The Incredible new Ipad – Steve Jobs dreams of world domination

So tell me Mr Jobs – why did you make me spend $ 2000 on a upscale Macbook Pro just two weeks ago ? I am stupid I guess. I should have waited for the Ipad.
Been looking at live feeds of Steve Job’s launch of the new Apple tablet – the Ipad. It is amazing looking and has amazing apps. There seems to be nothing that it cannot do. It is your one interface with the rest of the world, whether through broadband or through 3G. The applications will allow you to do all your work, reading, browsing, play, creativity in whatever field you are – all through the Ipad. And all priced between $ 500 an $ 900
So here’s the rub. Why do I need the Ipad when I can have most of what it offers on my new ($ 2000) Macbook pro laptop. And if I cannot – why ? And if the reason is that there are more Apps available on the Iphone or the Ipad – then why are they not available on my much more expensive Macbook laptop ? In Steve Job’s view is the laptop dead ?
Hmm.. my laptop has memory of 350 GB’s while the Ipad maxes out at 65 GB’s. But that seems to be more a marketing decision than a technological one. Remember the first Ipods that had less than 1 GB memory ? The Ipad has a USB port but no firewire port. But when was the last time I used my firewire port in any case. Date transfer is getting better on the USB port.
OK, you cannot run DVD’s on the Ipad, but I suspect that soon the Ipad will have such a large memory that you will just download a DVD at the soon to come fast compression technologies that will allow you to download a whole film in seconds. And the DVD is dying as a technology in any case as increasingly sophisticated pen drives take over – delivering many films or other interactive data through your USB port. Plus the Ipad has a beautiful keyboard as a accessory and am sure they will be connectable to external hard drives that are getting smaller and more portable. Waiting for Apple to increase memory in the Ipad
Why do I think Mr Jobs is going for World Domination ? He has once again made a deal with At&T for connection through 3 G – why does he do that ? Because he see’s Apple being your one portal to connectivity, right from service provider to user interface.
And don’t be surprised if Apple buys out AT&T soon – and the only one that can stop him is The Trade Monopolies Commission – or the ingenuity of the Indian kerbside computer engineer that will break all his codes in a jiffy !

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  1. Shekhar, dont get blinded by Steve’s presentation. The simple and most important difference between ipad and your mac book pro is “MULTITASKING”. In my view this ipad is just flashy product aka MAC BOOK AIR. This ipad wont be Apple’s revolutionary product.

  2. Dear Shekhar,
    Technology is at its fastest pace ever right now. Plasma TV was tagged $25,000 in US, 17 Years ago when I landed and that was not even HD and was shown in only one store as a future TV. You can buy the same TV in wall mart now for $600. This plasma and Hd technology was ready at that time too but they did market it 16 years later. This is the smart way of keeping the economy rolling and this scenario makes the US, the biggest economy in the world.
    Electronics and gadgets do not make a great investment. If you live in US, You will have to update with it every year. This is the reason for America being the biggest consumer of things in the world despite not having that big population.
    Any How, I ‘m not an analyst on Economics and technology But how it effects our style of work, for that I would like to share a new video I just did couple days ago. This entire video is done all alone, with no location, no lights and zero budget. Total number of hours in making including shooting is 5. Number of persons involved in filming, effects, editing, acting is just 1. Shot entire thing on green screen. And I think this method is going to be the future of films in 10 years, the example is (Paranormal activity). Please check the link below to watch it. I hope you will like it.

  3. Of course, introducing the concept of a Tablet PC as something brand new when Microsoft has had the Tablet PC from Toshiba (Remember Toshiba Portege M200?) for around 6 years now is funny. Agreed that the MS based devices were clunkier, heavier and not so “uber cool” as the apple is yet they did everything you mentioned above. Play DVD, connect to USB/External devices, Burn CD’s, do handwriting recognition with Ink Technology, do voice recognition etc., and they did it very well indeed but unfortunately extremely expensive and targeted only towards high end business users.
    What i think the iPad will be useful for many ppl(just like iPhones were for the 1st year after introduction), is in my personal opinion when i sit in an airplane from Chennai – Singapore which i often do, help me strike a conversation with the Uber Hot Indian girl sitting next to me as my fingers swoon around the incredibly slick touchscreen doing fancy things.

  4. Apple is one of the most over-rated brands in the history of electronics. IPod and IPhone? Please, give me a break with that junk! These guys have capitalized big-time on aesthetics and brand consciousness. And the average Indian pseudos are first in line to pay half their annual income to buy this garbage.

  5. good one Shekhar.
    Steve Jobs makes ‘common sense’ shiny and desirable.Google hasn’t lost sight of this simplicity either. I believe until they do not lose sight of this commonality, they are in business. Greed commonly is known to be the biggest enemy of common sense though.

  6. With innovation in a field where Moore’s law rules, cannibalization is an inevitable fallout, isn’t it? But is the ipad really cannibalizing? Whether one sees it as a bigger, more expensive smartphone or a smaller, cheaper MacBook, it seems to do neither satisfactorily — Mega-GB drive sizes may be less relevant as the world moves to cloud computing, but it does not have an integrated webcam (?!), and cannot run multiple apps at the same time. So who is it targeted for? I suspect perhaps the Netbook and Kindle user types , or the man/woman “in the kitchen” who wants a tech toy around (?) Definitely not users requiring heavy graphics and high-end multi-media rendering capabiltities as in the MacBook Pro.
    I’ve adored Apple for its sleek and slick design sensibilities, and the user-friendliness of its products, that my grandma could learn how to use them. But I’m amazed that they still continue on their ‘closed’ thinking path, exclusive carrier partnerships at a time when the new (and nimble) kids around the block are truly innovating, turning old business models upside down and on their heads.
    Think the likes of Android in the mobile space (or Chrome OS to come). They are the game-changers disrupting the stranglehold, and unscrupulous gimmicks that the courting of mobile carriers and device manufacturers have had on consumers. Ideally I’d want to go with the carrier that offers the best broadband and 3G capabilities. And I’d want to pick a phone that looks AND performs best with access to apps of my choice. If I can buy a laptop through a retailer of my choice, load it with a browser/apps of my choice, and connect to the world through an internet service provider of my choice, all without being locked into time-bound contracts of any sort, why should it be any different for mobile? Rather than piggy back on the other’s merits, players in the mobile playing field now have to deliver value of their own. Those who don’t dance along with innovators, or bring true innovations to market themselves will be obliterated to being a legacy.
    Hmm, can you imagine Apple becoming a legacy? Hey, but Apple raked in over $3 billion in record profits last quarter, the highest ever in its history. Does domination (or dreams of domination) of the playing field, of the Apple kind, make the player/s super smart or the consumers they serve super dumb? Ultimately is it confuse the customer vs. care about the customer that drives innovations, and profits?

  7. Sorry but its ITakhti or ISlate
    – no multitasking
    – no notifications
    – no usb
    – no stand (docking station etc sold as accessories)

  8. Ipad as it stands is an indulgence; no camera, no multitasking, no HDMI port, no USB port!!!! Sadly Apple has done seriuous disruptions with iPod and iPhone; iPad seems to just be a disruption in Apple’s great run.
    Having said that, if Apple can get ‘content’ part sorted out, iPad can be magical (it won’t need DVD slot, would download films and programs from iTunes); but there is a big ‘if’ here.

  9. Just came upon the following quote by Steve Job in Newsweek, thought many here will enjoy it.
    “I would trade all of my technology for an afternoon with Socrates.”

  10. So, have you environmental activists considered the impact of such unnecessary gadgets built with toxic chemicals and valuable resources? Do you really need this junk in addition to what you already have? So, you think it is cool and trendy to talk about the latest gadget? And what about all the “water” that is wasted in producing this stuff?
    Check out how some of favourite companies stack up:

  11. I so agree with Brijesh! Shekhar you of all people know Technology is meant for faster quicker replacements!:) You bought the Kindle and the Android yet?:) (wink)

  12. In this perfect scheme of things of the perfect One nothing unnecessary can appear and when it has really become unnecessary can no longer remain for a second. All things obey the law of the journey from One to back to One.

  13. hehe… I like this article.. but it has too many ‘if’s’ .. anyway.. I’m the kerbside mac guy, think they’re the most beautiful machine, sometimes think they’re ‘living’, can break all its codes etc etc and all I can say is that the mac as a computer is so advanced that it would not be wrong to say that Steve Jobs already has products lined up for the next 5 years with complete specs and prototypes.. but he will not give them to us at one go.. will he???

  14. I feel that they have let us down, they just ported iPhone OS to the bigger screen. One thing that concerns me is that apple is trying to own everything including processor, battery tech, OS and the provider to choose also. It was the same mistake that let it down couple of decades ago. Lets see how they pull off, I would never want to see my iCon ‘Steve Jobs’ go down, so wishing iPad success 🙂

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