjieff was the first man to do it in the West. Whenever he saw that a disciple had drunk too much and had come to his reality — that now he was no longer the same person that he was pretending to be — then he would watch. Now he could be helpful. Now he knew your unconscious. What psycho-analysis does in years, he did in one day. Psychoanalysis goes on poking you to bring your unconscious up. The psychoanalyst will sit, day in and day out, by the side of the couch and listen to all kinds of nonsense and rubbish, for years — just to help you to go on throwing out rubbish. By and by the real will start-coming up. When the top rubbish is thrown out, then the inner rubbish-will start coming up. But it takes years.
    Gurdjieff used to do it in a master-stroke, in a single day. The first day the disciple was there, the first initiation would be through alcohol. The Master wants to know the unconscious immediately because there the real work is to be done. He does not want to waste time with the conscious personality. That is a -mask. Once he has known, then there will be no need. But he will take you into deep drunkenness.
    Now, if somebody comes from the outside — the so-called religious people — they will be puzzled, very puzzled. What is happening! If somebody comes who has been tasting. Gurdjieff will give him too much to eat, and if somebody comes who has been eating too much, he will put him on a fast. He will disturb your old patterns, because when patterns are disturbed, your reality comes up. It is like changing gears. When you change one gear to another, just in the middle you have to pass through the neutral.
    if a person who has not even eaten tomatoes is forced to eat meat, you can understand what turmoil the Master is throwing him into. He is putting him upside-down. it will really be a destruction of all his patterns. He will vomit, he will fall ill, he may have fevers, he may have nightmares — but this will destroy all his learned patterns and he will become again a child. And from there work can start.
    If a man has been eating meat, drinking, Gurdjieff will put him on vegetable food. He will tell him not to drink at all. He will make him a vegetarian, a teetotaller — he will force him to be as holy as possible. The technique is the same — to disturb the past, to put things upside-down so that the facade no longer functions and the mask can be removed and the reality can be seen.
    A Master has to put his disciples into their childhood again because from there they have been distracted. Somebody has become a Mohammedan, somebody has become a Hindu, somebody has become a Christian — from that moment they have been distracted. The Master has to put them back into their childhood so another kind of life, another kind of reality, starts growing.
    And remember, no true Master has ever fulfilled anybody’s desire. He cannot, if he wants to help you. He has to annoy you, he has to shock you. He has to be shocking because his whole work is to shock you into awareness.
    – OSHO

  38. The context of Shekhar’s comments can only apply in more honest and genuine circumstances. Here, as in most other similar cases, the Guru annoints himself with his PR and Marketing machinery. Devotees are too caught up in the daily humdrum to question their acceptance of mere symbols and gimmickry!
    And guru’s having or not having a sexual life is of their own making. There are guru’s with an honest open life of being married or not being celibate, and are respected for that. To have to hide certain act (and almost execute it clandestinely and semi-pornographically)can only be the character of a manipulative person.

  39. for some of the comments..we Indians are innocent and believe on every thing which we see, hear.
    we can not say that everytime the exposed person is guilty. He/she can be framed. And hindus and their beliefs are always attacked.
    present happenings can be part of politics too the possibility can not be overruled considering the history of Congrejis.
    look at the present happenings…
    on the budget day it was advantage oppositions today in women bill (women bill is carrot for Indians and I am of the opnion that bill must be passed, other wise we will miss it again..and they will have still this tool for divide and rule)passing it is advantage ‘Greate Dictaotors’
    give me atleast one proof of act by which I can be assured that, they are really worried for any human..

  40. yes it is true, todays many gurus advertise different products..
    if rulers would have developed process/practices for this, it would have not become any problem. Few days back on one TV channel I heard that, few Shankarachryas were suggesting some rules and regulations to be implemened by governement so that fake shankaracharyas can be held. atleast government should think on such lines..
    I fully agree with whether a guru should have a married life or not is guru’s personal opinion.
    And exploitation for any reason I can not agree with it..should be punished when found guilty.

  41. here is my view respected sir
    I know that we give such swami’s the status of where they are. After all he is a human being too but we give him elevated status just because he is living the life of chastity. agreed..
    The actual point here is that this is politically created controversy. The actress was the one to keep the camera in that room and shoot. She was the one to seduce the swami and not the otherway round. He is a human and he obviously fell for that bitch. There are several instances in the video that prove that the actress knew she was being shot in video. a special insident in the video was when swami tries to switch off the light the actress asks him not to switch off… the swami still goes ahead to switch off the light… the actress then jumps out of the bed and turns another light on to them.. why would she do that when swamy wants to have sex with her… is she trying to make a better video quality?
    All the you see cannot be believed. Where is YOUR BRAIN?
    So, has someone paid her to do this. hhmm.. why would someone pay her to do this?
    Well more than 70% of kerala population is now converted to christianity. The tamil nadu and the late CM of AP were also converted. The earlier sankaracharya and several other swamis were stripped off their privilge to talk about hinduism. The targets now are the AP, TN etc. How can Christianity be spread peacefully? One just have to think of a way to kill all these swamis first. That is what happened.
    I now wonder who could have paid this actress?

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    @Kavi Deepak Sharma

  43. Everything evolves with time, May be it’s time to adopt New Age Spirituality, which is sans guilt and morality. May be it’s time to revisit Osho, who has said to shun the suppression, and live natural life, by being witness to everything that happens.
    Suppression of sexual energy, may give Yogic powers, but it resurfaces it’s head later to get it’s due. With all Self styled Enlightened Gurus being exposed, it is becoming clear may be sex is too big a force to be suppressed , even after enlightenemnt.
    Enlightenment is not a static process, it is moment to moment, a dynamic process. One cannot remain in the enlightened state at all times. We should stop giving God like image to people, and treat them as Teachers of Spirituality, like any other teaching profession. By imposing morality to Spirituality, we have created unnnecssary burden on everyone, and most of times, we get caught in our own web of morality, and miss the mark in spiritual education. Just like in Finger pointing to the moon, the finger has become more important than the moon itself.
    Spirituality is about becoming free, child like again. How can it have any do’s and don’ts, though responsibility comes with wisdom, and spiritual people behave with common sense.
    Religion is Outward , whereas Spirituality is inward, You need eyes to see the other person, but not yourself

  44. Come one, Guru can have sex. They can make it normal and make it public. No need to hide the fact or themselves…
    If in consent, they can put a board outside the ashram…”Come people come, i also have sex in addition to giving you spiritual discourse”

  45. hello Shekhar,
    I like your views about the sex and the guru. The best releigon is humanity and we should spread more awareness to people by education. Specially intellectuals should come to the front better than sitting next to politician for their personal benefits.But we are always insecure and we think about our personal interest before the interests of humanity. That’s why we see lot of problems around.

  46. Shekar, who knows in which circumstances Guru had given up himself. Every Guru is a human being. He also have all the desires within. A common man does not have much insight. He beleive what is being taught. He never feel. He supress his emotions if he feel because he has to show his face in society or whatsoever. Moreover human nature is very complex. A person apposing this particular act may find himself indulged in it on some another day. Only thing is there is lack of sex education in our society. It is considered as sin and stated in all the holi books a way to hell. But it is just a flow of energy which on a rule of nature has to flow. Nobody can stop the flow of energy. Similarly he could not stop. I think people will say whatever they just are being taught but for that Guru a new begining has been started. I will say that he has learned more about himself and known himself from within. If he really has get the knowledge of self, he will definitely move on and live his life more satisfectarily. One has to pass through all the classes to get a Doctorate degree. Similarly, to reach God one has to start from self. One has to discover self first. Then only we can reach suprem. Moreover at the end of the nothing matters except what you have learned from your life being a common man, a celebrity or a Guru. At the end all will have more or less the same fate.

  47. This is true that we decide who will be our GURU or who will not. But it is up to GURU whether he/she accepts our proposal to be a GURU. If once he/she accepts out proposal to be our GURU then he/she must be stick onto our faith and the person who can’t stick onto his/her work should not be GURU …

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