View of Bangkok from my hotel room

View of Bangkok from my hotel room
If you look carefully, that’s the river in the center that runs through the City. The photograph does not represents the true nature of the city (unlike my photo of New York), but when I saw this, I could not resist clicking it

19 thoughts on “View of Bangkok from my hotel room

  1. a mirror …
    to what is we see…
    glimpses of eternity or densities of the ego???
    in the beyond …
    we remain…
    what is to be?
    ah …
    a cross over…
    to glimpses of realities beyond all worlds…
    a delight …
    to know ….
    the mirror of possibilities …
    beyond the coldness of concrete high walls…
    we are …
    all living things …
    what a delight!!!!
    wondering is this makes any sense…
    but then…
    does it really matter…
    when …
    I no longer am????

  2. Sir
    I am a student of IIT-Kgp. I heard your talk today at IIT-Kharagpur and also saw the movie ‘Passage’. I really liked both and I am so happy and grateful to have got the opportunity of hearing you today.
    You are a very deep , intellectual, and spiritual person

  3. weird pic…like one has to be there to understand it i it looks like a riddle

  4. This is a nice shot. I read your blog regularly and find it quite introspective. I am not sure if you get time to read all the comments but if you do then may i please ask you to write about your initial years and how you got interested in the films.

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  6. Shekhar
    I wanted to bring this article to your attention
    Its made the front page in some Australian papers. This is so disgusting and shameful. Why did the Indian ever take on the Commenwealth Games? Why is it so badly organised? Why is there little kids doing the labor work? I know it happens in India a lot, but these kids are actually being made by the Government, and on top of that they get paid very badly! These games are becoming very bad publicity for India, instead of showing the world its beautiful culture, its is showcasing its dark side of corruption, poverty etc
    Very disappointing!

  7. dear shekhar
    really liked this picture, and also what you have written underneath…not a true picture of the city…
    what is a true picture? isn’t that which we see with our eyes not just an illusion anyway? and doesn’t our eye see what is within, just like a mirror…this picture is great shekhar. thank you.i am convinced that life mirrors to us what is within.
    love, shivani
    PS i do admire the discipline with which you blog here. i have been irregular of late, mainly because i have some exams that i am doing. but it is an excuse ultimately. the discipline that you have should inspire me.

  8. Hello. Excuse me just a question. I heard talking about Thailand here. I’m about going on holiday to Asia. I would like some info on Pattaya in Thailand. I would know if It’s a good place to go with family or should I choose another place? Thank You so much.

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