love and madness

How could you be in love
without being love itself ?
How could you be a devotee
without being devotion itself ?
You, that measure my madness
standing as you are
on an illusory ground of high morality
How can you know my madness
till you become mad with me ?

24 thoughts on “love and madness

  1. …and even then, like there are no two moments alike…you still will not completely know!

  2. love…devotion
    don’t be afraid to be weak
    don’t be too proud to be strong
    just look into your heart my friend
    that will be the return to your Self
    the return to innocence

  3. Mujhe sufi santoon ke yaad aa gayi… Delhi 6 ka gaana ‘noor’ sune jaa raha hoon 1 ghante se.
    Zareee zarree mein usi ka noor hai
    Jhak khud mein woh na tujhse door hai
    Ishq hai usse TO sab se ishq kar
    Ishq hai usse
    To sab se ishq kar
    Is ibadat ka Yehi dastoor hai
    Is mein us mein aur us mein hai wohi
    Is mein us mein aur us mein hai wohi
    Yaar mera Har taraf bharpur hai…

  4. Ya i heard that a change urself as u want to see in world…..may be change that MF hussein want to bring, society still not ready.

  5. Tell me how?
    She tells me I understand what you are going through. But tell me how?
    The fire
    that gave warmth
    is burning me from within.
    And she says she understands me
    The fire
    that kept me alive
    has turned me in to ashes
    Does she really know
    that its
    A dead man walking

  6. Ah..what bliss in this madness…jisne ghoont piya hai wahi jaanta hai nasha kya hai..
    Thodi aur pila de saaqi..
    Doob jaane ko jee chahta ha..

  7. beautifully said Shekar….unless you can experience the madness yourself …you are no one to comment or sit in judgement on another’s experience, viewpoint, or standpoint….I agree with that…I belieive in giving everyone space and respect others and their experiences and viewpoints even if I do not understand or agree..

  8. we are within that time of indigo at twilight; adrift between day and night; we float on lily’s of white & revel in our delight!
    Much love,

  9. Awesome.
    One who has no passion or enthusiasm about life sits in judgement of those who do have the fire & passion to do something fruitful.

  10. Beautiful words! This made me remember my boss…:P I hope she’s not reading this. She tells the team about time management and prioritization but somehow those rules don’t apply to her.
    Guess we ourselves dont practice what we preach but judge others…

  11. I’m genius
    to have discovered the love in me…
    The love found ME in every tit-bits of the MORE of ME…
    ~ Somehow the Madness being the parameter to judge how cuddly I love
    ~ Yes! I devoted and dedicated every inch in the PINCH of Love!
    Indeed the love keeps me clinch and binds me and only ME around the born bond..
    Perhaps! Obsessed with illusion is the ME and the Mirror smiles back 🙂

  12. thanks for this beautiful poem! i would be honored if you could visit my blog & see my Isha-inspired poetry… 🙂

  13. love,pain,dreams kiss among the solitudes,
    Along the long,long pavilion,
    Differ from differences,and you are there.
    I may love my memories,
    Some may recall my dreams,
    If fulfilled? the”ll gaze,but,pray for theirs
    —to be true.
    Love is true,love is light,LOVE IS GOD.

  14. d dictionary had word luv but i realised a lust product searching for…………isnt it trash.

  15. Pranaam Shekhar ji

    It is worth to spend time on your blog. As always… a beautifully woven poem.
    Love is a deep irresistible desire, and incomprehensible… Madness for more and more. Fall in love deep enough to stay forever… Love more…and forever lost where unseen and unsaid things merge with each other… beyond madness. A deep deep thirst !! Love you !

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